Kim Zimmer Returns to One Life to Live

It looks like The Slut of Springfield is making her way to Llanview. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, former Guiding Light starlet, Kim Zimmer is returning to One Life to Live to reprise her role as Echo DiSavoy. This will be Zimmer’s first appearance on the ABC sudser since 1983. Her first airdate will be on Friday, October 1.


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    Maybe, she’s going to figure in this crazy, non-sensical Evil Eli story and/or Clint might finally have some decent screen time in a story of his own.

    The people at ABC are really digging in the archives lately!

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    Good to hear is Ross-Jerry Van Dorn from GL still their? I’ll have to check it out, might help to see some familiar faces to get into another soap. I just don’t know if I can just start watching another soap.

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    Bravo,OLTL! I love Kim Zimmer. She is great! I know it will be for a short time but I’m happy to see Kim on my screen again. Now…A good storyline, please!

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    I was hoping that she would get snatched up for a Clint/Viki/Charlie/Dorian storyline…Echo did try to nab Clint back in the 80’s causing a rocky beginning to Clint and Viki’s marriage. Though I would have loved to see Clint Ritchie survive long enough for this reunion, Jerry Ver Dorn has been good as Clint’s recast and it will be nice to see him and another GL alumni in scenes together. You know what would have been nice is if Liz Keifer came back to OLTL as Connie O’Neil and got involved with Clint. Maybe that’s to esoteric a ref.

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    Great News…Zimmer is a 4 time emmy Actress who can bring who “A” game to any role or show! Kudos, hopefully some GL fans will follow her there. I would have preferred her to be on YR but I can take OLTL. She has been truly missed from the world of Daytime. Do your thing Zimmer!

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    The problem is that we already have two emmy caliber actresses in that age range that arent used. Appleridge says its a story for clint/Viki/Dorian but my guess is it will be a clint/echo story with viki and Dorian supporting. I would rather see a love interest for dorian.

    Think of it this way. Imagine GL was still on the air and OLTL had been cancelled. Would you be so thrilled if they were bringing on ES if KZ was on the backburner or would the fans be saying why are they bringing on ES when they cant write for our own vets?

    I saw the same reaction when Stuart Damon went to ATWT. GH fans were thrilled, esp. given the way Damon was killed off, that he now had work but ATWT fans wanted stories for THEIR vets.

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    I am not an advocate supporter of OLTL fan, only supports and being watching it since the demise of GL. I can only speak on GL and Zimmer! I totally get what you saying about Vets not being use, it seems to be across the medium from YR to OLTL. In lieu, of saying that, those issues needs to be channel TPTB’s not the Actor or Actress.

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    You missed my point. OLTL has a HUGE cast. We have no less than 10 20 somethings and under. They just brought back Gina Tognoni. They dont have the money to keep A Martinez (which would give Dorian a love interest and thus story) they havent brought back Kevin or Joey because the cast is too big, Susan Haskell has no story and hasnt for month (another emmy winner) and they are playing hardball with FL over money and thus may kill off tea. Lets also remember that the wrote off Kish and Schulyer because they wanted to refocus on CORE families/CORE characters.

    As a fan of OLTL I find it hard to get excited that the show has money to hire Kim Zimmer and air time to bring back a character that hasnt been relevant in more than a decade when they dont have the money or airtime for our stars. Its not a crack on Zimmer – its not this actor or that actor is better than she is – its about what CHARACTERS matter to long time fans of THIS show. As you say, you are not a supporter of OLTL. There’s the rub.

    As a fan of GH I would feel the same way had she gone to GH – if they had the money to bring her on when they havent brought back Genie francis.

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    I totally get your point, sorry if there was a break down in communication as to me not understanding what you were trying to convey here! I happen to thing OLTL is ok show, but some tweeting of storylines is needed. For as the money goes, ABC can find the money if they are truly invested in the actor or actress that portrays the role. I am sports nba fan, do I like a certain team, NO! I just like NBA,simply because of the talent.

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    Okay let me say this: I was a GL watcher and i know that Kim Zimmer is fantastic. Having said that, I posted months ago that if Kim Zimmer ever rejoins OLTL, watch out for the unlucky cancellation notice. Kim was part of the final cast of The Doctors, Santa Barbara, and Guiding Light. The only other soap role she had was on OLTL. Now, let’s pray OLTL doesn’t receive a cancellation notice while she is airing on the soap.

    Let me restate that KZ is fantastic and did not cause the cancellations of those great shows, she was merely part of the final casts of those shows.

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    I see what you are saying caliguy from your perspective. I agree w/you since it is fact. Lets be real folks, we are in the final days.

    On a light note this is great news and hopefully we are rid of the stuck on stupid these vets have been getting.

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    However…not only did she play La Contessa Echo DiSavoy, she first played fugitive Bonnie Harmer on the same show. Now wasn’t Bonnie responsible for holding Llanview Hospital up with an accomplice taking Viki’s late husband Joe Riley and friend Jenny Wolek hostage? Wouldn’t it be a better choice for Bonnie to be sprung from prison and interact with Viki that way?

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    While I’m thrilled that KZ is working again, I’m not sure she’s enough to keep me interested enough in OLTL. I’ve been trying to watch for about 2 years and can’t for the life of me get into it.

    I understand other’s concerns about her taking over somewhat while other characters are backburnered. Happens all the time on the soaps I do watch. My fear is she’ll come on the show full force, get me interested, and then the writers run out of stuff for her to do and we’ll hardly ever see her. Again, it happens on the soaps I do watch.

    There are so few soaps now to watch as it is. Whatever soap she gets on she’ll come out like gangbusters and then only be seen once or twice a month after a few months. I will watch to see what happens, but I’m not holding my breath for the second coming. I always did want to see her play against JVD in a relationship without Robert Newman in the mix.

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    Boy I sure hate to see this. I was a regular viewer of the show when Echo was on the canvas and that story was a snoozer. I completely turned out that story and can’t even tell you how it ended.

    My guess is she’ll conveniently be used to give Clint a previously unknown/unclaimed kid.

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    Nat Guy

    I’m excited to have Kim come on the show for a bit. It will fun to see her interact with JVD, RS, and ES. Plus her name is Echo and she’s a countess….that’s fantastically soapy!

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    Again w/the selective posting around here lol. If ppl would’ve read caliguys post in its entirety b4 posting a response you would’ve got the joke, but it’s also the truth.

    And plus it’s a short term thing as of now.

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    Kim Zimmer—-a FOUR-time Emmy winner who was ARGUABLY the best actress to EVER work on GL, the kiss of DEATH??? Ummm… GL was plagued with cancellation rumors for YEARS, many of those years were AFTER Zimmer left in 1990. In fact, Kim even remarked in a TV Guide interview that she felt that her exit HELPED the show, because it became more of an ensemble cast when she was gone, as opposed to being “The Reva Shayne Show,” which is what it essentially was for most of her tenures in the 80s, late 90s and 2000s. Not that this was a BAD thing, considering that Zimmer has always been so entertaining and versatile that she could basically read The Farmer’s Almanac and keep me enthralled with each passing page.

    My problem with her returning to OLTL right now is that the writing is so lackluster and uninspiring. Ron C. is clearly asleep at the wheel. She’ll undoubtedly end up following the likes of Robin Strasser and Tuc Watkins and IMPROVISING most of her dialogue. With that being said, having an actress of Zimmer’s caliber can NOT be considered anything less than a BLESSING and an ABSOLUTE advantage. I just hope that Mrs. Zimmer can help make this show more interesting and improve their ratings. She’s a class act, and one of the BEST actresses in daytime history!!!!

    If OLTL DOES get cancelled, it will be due to it’s crappy writing and the fact that TPIC at this show don’t seem to really get “it,” and certainly not because of any one actor or actress. This show has been ABC’s redheaded stepchild for YEARS, and through both good and bad writing, it’s ratings have also been pretty abominable for the past few years.

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    I hated the Echo story line 20 plus years ago.

    I’m already bored to death with Kelly and Inez and would love to see them take a hike.

    Where the heck is Roxie? I have nothing against KZ, but I would rather have Ilene on the show.

    Give me more Shaun, Addie, Renee and Nigel!

    I want to see the vets — the last thing that I want is for KZ to end up with a contract and permanently knock out Ilene.

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    It is what it is at this point concerning the show’s impending demise (and the rest of the soaps). It’s a matter of when it’s going to be announced. I do think the move out west for AMC, while doing great for the show creatively, fasten its death too. Once the net makes back all of its cash money, they’ll wipe their hands of it too.

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    I’m glad KZ is returning to OLTL. I will admit, I did not like the Echo story. It was one of my favorite soap writer’s (Henry Slesar) faux pas, but I love Zimmer and I will be glad to see her back on screen.

    I also want to comment and say I think it’s great that no one here made fun of Zimmer’s weight. I was on Soap Opera Network and there a just a bunch of probably sloven cows themselves making fun of her weight. Hey if she can live with it, so can I. I’m just glad this diva will be back on.

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    I will wait to see the storyline play out before I decide if bringing Zimmer back was a good idea or not. The actress surely is talented and I’d love to watch her opposite some of OLTL’s powerhouses, like Erika and Robin. I want Zimmer’s return to the show, no matter how long, to provide some of our favorites, like Clint, Bo, Viki, and Dorian, some great story and scenes.

    Martha Byrne’s stint on GH was a good example of a way to use an established soap star in a short term storyline.. Byrne’s story didn’t take away from the characters we loved and her character launched story for quite a few veteran characters.

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    For goodness’ sake, Zimmer was on GL for almost 20 years!! Calling her the kiss of death is illogical and just plain stupid!

    Zimmer is a great actress. I’d love to see her paired w/ Jerry Ver Dorn! Think about all of those CBS viewers who are going to have gaping hole in their daytime schedule come September. Seeing Zimmer on air is a great thing.

    I don’t deny that OLTL has misfired with the Ford brothers. There’s just too much of them and not enough of the other characters we love.

    I’d rather see a revived Vega family or Gannon family than the Fords. It would have been great to see RJ and Lindsay back in town!

    Lord, I loved RJ & Lindsay. The devil made them do it! And, it was SO GOOD!

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    Liason4real we finally agree on something :)

    Thats my concern – If this leads to go meaty story for dorian and viki color me happy. If it marks the end of Roxy (or heck why not bring back my beloved Lindsey) then color me annoyed. And, followGL you say that if tptb are truly interested in an actor or actress they find the money, then let me say if the priority continues to be finding money for newbies and GL actors instead of for core characters from core families and fan favorites OLTL should just shut down the set now.

    As for Martha B on Gh lets hope thats not the model. While MB didnt take anything away from the current cast, the story stunk and it screamed of lets stick this person here as a potential ratings stunt. She did nothing for the ratings.

    Let me repeat that my comments should not in any way be considered a negative on byrne, zimmer or leccia, but rather about loving the characters that drew me to OLTL in the first place some 20+ years ago.

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    Nothing against Kim Zimmer, but this is so going to back fire. I love Ron, but he’s botched a lot of returns. Ron can’t even come up with story for Kelly, who has history, how’s he going to come up with story for a character than hasn’t been seen in like 27 years? Not to mention, this solves NONE of OLTL’s problems. All them GH stars did not do a damn thing for ATWT. All these GL stars won’t help OLTL out at all.

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    I have mixed feelings about this. KZ is a great actress, and though I only caught a few episodes of GL I LOVED her as Jodi Walker on Santa Barbara opposite A Martinez! Also, one of my all-time favorite episodes of Designing Women is the one where she played Charlene’s friend, an abused wife. I’m also excited for Jerry Ver Dorn to get a viable love interest if they can’t get the actress who played Kim to return.

    HOWEVER, I’m a big fan of Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak, Hillary B. Smith, Ilene Kristen and the forgotten about Catherine Hickland, and would rather see stories for them. KZ is a VERY talented actress, but OLTL needs to use the vets they already have. Would’ve rather seen her go to GH as a friend of Bobbie’s (maybe a hooker from the old days?)and a love interest for Mike. Or even better yet, bring her on as Jeff Webber’s wife and Liz’s mom, with Richard Dean Anderson on in a limited run. KZ and RDA were great together the many times she guested on MacGyver. I’d like to see why Liz is so distant from her mother, and KZ is just the actress to pull such a story off.

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    I am not going to hate on Kim Zimmer, because I understand a person has to eat & pay bills. Like elbugten, I am concerned about how this will impact Robin, Erika, Hillary, and Ilene. We have not seen Nora much lately, which has concerned me because Inez is lurking about. Lord knows OLTL needs to bring Roxy out of the storeroom in Foxy Roxy’s.

    Hopefully Kim Zimmer’s character will have a good rationale for returning. Something like being Rex’s real mother, which would logically make people wonder if Rex was Clint’s son. Unless of course she slept with Bo at some point. A person can hold on to dreams. Lord, please keep her away from the Eli/Bennett Thompson mess. We do not need her revealed as Ross and Eli’s mother, blah!

    PS – I would have bought Echo on as the Ford Brother’s mother. If you were gonna so intent on building a family unit around Ford. It would have created some interesting storylines for Clint and Jessica. For example, Echo could claim that Robert was Clint’s son. This would really screw with Jessica, especially since it has been revealed that she actually slept with Ford.

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    So cool!

    I wasn’t watching OLTL yet when she was on OLTL the first time but I have seen a pool pic of her and Clint Ritchie in several magazines over the years.
    If they go the Clint/Echo route again, it will be a little weird to see Reva & Ross together but I am sure it would just take time.

    I hope Carlivati doesn’t screw this return up like he did the ones for Kelly and Tina.

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    If Kim’s return gives the vets some good story (FINALLY), then I’m all for it. It’s high time the writers stopped writing the vets as caricatures and started writing intriguing, meaningful stories for them. For effing sakes, please give Dorian a love interest – not a clown! Bring Kim back for Clint – that story was fantastic! Make Viki a full character with her own storyline again, not just the doting mother and friend who’s only there to dish out advice.

    In terms of the Ford brothers, you have to realize that head writers continue to receive residual pay based on characters they create that continue in storylines after they depart the show. Ron Carlivati is merely creating his legacy. I can’t fault him for that. What I can and do fault him for is the lame storylines to which his characters are attached. Bringing on new characters is not a bad thing – writing bad stories is.

    Now I’m not a hardcore Carlivati basher like many of you. I do think he has done some good stuff. I also believe it is unfair to blame much of what has happened in terms of story on the writing team. The executives over the writing team carry a great deal of weight and can ax or rewrite a story whenever they see fit. And the writing team has to bend over and take it. Sad, but true.

    As a long-time OLTL fan, I have stuck with the show through the good times (remember ’92-’96) and the bad times (remember the Badrah diamond?!?), and I will continue to watch the show – fair weather or not.

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    Daniel St. John

    Color me happy. Kim is a powerful actress and she brings it every time. Also her return to the show will see her interacting with vets like Viki/Dorian/Clint which should make any fan happy since it means those characters are going to have a storyline.
    As for the other vets that may be “pushed aside” with Echo coming back, well all I can say to that is that there is a ton of airtime to be found if the geniuses behind this show cut their losses with this Ford family crap and limit how many times a week we have to suffer through Rex/Gigi.
    Adding Kim Zimmer aint the problem, people.
    This show has been painful to watch for far too long and Kim Zimmer should be considered a bright spot.

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    I can’t comment on the Echo storyline as I’ve never seen it, but I can only hope that this storylin will be a good thing for the vets. I don’t care for Clint with Dorian so I’m hoping that Echo will be good with him. At the same time though, I really hope the recent firings weren’t so they could get Kim Zimmer. She’s not directly responsible for people losing their jobs, or getting their air time cut back, but it would still be unfair if the show cut long time actors just to afford her.

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    [quote=Llanview76]After today’s episode I already have a theory that Kim Zimmer will turn out to be Olivia Thompson, Bennett/Elijah’s wife.
    Any takers?
    Ooh, yes please, OLTL!

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    [quote=THEBEST]I believe that Rex’s mother has been found. And I bet you that Bo or Clinton is his daddy…[/quote]

    I doubt it. They already showed Rex finding his dead mother and her grave and learning who his father was. And it was not Bo or Clint.

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