Venice Rolls Out Season 2 Promo!

Can’t wait to watch Venice The Series? The gang’s back with a taste of what’s to come this upcoming season. Watch the clip after the jump!


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    The promo looks great! Looking forward to watching season 2 to see what this wonderful group has in store for us this time around. I encourage everyone who is a daytime soap opera fan to give this series a try. With Guiding Light and As The World Turns being cancelled and the ratings for all soaps going down the toilet I think it is more important than ever to support these web soap projects. It will be a sad day if I can’t turn on a good daytime drama whether that be on tv or internet. Another plus to this is that the Venice producers actually listen to their fans on a daily basis. Thanks DC for the coverage.

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    Could you guys please add Elizabeth Keifer to the list of tags in the article? I’d really appreciate it. :)

    I am really looking forward to S2 Venice and seeing all the GL people again.

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    I think Venice looks beautiful and is a visual stunner! This is my favorite webseries and the only one I watch! I would watch Crystal Chappell anywhere she went. THis show is awesome and I cant wait for Season 2!

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    Technically speaking, the editing was much improved from the 1st season trailers and as everyone else has said the visuals are spectacular. Tiz amazing that a low budget web series can have such high quality cinematography, as compared to the Network Soaps. Hey Days, work a deal with CC to borrow her equipment and crew. :)

    As to the actual clips chosen, I found the season 1 clips much more compelling and enticing. But on the flip side, I felt those season 1 trailers gave away too much and then the actual episodes always felt flat. With this season 2 trailer, it seems they erred on the other side, with not giving enough away. The clips used for the most part aren’t really all that gripping. It’s probably better to err on this side though, but next trailer maybe they can get a better balance. CC really does seems to be listening and hence improving Venice, so I think they’ll get there.

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    Can’t wait to see season 2 and waht ahppens to Lara.Giani don’t inetrest me so bring on Giani don’t interest me so broing on Giani and someone new for Lara

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