ATWT'S Billy Magnussen Explains Alter Ego & 50 Cent In Twelve

As The World Turns' Billy Magnussen talks with The Huffington Post about the mindset of his character in the recently released movie, Twelve.

Q: Even though your screen time is limited, you showed a lot of different colors and shades in those moments. Though your character seem fucked up, you made him sympathetic, somebody that wants and needs love who is at the same time a real asshole. How do you psych yourself up into that state?
BM: I had so much fun with this character. You've got to remember, this guy doesn't think he's a bad guy. This is his reflection of the world on him; he was shit on a lot. He doesn't think he was wrong; this is how he sees the world.

The actor goes on to dish what it was like working with co-star rapper/actor 50 Cent.

Q: What do you think about the idea that you get to kill 50 Cent? When you did that scene was there a little pleasure in knocking him off?

BM: Of course; how many people get to say they actually shot 50 Cent? There's like nine other people. And I actually get to kill him. No, he's a gentleman, he was a pleasure to work with and he's a true actor, honestly.

Twelve is currently playing in theaters.