BREAKING NEWS: Brandon Buddy OUT at OLTL! Yeah…This Time for Real

Starr-Crossed No More. Don’t be surprised if you see Cole Thornhart heading out of Llanview soon. Sources say Brandon Buddy really is exiting the sudser. Word is, Buddy’s tweet  in June about leaving One Life to Live was the real deal all along, however the brass "encouraged" him to recant the social networking slippage. You may remember, Buddy claimed a hacker broke into his account and posted that he was quitting his J-O-B. SPOILER ALERT: Look for Cole to exit alive, but not exactly well.

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    It was not hard to figure out that what he tweeted was the truth. His cover story made NO sense. I do not want to celebrate someone being unemployed, but I will not exactly miss Cole. And if he leaves by going to jail, like he deserves, then Ron C. will officially be back on my Christmas list. Say what you will about Todd, but he did time for raping Marty, and Lindsay is STILL in jail for doing that town and the fans a huge favor and offing Spencer Truman. Cole crippled a kid and nearly beat a man to death, and he still walks around town threatening people and having to be restrained from acting like the roided out bully he started out as. So while I wish Brandon Buddy the best, to Cole I say DLTDHY!

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    I’m not sure what’s up, but I read on that there was a Mandatory OLTL cast/crew meeting set for today.

    THEN, this morning I read on mr brooks genoa city news, -he reported on what he claims as good authority, is that the show got the Ax and they told everyone today??

    I’m not sure what to believe, so I guess I’ll just wait and see. Truth be told, I haven’t watched OLTL since Crystal Hunt swalled it whoe and my body would violently shake at her hidious acting skills invading my living room.

    Either way, I’m sure Brandon Buddy will be fine.

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    Well duh, that’s what we said all along: He tweeted the truth earlier than they wanted it revealed, got in trouble, came up with the lame “someone hacked my account” story and now he’s leaving.

    Never liked him as an actor so no loss in my book.

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    Oh CRAP! I was afraid of this, ever since I heard about that mandatory cast/crew meeting they were having today! If they cancel my favorite ABC show, then I am done with them (ABC, that is)!

    This butchering/mass murder of our favorite daytime shows has just gone too far!

    As far as BB is concerned, well, anyone with half a brain could tell that the “Someone hacked into my Twitter Account.” story was just that, a story. With the introduction of James, and TIIC making Cole look more and more like some freaked-out Bully, a blind person could see where that whole thing was going. Cole almost killing Todd was pretty much what pushed a lot of the viewers over the edge where he (Cole) was concerned – myself included.

    I wonder when we will know the outcome of this mysterious meeting they had today? Everyone keep your fingers crossed for our OLTL – something tells me that they are going to need it!

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    TV Gord

    Well, I’ll be sad to see him go. I liked the idea of Starr and Cole and Hope being a family. Families are certainly not valued in the soap world the way they used to be. Not by the idiots in charge nor by the people watching. It’s a sad commentary on where we are as a society, I guess.

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    The OLTL that is on now is not the OLTL that I was addicted to for years and years. Most of the stories now focus on people who mean little or nothing to me. If it is sent to Soap Heaven, I’ll mourn because it brought me a lot of entertainment for several years; but I won’t miss it.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Um, LOL, okay, believe who you want to believe. The site that broke Lucci’s paycut, AMC’s move out West, JJ’s return and who told you when Vanessa Marcil Marcil was ACTUALLY coming back, or…other sites. Not sweat off my keyboard.

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    I guess the writing was on the wall. I knew Buddy was out the minute that James was brought on and thrown into Starr’s orbit. First Markko, and now Cole. Who’s next, Matthew?

    Im sick of these Disney Channel trendy boys replacing by favorite characters. The same thing is gonna happen on All My Children. They just brought on a Tall, dark haired 17 magazine boy.

    Peace the Spork out Brandon Buddy, best wishes to you. I will miss Cole.

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    Nat Guy

    Ugh I don’t know what to believe anymore. This back and forth makes me dizzy. I’ll just keep enjoying Cole and Star for now. Can’t stand James and that freakin twinkle crap.

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    It was obvious back when the BB’s Twitter announcement was made that he really was planning to leave. What hacker goes into someone’s Twitter account and tells the world that the person is quitting their job? Plus why would it take several days for BB to recant what the hacker said if it wasn’t true. It’s obvious that BB was being honest and ABC was probably infuriated by the announcement fearing that the show might lose even more viewers who tune in to see Cole and Starr. In any case, I met BB once and he is so super nice and cool. I wish him the very best. I am also saddened by the fact that OLTL continues to do so poorly in the ratings. I hope it is not cancelled. That would be such a loss, even though the show has definitely seen better days than those of late.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Oh crap just realized that though STALE with thankfully be over I wont get Hannah and Cole. Cole wasn’t as possessive and verbally abusive with Hannah as he was with Starr.

    But now I for sure can have my tornado and TWINKLE!

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    Guys, if Jamey or DC is reporting this it is 100% true.

    I agree, I believed it the first time it was leaked and ABC got mad, and the best excuse they can come up with was that his Twitter page was hacked.

    BB is very talented, I am sure he will land on his feet somewhere.

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    Wow this caught me off guard this morning when i read it!

    But for me how much i love Cole on OLTL he’s just not the same person on there for awhile. Ever sense Hannah came on there I could not stand his character.
    Yeah i really like Star and Cole as a couple but… It’s a soap and if you keep a soap together for to long people get bored of them!
    I don’t really like James but I think I may beable to get used to him. I sort a like Ford but in the way that you hate what he does but understand way he does it type of way.
    For me Cole will most likely go to California to stay with Marko for awhile. I really hope that if/when they bring Cole back they can have a better story line for him!

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    I have to say I was excited when I first read that he had tweeted about leaving the show and then saddened when I heard it wasn’t true. Sorry, but he’s maybe the worst male actor on the show right now so I’m not gonna miss him or the character in the least. We know this opens the door for a Starr/James pairing, which I have no problem at all with, but where does this leave Marty? No love interest and now no familial tie to the canvas makes me suspect her days are numbered as well which is probably not such a bad thing as TPTB have completely wasted Susan Haskell for at least the last year or so.

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    Wait…I think you are over the top with this thing about Cole. Todd has done far more worse then Cole has done.
    Todd as walked quite a few times himself.
    Its a shame to have to remind anyone of how nutty this sounds saying Todd’s paid. Todd’s done WAY more and has gotten A WAY with it. Just rediculous.
    Brandon Buddy’s Cole is paying, this kid wakes up every day knowing what he’s done and how lucky he is.
    The actor has been a VERY spactacular part of OLTL and THEY should want him around a long time.
    The stupid character storylines have turned Cole fans against him lately.
    I think They’re doing him wrong this show,like casting him aside like disguarded trash.
    His leaking the contract thing of his leaving was his smart of him. Fans got into an up roar and I saw him fighting to keep his job.

    Now I hear about a meeting….and hes leaving.

    Ps you spoke your peace, I spoke mine.

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    TV Gord

    Don’t worry, jjan, you are not alone. I’m a big Brandon Buddy fan and I’m sorry to see him go. I’ve just stopped commenting about him here, because it seems whenever someone says something nice about him, a few regulars here can’t resist the temptation to make snide remarks about him. I find they crawl out of the woodwork less when people don’t say good things about him. Rest assured, though. There are those of us who like him.

    I apologize in advance for the defensive comments to follow from those same people, but I wanted to reach out to you, jjan. :-)

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    Thanks, I appreciate that.
    Hes a special actor , and some people dont get how special he & Kirsten are together.
    I hope rating go down once hes gone.
    I certainly wont watch anymore.

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