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You go after my husband and then “kidnap” my kid… hell yeah, I’m going to threaten to end your life. Do I mean it literally? Most likely not. Apparently, Lisa Niles takes it seriously enough to report Robin to Lucky. Gee Lisa, when you took Emma without Robin or Patrick’s permission, they waited on calling the Police, but when it comes to a rightfully angered wife and mother, you go a tattle telling. Give me a break. Dr. Niles feels her life is in danger, especially when she finds her locker in shambles and convered in blood. Karma, Lisa – it’s karma and it’s biting you right in the butt. Of course, Lisa is pointing fingers in Robin’s direction for the trashed locker. Could it be that Dr. Niles needs a doctor of her own to settle whatever is going wrong in that head of hers?

Lisa throws herself in front of Robin’s car! And then she claims that Robin tried to kill her! Will this crazy bitch just go away already? Not yet! Another literal movie ripoff needs to take place first. Robin finds one of Emma’s toys boiling in her lab. Then, Dr. Niles convinces (or tricks, depending on how look at it) a co-worker to switch spots with her, putting her in the OR with Patrick.

I must admit, while I’m not a fan of Dr. Niles… Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough redeemed this entire storyline with Patrick’s confession. These actors proved in these scenes why Scrubs has Super Couple power. Can Robin look past Patrick’s betrayal and forgive her hubby? Despite his countless apologies, Robin just can’t seem to forgive his transgression. Would you? I’m such a fan of these two that I can’t help but root for them to work it out. Is this all one big old smoke screen though? Are Scrubs trying to put one over on Lisa to keep Robin’s butt out of a jail cell?

Brenda… *sigh* I haven’t had a blog up since Ms. Barrett’s return to the GH fold, so here will be my two cents on the situation. This has been a terrible way to bring her back, especially if you expected her to bring back the numbers she brought with her last time. I admit, I haven’t paid too much attention to the ratings for the time around her return. I was strapped to a parking lot slinging booze at the time. However, there is zero suspense and very little to tie her to anyone in Port Charles, as with her last return. This longtime fan is bored to tears, except for the occasional flashback. I can only imagine that a few of you agree with me. What’s ahead for the world’s shortest supermodel? Sonny finds her in Rome! On the run from the attempted murder charges and the fear that he won’t make bail, Sonny decides to flee Port Chuck and head to Rome in search of Brenda, who has agreed to become Mrs. Murphy Sinclair.

Everyone is covering for Sonny… Dante testifies that his father is not a flight risk, despite daddy dearest already leaving on a jet plane. Olivia believes Sonny’s self-defense story, despite begging her boyfriend to live so that they may be together. I know he’s actually telling the truth this time. What will Olivia do when she hears Johnny lie to Claire about being unarmed?

Back to Brenda… Jason figures out that Sonny jumped bail to go to Rome to see Brenda. Dante steps up for his siblings, who find out their dad fled the country without even a good-bye. Carly wants Jax to get to Brenda before Sonny can. Sonny gets to Brenda first and, as their eyes meet, Brenda is attacked! “The Balkan” is after Jamey’s beloved Brenda. Despite warnings that she should move back stateside, Brenda refuses to bend to the threat.

Is Carly confessing? Brook threatens to spill all to Lulu when Carly refuses to cough up the cash for breaking up Lante. With nothing left to lose, Brook shows up at Dante’s and tells Lulu the whole story. Unable to believe that Carly would do this to her, Lulu confronts her cousin. Carly shocks Lulu when she confesses to the scheme, but Carly never goes down that easy. She changes the story enough to make Brook the one to take the ultimate fall.

With nowhere else to go… Brook Lynn ends up at the Quartermaines. Granny Tracy catches her stealing from Edward’s piggy bank and gives her the boot. Nikolas offers her a place to stay at Wyndemere and a job as his escort. Where’s Elizabeth? She went to be with her sister Sarah… aka Rebecca Herbst’s maternity leave.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Jason, Sam, shoot-out. Jason, Sam, Lucky burning cabin. Sonny confides in Brenda that he is on the run. Dante and Lulu hit the sheets. Tracy misses Luke. Nikolas needs Brook to have proper etiquette. Matt wants the real deal with Maxie. Will Jason and Dante work together to prove Sonny is innocent? Michael still struggles with his time in prison. One of Kristina’s friends flirts with him and Michael tells Jax he doesn’t want to go back to his old high school. Is Sam a little insecure about Brenda being back? Is Johnny offering Lucky a job?

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  1. Profile photo of Teach19

    Thanks for the spoilers. All I can say is boring, boring, and more boring!!! I am not a scrubs fan but that is the only s/l that sounds remotely interesting!!! When are tptb going to come to their senses and put Liason back together??

  2. Profile photo of ktuc

    I’m actually enjoying the ‘crazy’ Dr. Niles as this storyline has made her more interesting. While I really enjoy Robin & Patrick (independently)I’ve never understood the appeal of the Scrubs pairing just as I don’t get the Lante pairing.

    As far as Brenda is concerned? I could do without her!! It sure was coincidental that she and Sonny were thinking about one another at the very same time! :Sp

    Thanks for the spoilers. I can’t wait for the “Pretty Woman” storyline with Brook Lynn & Nicholas!! :*

    Carly is rotten! >)

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Since Vanessa Marcil/Brenda are APPARENTLY, according to Jamey, Bob Guza’s MUSES, you’d think he would have taken more time to pen a TRULY interesting and MUST SEE storyline to accomodate the return of this actress, who is always being touted as the “Second Coming of Jehovah”!!! So far, I am NOOOOOTTTT impressed!!!!! The man has had SEVEN long years to write the PERFECT return story, and this is what we get?????? (PUSHES THE SNOOZE BUTTON!) :tired: :tired:

    Scrubs are a cute couple, and I admit that I am KINDA liking this story. The confronation scenes yesterday were sooooo well-written. I find the actress who plays Lisa to be kinda lame, but I don’t HATE Lisa as much as the masses do. I am eager to see this story play out.

    I haven’t decided if I am on Team “Bronny” or Team “Jenda,” but maybe IF they start writing some DECENT material for this threesome, I’ll be able to make my decision.

    Love Carly………………. :love: :love:

    So are they gonna put Brook with Nikolas next????????? Hmmmm……. :( :(

  4. Profile photo of keanna

    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!!!!

    I am actually enjoying the Crazy Lisa storyline, though I am with Regan this is a total Fatal Attraction rip-off.
    WHERE’S ANNA WHEN YOU NEED HER!!!?, I say let her kick Lisa’s ass, she’ll leave Robin and Patrick alone then.

    As for Brenda, again I am with you guys, it has been boring, boring, boring, I mean I think Brad Rowe is very handsome, but is it just me or that there is ZERO chemistry or ZERO passion between Murphy and Brenda. I think I read somewhere that it got 1.5 rating.

    Sounds like Nicholas and Brooklyn is going to be a “Pretty Woman” s/l.

    I don’t like what they are doing to Carly, her behavior is worst than ever.

  5. Profile photo of Spooks19

    Geez, how many movies is GH going to rip off at one time? Fatal Attraction with Scrubs, Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Jasam, and now Pretty Woman with Nik and Brook? Plus Carly is totally channeling Mean Girls, and of course there’s the ongoing Godfather rip offs.

  6. Profile photo of ChloeLiz

    There is no excuse for cheating.
    Lisa was behind him Yeah but if he was such a player back in the day then he was supposed to have spotted the signs of being pursued. To let her know where to get off!!!
    Patrick was suppose to have known better than to get sucked in by Lisa’s BS.
    I like Scrubs and I hope they keep them together.

    Nicholas and the slut.. I mean Brooklyn.
    Let me know when I can vomit.

  7. Profile photo of dannyro

    I’m glad they’re positioning Nikolas to interact with another woman. He and Liz just don’t work, and everyone else in his age bracket is related to him. I guess he could drift into the whole Jax/Sonny/Carly/Brenda mess, but with he and Vanessa having been engaged in real life, that could be messy. It could be fun, even though “low class” Brook is from the wealthiest family in town.

  8. Profile photo of elbugten

    Thanks as always for the spoilers, Regan. I’m sorry to say it, but as most guest stars/returns on GH lately, Breada’s has been botched. Are we seriously supposed to believe that Sonny and Brenda have pined for each other for all these years, despite Sonny’s many love interests and baby mamas? And that Brenda has been holding out for Sonny all this time, despite being married to Jason and Jax? Bah! I think Carly is going to have a little something to say about that if/when Brenda ever leaves that hotel room in Rome and returns to Port Chuck.

    Please, for the love of God, keep Lucky out of the mob! Ethan is the Luke clone, not Lucky! I’ve never bought him as a cop (although JJ’s version is a bit more believable than any of the others) but if he must leave the PCPD, I’d rather see him go into the detective busines w/ Sam and Spinelli than be another of Johnny’s goons. He reaqlly needs to stay w/ the PCPD though. W/ Ronnie and Dante tampering w/ cases/evidence and Mac in the hospital (he IS still in the hospital recovering, isn’t he? No one’s seen him since he got out of surgery, yet Ethan who was shot at the same time is walking around town w/ jsut a small bandage on) PCPD needs at least one decent, law-abiding cop.

    SCRUBS: Hate the Lisa character, but I’m loving JS and KM’s performances during the fallout. I hope they go through some counselling and find their way back to each other.

  9. Profile photo of gush900

    So far brenda’s return has been a failure.I’ll say it a million times Claire Labine wrote sonny and brenda the best bring her back as co headwriter

  10. Profile photo of aramis270

    Apparently Johnny will agree to hire Lucky “undercover”.

    Sonny almost killed Johnny and then framed him so I hope that Johnny is not going tell the truth to Claire about being armed . Let’s Sonny marinate a little bit and enjoy the treatment he is usually giving to others.

    And Lante hit the sheets again … again … again … . Guza should check the ratings as each time he promotes a love scene of this tacky and boring couple, it’s a flop ….

    Scrubs is the best of the show right now
    Where is Alexis ? Where is Mac ?

    So disappointed about this lame Brenda return. And Sonny doesn’t deserve her. Hope she will be paired with someone else.

  11. Profile photo of strato

    Count me in in the “Don’t waste Brenda on Sonny” group …
    Very disappointed too in her return. I used to love her but it is boring to death until now and I don’t buy the fact that we are now supposed to believe that they ahve been secretly rooting for each other for the past 8 years.

    Scrubs is the real deal. The Lisa storyline is great and gives such good material to KMC. But the “let’s team up tp get rid of evil Lisa and let’s reunite just after that when we will have won” ? Not so sure I like it. I want to see Robin with Steve for a change.

    Another lame sex scene for Lante. Why will this nightmare be over ?

    And same can be said for Jolivia. Olivia, you said that you don’t want to be with Johnny anymore and you have been pretty nasty with him several time so LEAVE HIM ALONE !!!
    I certainly don’t want to watch Olivia whine next to Johnny’s hospital bed and say “I told you so” and patronize him. Can’t believe I used to really love Jolivia at the beginning. Now, I just want to slap Olivia each time she is on screen. She is such an hypocrite.

    And Dante will cover for his dear Daddy and will make a fool of himself once again. But I don’t doubt that he will find a way to innocent Sonny The White Dove because he is such a “hero” … Who cares that Sonny couldn’t have shot Johnny if he had been in jail where he belongs but where he isn’t because Dante perjured himself twice …

    I love that Sonny after framing Johnny is now the one being framed and I truly hope that Johnny will lie and not tell the truth about the gun he had to teach Sonny a lesson. After that if Sonny still wants peace, OK let’s see but let Johnny at least score some points with Sonny after Sonny just tried to kill him twice and left him in the streets to die …

    Looking forward seeing Tracy again ! And with Brook ! YES !
    Not interested in a Pretty Woman Nik/Brook storyline. Brook is a Q so please … no manners at all ? Lois and Ned should come back and that would be much more interesting.

    At last I want to see Lulu’s face when Stupid Blondie will discover that Carly didn’t forgive her and is going after her. If it is as good as the scene when Carly dreamed to rip Lulu part and Lulu was scared to death, I am going to love every minute of it !

  12. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    How about actually having Brenda call Robin when Studly Doright proposed? Robin should have called Anna or Brenda when she found about Patrick had an affair. We could also have Kate want to run a feature on Brenda as the new face of Cartullo and thus bring Brenda to PC. But that might actually require us seeing Kate on screen.
    Last time Liz & Sarah were together onscreen, there were NOT on good terms, but we are not expected to remember that.
    Isn’t Olivia supposed to be pregnant or have they dropped that idea?

  13. Profile photo of strato

    Mrsnoahdrake I hope they have dropped Olivia being pregnant with Johnny’s child. Let her to to Steve or anybody else but free Johnny from Momma Pasta …

    And regarding Sarah, I am already surprised that Guza remembered that Sarah existed so to remember that it was to say the least cold between Sarah and Liz ? When they don’t remember most of the time what they wrote six months ago ?

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Out of all the things in the world only one thing right now could make me enjoy this show, and since I can’t have that. I will take Brenda and Sam not liking each other and a chance to get Brenda and Jason into each other’s orbits.

    But I do have one question – do you think they will ever answer the most puzzling question on GH – Why has Jason never painted the regrettably pink room??? I mean he has forced his brother-from-another mother to live in it, and even with all his love for Sam, he’s never painted it…Hmmmm One can dream for a real romance.

  15. Profile photo of Mobb Ish
    Mobb Ish

    Sonny left her at the alter twice, so of course there’s some unfinished things between the two! My problem w/ Sonny & Brenda now is that I want SonClaire…I like how their chemistry is and I know when Brenda comes back, that’ll be a triangle to watch out for! Lucky will NEVER work for Johnny, because Lucky doesn’t believe in Johnny…Now I can see him working with Sonny because of their history but never Johnny! Can Michael please get a love interest…He’s too damn old (reformed inmate) to not be getting some good loving! He should have had somebody waiting on him when he was released from prison to be totally honest! Could’ve given him a pen pal or something while he was still locked up! Maybe Brook has a BFF that comes to town for him….something, just get the Prince a leading lady already!

  16. Profile photo of alexrochet

    Please no Brenda with Sonny (Brenda and Jason or Brenda and Jax is good for me) and no Claire and Sonny.
    Both women deserve better than Sonny … Pair him with Olivia, she is supposed to be her first big love (Kate someone ?) so at least with Olivia with Sonny, I can FF and Johnny is at last free from that woman.

    And MobbIsh, as someone said it above, apparently Lucky will agree to work “undercover” for Johnny and Johnny will know about it and accept it. To help catching the russian mob guys …

  17. Profile photo of Mobb Ish
    Mobb Ish

    What does Johnny have to do with the Russian Mob??? Sonny killed the Boss of the Russian Mobb, now Brenda’s having problems w/ them…Johnny has nothing to do with them at all…
    He’s not even a Boss, he’s a lil PUNK in training who’s crying over his dead @$$ sister! He might have loved her more than anybody else, but he dogged her out over and over again on behalf of his lust for OLIVIA for months before she died! Even used Michael’s shooting to black mail her over and over again, so I don’t buy this vendetta against Sonny being about her, not 1 bit! I don’t see him going at his CRAZY a$$ DADDY because we know he’s the real reason the Claw was who she was!

  18. Profile photo of aramis270

    Mobb Ish, what is your problem ? Alexrochet was just quoting a spec which is everywhere on the net right now.

    Yes Sonny killed Karpov, point blank as usual when Karpov was not even the one responsible for Kate being shot. One more “great moment” of Sonny … Does it mean that he should be the only one to fight another russina organization which is hurting kids ? Of course not and if it ends that stupid war between Sonny and Johnny, I will be more than happy to have peace instead of “mob wars” in PC.

    And the Lucky goes undercover with Johnny’s approval is an initial Spec from DD. And apparently from Wubs also.

    Wait until it is proven and becomes an official spoiler before getting mad.
    Lucky likes Johnny (even said they could have become friends if Johnny was anot a mobster recently) so perhaps he will feel more confortable going undercover with Johnny and Ethan than with Sonny, a guy who shoots unarmed people, almost killed his children several times, is selfish to the core and abusive with women …

  19. Profile photo of engradypind

    Here is what I want to see:

    While I wouldn’t wish a mob enforcer on my worst enemy, Brenda and Jason are a delightfully volatile mix. Jason and Sam are a snoozefest extraordinaire. They have no vitality together.

    A positive, satisfactory police story in which the legal authorities are not shown as bullies or nincompoops.

    Dr. Steven Webber with something meaningful to do, preferably a story of his own.

    Jax realize that he made a humongous mistake when he left Brenda at the alter for kissing Sonny while he accepted Carly back into his bed and board after she had backseat limo sex with Sonny. Does Jax know about the sofa sex too? I would really like to see Carly reined in, acknowledge her many sins, and make restitution for all the hurt and pain she has caused, especially to her family. Where is Bobbi when her faulty daughter needs her.

    Michael start college with the intention of learning something besides being a mobster or a prison booty call.

    Let Brooke have Johnny and get Olivia together with Steve Webber.

    More Diane and Max, and much, much more Alexis and Mac.


  20. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    As a Nik fan I’m hoping he gets something else besides just BrookLynn its rumored he’s headed for another triangle with her and I’m surely hoping this is a rumor some actors just get triangle after triangle.

    I think Tyler and Becky have an amazing chemistry however they were not written for they were written against

    “not to work” they didn’t get the writing which determines a lot for me. I was disappointed but realized early on they were just a plot device for the Lucky (Spencer)/Helena feud both actors deserve better…instead just another poorly written triangle.

    GH needs more glamour and better “written” stories its not hard to see who they are marketing to work and who they aren’t…how about better stories for all..

  21. Profile photo of LindaGH

    I completely agree about the writing. When I first started watching GH during the 1960s it was clearly a show for women. Over the years it has degenerated into a show for men (which is why so many of us women mostly fast forward through it). Many of us have been long term faithful fans, or we would not be tuning in to this show at all. Day after day, we watch, or record it, hoping for some ROMANCE (not just sex as a substitute), but unfortunately most days are woefully lacking.

    And even if we are willing to settle for this nonsense which is supposed to be romance, it involves someone we have long ago lost interest in, such as the mobster Sonny, or his brat kid, Dante. When Jason Quartermaine was changed into a mob thug, it was interesting to women for about 5 minutes, and the show has gone downhill ever since. The problem is that the man writer thinks that he can satisfy the women viewers’ desire for a show about relationships with “shoot ‘em up” violence, and that will never happen, we will just keep yawning and calling it stupid and boring.

    And then when there is a relationship, it receives very little airtime or dialogue, unless it is for the people to talk about things we don’t care about, such as Max and Diane talking about Sonny yesterday. The reason GH used to be so interesting to watch was because it was close enough to the viewers’ own every day experiences that we could “connect” with the people on the show. Now, everything is so “over the top” that it is just ridiculous, such as recent events involving the Patrick, Robin, Lisa triangle.

    On this show, once a couple has sex, there is never any romance ever again, only sex, which may appeal to a man writer, but leaves me totally frustrated and annoyed.
    And, were there any women who actually wanted to see the idiot Jerry Jacks torment a hooker? Maybe that was the writer’s dream, but for me it was just another GH nightmare.

    Another issue is that the storylines move so slowly. For example, by the time Sam and Jason got back together, I had long since lost interest. I tried to regain my interest, but when I heard Sam (in Mexico) tell Jason that going to strip clubs isn’t cheating, I realized that the writers were just using her character to try to convince women that having their men leering after (mostly) clothesless other women is harmless, I almost stopped watching altogether, but still I hoped it would get better…..

    And yes, I know that women have different opinions about strip clubs, and that many women have not lived long enough or had enough experience to know that having their man lusting over other women (in whatever manner) is never good for the relationship, no matter how much men try to “no big deal” it, and I am most assuredly not interested in having GH writers try to brainwash me about it.

    Sadly, this show stopped being about relationships a long time ago, now the only relationships are “quickies”, meaning the least possible focus on the relationship. I don’t mind at all that Nik and Brook are getting into a relationship quickly, what I don’t like is that I am not getting to see any of it because the writers are too busy showing me mob and cop nonsense which I am not at all interested in.

    So, instead of seeing Nik and Brook a lot every day, I will get to see them have sex after just a few “quickie” dialogues and then have sex and then the so-called “romance” will be over, and even if they do stay together (which I hope they do), they will be like every other couple on GH: no actual romance, they will rarely even have sex, and will degenerate into another storyline like all the other couples. Frankly, given the current GH writing, I feel foolish even taking an interest in them as a couple. I also am starting to hate myself for even being so stupid as to get my hopes up that it will be different this time.

    I agree with something I once read by an editor of a soap opera magazine: I want to see something about the day to day romantic relationship of every couple every day. There would be plenty of time on the show for this if all the mens’ “cops and robbers” junk was forever gone. I want to be loyal to the current writers, but frankly, given the vast differences in how men and women think, I am losing hope for any change for the better.

    And, I am not trying to put men down, but it has been scientifically proven that men and women have different brains, therefore to expect that a man to “decide” to think like a woman is futile.
    Yes, I know I am generalizing, and that all women do not think the same about everything. What I am trying to say is that this show is doing a very poor job of being interesting to the (supposed) target audience of women. This is evidenced by the fact that most of us are fast forwarding through most of it.

    I was hopeful when I read a spoiler that Nik and Brook were going to get closer last Wednesday. What a huge disappointment the three (very) brief scenes at Kelly’s diner were. If I hadn’t read in the spoilers that Nik and Brook were closer, I would have never known it to have happened since there was no getting closer in the relationship at all in what was shown on the screen.

  22. Profile photo of LindaGH

    Ok, obviously, I’m new and replied in the wrong place…. In regard to this comment, I completely agree about the writing for Nik and Liz. I had high hopes for their love romance, too, what a waste of my time that turned out to be.

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