EXPLOSIVE: Victoria Rowell Confronts Kristoff St. John and Darius McCrary on Sirius Radio!

The Young and the Restless stars Kristoff St. John and Darius McCrary stopped by Jamie Foxx’s Foxhole radio show on Friday to discuss their work on the soap. The actors got a surprise call by Victoria Rowell , who dropped bombshells about the backstage pol-i-tricks going on at Y&R.

Among many explosive revelations, St. John reluctantly confirmed that he was in fact denied storyline following speaking out in the past (St. John appeared on Buzzworthy Radio) and revealed he went to the brass asking for Rowell’s return. According to St. John, executive producer Maria Arena Bell said she would have to talk to others on the cast, who subsequently vetoed Rowell’s return. An MVID of the audio from the Foxxhole interview was posted on You Tube. Check it out after the jump!



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    debra greene

    Y&R have been known for shady firings they fired Terry Lester, the kid who played little philip and the bad boy. Who was harassing Nina all because these three men were Gay. She knows what shes talking about just going about it all wrong ppl in high positions dont deal with aggression to well.

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    Dang, these clips are so juicy that I couldn’t even focused on my fitness at the gym. I had to stop lifting weights and sit my butt down and ride the bike. LOL

    and for everything that is Holy some people should not be allowed to talk b/c Darius just let everyone know how really, REALLY dumb and ignorant he is.

    It takes a strong person to stand up for what they believe in. If you don’t stand up for something you’ll fall of anything. Man, I swear Victoria Rowell is my momma. lol =)

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    I feel bad for Kristoff, he is really in a tight position. If he speaks out, he will get punished, unlike the other cast members who speak out regularly, he has to worried about himself and his kids to feed. But Darius, you are a hot mess. Paul Rauch, roach as I like to call him, is scum. He is not your friend. Go head, Victoria. Speak the truth, it is about time someone tells is like it is.

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    This was soooo juicy!!! LAWD!!!!! Victoria was right, though. Darius tried to gloss things over and bring comedy and lightness into the equation, but Victoria had to tell the NAKED truth!! She was speaking REAL TALK. Racism has been taking place behind the scenes of Y&R and all of daytime for soooooo long, and the more people who speak out against it, the BETTER!!!!

    And Darius IS a glorified mess, ain’t he??? LOL!!

    That female caller to Darius: “You’re doing a great job, but I don’t know about your fiance.” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kristoff truly IS stuck in the middle of a rock and a hard place. Like so many people who love their jobs and are patiently WAITING for change, he is suiting up on a daily basis and going into that studio, while secretly dealing with this discriminatory environment and being underpaid for his services, but having to pay the mortgage and keep food on the table.

    No black writers, producers and directors in 38 years on Y&R???!!!! NONE??!!! That is patently ridiculous.

    Victoria, I am standing along beside you also, girl!!!!! She is SOOO much more than an actress, as she so gracefully pointed out– she’s a humanitarian and an instrument for change. Maria Bell doesn’t have the power in her weak little pen to do you or Drucilla Winters justice!!!

    And why did this host attack Victoria??? How ignorant!!!! This was indeed a FOXHOLE!!!!!!

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    Yikes…that literally made my brain hurt. I feel so bad for Kristoff now. I hope he doesn’t lose his job over this!

    I have lost what little respect I had for Darius McCrary. Instead of giving thoughtful answers, he basically turned into the N-Word right before our eyes. I could not believe the stuff coming out of his mouth! He had a right not to defend Victoria Rowell, but his ignorant words and attitude were just disgusting! He added nothing to the discourse…not like you can have any kind of meaningful discourse on this type of show. Yeah, you can say they are “keeping it real”, but it doesn’t make them any less repulsive. Truly a disgusting display of the worst stereotypes and behaviors associated with Black/African American people.

    If Daris was trying to impress his bosses, he failed, because now once they hear what kind of person he is, he is all but fired! Fans are already not feeling him as Malcolm, and I bet MAB and PR just need a reason to get rid of him. Good Going DOUCHE!

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    Why in the world is she putting Kristoff and Darius on the spot? This is so unprofessional.

    She’s never going to get back on that show if she keeps beating this dead horse.

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    Yeah, Angrierblackerman,

    Although I did laugh at much of his commentary, Darius was a little bit too, ummmm….URBAN for my taste. As a black man who tries to avoid perpetuating negative black stereotypes, I am always kind of turned off when certain black actors and actresses go on NATIONAL radio and basically turn into walking caricatures before my very ears. He used the N-word so many times that I lost count, along with rampant profanity and not portraying himself intelligently at ALL. Even Kristoff had the good sense to keep his comments FAIRLY tasteful and neutral, and conducting himself in an intelligent fashion.

    I agree, Darius might be in the unemployment line when TPIC at Y&R listen to this interview. Sure, what he does on his off duty time is technically HIS business, but most people won’t be as understanding and forgiving as I am. His publicist needs to be fired for allowing him to make a fool of himself in such a fashion.

    I still like you, Darius, but you have to learn how to compartmentalize!! You can’t just “let it all hang out” all the time, especially not on SIRIUS radio with millions of listeners.

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    My sympathies go to Kristoff St. John and Victoria Rowell. St. John was SCREWED over by Sony & Y&R. There’s no other way of describing the discriminatory retaliation he experienced. Both Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman have spoken out about Y&R but did see their on air time slashed.

    It’s disgraceful.

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    For godsake, Darius may have been an ass but he did nothing deserving firing. So what if swore or said the n-word amongst other black people? I may hate it’s use but he wasn’t using it in hatred.

    He may be a buffoon but so what? He did nothing malicious.

    I’ve heard plenty of soap stars swear up a storm on podcasts.

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    IMHO He Overstepped

    I dont care who he was with IMO You Never Use a word that means hatered to millions as a word of endearment

    and the fact that Darius was there on Y&R Time to promote the show if I was his boss, he would be fired tomorrow

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    Nekeeta Borden

    Since we are talking about equality and race relations in particular, the use of the N-word was counteractive.  To take the summative term for hatred and degradation we’ve endured as a people and toss it around in the midst of a battle for justice wasn’t very smart.  Biggots use behavior like this to justify why they never let us be seen or have anything.  Sigh…

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    Preach, Nekeeta…………..

    Shame that devil, girl!!!!!!! ;) ;)

    Not to get TOTALLY off topic, or to jump back on my soapbox (not that I’ve ever had a problem with this before, mind you!) I think that African Americans should hold a MORATORIUM on the usage of the N-word, as well as it’s modified version. Just because it ends in an “a” as opposed to an “er” and it is supposedly used as a “term of endearment,” that doesn’t take away from the crippling nature of the word.

    And if we as African Americans can’t respect OURSELVES enough not to use this word, we shouldn’t be upset when racists and bigots decide to use it against us. It does appear that in this case, to quote Angelina Jolie…”That which nourishes us, destroys us.”

    Using this word willy-nilly keeps us in the dark ages and detracts from our power as a race. Sorry to get too deep, but someone had to say it!!!!!

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    I don’t use the word. But, really, bigots will take any action and make it into a reason for demonizing oppressed minorities. Gays can try be loving adoptive parents and their act of kindness gets twisted into attempted pedophilia.

    Why live one’s life trying to please racists?

    Racist make fun of blacks eating fried chicken, ribs, and watermelon. So, should blacks be the only Americans who can’t eat regular picnic food that is typical of a 4th of July celebration?

    Again, I hate the word and don’t think it should be used but I sure as hell don’t think that Darius should be fired from his job for using it in that setting. He was crude, crass, uncouth, etc., but he wasn’t being hateful, just ignorant.

    Surprisingly, very few people here seem to recognize that real villains are the Sony and Y&R execs who punished KSJ and cheated him out 4 months of air time, which translates into money for feeding, sheltering, and schooling his 3 children.

    Why is no one calling out those dirt bag executives? The real evildoers are the bigots who had no trouble screwing over Kristoff for speaking out the same way that other cast members have done so with no retaliation.

    Eric Braeden shot his mouth off in a series of “exclusive” interviews to every major soap and mainstream publication that would listen to him. What happened to him? He got his front burner story on Y&R.

    Going after Darius is pathetic. He’s only made an ass of himself. He hasn’t damaged anyone. He’s caused no harm.

    The Sony & Y&R execs, on the other hand, were malicious. The went after Kristoff St. John for trying to help Victoria Rowell and speaking out about the poor treatment of the black cast.

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    If my love for Victoria Rowell did not speak volumes before, it does now. I love how she calls people out and has no issue doing at any time, any place. I sympathizes for Kristoff as he knows that if he opens his mouth, he is done for. And Darius… ugh. Just distasteful. If only he knew Paul Rauch’s history when it comes to diversity. He gets rid of them. Guessing Darius has not done his history on black actors on soaps. Or Paul Rauch firing OLTL vet Ellen Holly and edging out all the blacks on that show. Darius should’ve kept that trap shut and took note. B/c while everything is fine and dandy now, it might not be down the road. Then he’ll be wishing he took Ms. Vicki’s advice. You know what, fire Eddie Winslow’s ass now.
    And I hate how people define her as being bitter. This woman is not bitter. She has numerous other gigs that she does not need Y&R. But she cares for her fans, who wants her presence to grace our screens again. All she wants is fairness and respect for all people of all shades. Keep up the good work VR!! Shine that light on the racism that is happening behind the scenes on Y&R. Glad that someone is speaking up because anyone that keeps their mouth shut about being mistreated and dont speak up deserves to be mistreated. And sometimes you gotta play it cool and sometimes you gotta act a damn fool. She played it cool for 17 years with no changes so now she’s gotta act a damn fool. The politics at Y&R/Sony brought this on themselves.

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    For Me I Agree Sony/CBS/Bell Is The Main Reason For The Problem Here

    I Think People are upset with Darius cause he is talking about stuff he was not around for when it happened and is making jokes about what VR went thru and then jokes that Drucilla should return so she can be shared among the winters bros

    He Just Doesn’t get it

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    In high school, trying to be cool, I used the n-word with some friends in front of my aunt. She took me aside and told me I was a disgrace to a family whose members had been part of Dr. King’s struggle, a family that had fought tooth and nail to uplift itself from ghetto origins to middle-class. Everytime I hear the word, no matter who says it and no matter what their skin color, I feel the sense of shame I felt that day.

    I’ve criticized Victoria Rowell in the past and still think she can be irrational at times. I do firmly believe she deserves a lot more respect than she was given in this sorry excuse for a radio talkshow and more respect than she generally gets from some DC posters. The woman is heroic in my book!!!

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    Darius shouldn’t be fired by ANY means for simply being HIMSELF, but I do find his choice of words and his conduct QUESTIONABLE……..and that’s a VERY generous word choice on my part!!!

    Just because he’s not being malicious, that doesn’t mean that he’s not embarrassing himself, as well as his African American audience.

    And I think that 90% of us will agree that the TRUE crooks, liars and manipulators are the Sony execs, Maria Bell, Paul Rauch, Lynn Latham and all the people who have that “Sit your ass down, shut up and color!!!!” mentality!!!! None of us are giving them a free pass or denying that they are power hungry meglomaniacs with God complexes, and their ignorance is helping to drive Y&R into the ground.

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    Glad that she is speaking up about the lack of diversity on Y*R and other soaps. We watch and pay their bills too, and I will not be insulted by giving the advertisers my dime again until change is needed. Keep up the work, Victoria.

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    Bravo Victoria Rowell!!! Keep fighting your fight! I support you one hundred percent! I know it’s tough out there for an African-american in Hollywood and I respect your fight for equality in front of and behind the lens!

    As for Darius McCrary….I just don’t like him. He sounded like an idiot on this show. Calling Paul Raunch his N*gga made me cringe. Did Darius realize that his “n*gga” is notorious for firing or decreasing air time for African Americans? Did he realize this? He needs to check his facts. Check Paul Raunch’s record from OLTL and GL and whatever other show he was on.

    I sympathize with Kristoff but he should leave the show. He deserves better. MAB and co are the first writing regime to do nothing with the african-american characters on this show. It’s disgusting and if Kristoff is put on the backburner for this interview I am going on record right now to say I will cut Y&R off! I don’t care MAB should be ashamed of herself.

    Instead of all of you worrying about Darius using the n word how about we talk about the fact that MAB has not done anything for the african-american characters on this show. It’s disgusting and us african-americans should be turning this shit off and not continuing to support this show!

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    I’ve been lurking on this site for a good few years, but I just had to make an official account and comment after listening to all of this from the, er, FOXXHOLE.

    1) Darius is an idiot, plain and simple. N-word aside, every other word that came out of his mouth was either ignorant, foolish, dumb, or all three. He’s just a dummy, period. “I’ll keep picking cotton if the white folks are out there w/me.” What? Really? Really. He really has no idea what went down when VR was on the show back then, nor does he know all of what went down this last time, when Dru went over the cliff and into those blue screen waters. Er, yeah, that scene still pisses me off. So, why keep speaking on things ya don’t know about? You’ve got no clue, but yet, babble, babble, babble. What’s that sayin’ my mama always told me, “If ya don’t know, ya better ask some-Bod-Y”. Clearly, he’s asked nothing, from no one.

    Why was he on the show anyway? To promote the fact that he is still NOT Malcolm Winters? I don’t care how good a job he does, he is just not Malcolm to me, sorry. As another character, he would probably do just fine–though, I truly wouldn’t give a damn who he played, since, well, after this, he showed his true colors, blue, black, and ignorance–but as Malcolm, no. The fact that the show went out of their way to find someone who A) Looked nothing like Shemar, which I must admit is fine, if the acting is up to par, but it’s not, and B) Dug into the Family Matter’s file for the second time, just because they struck gold the first time w/Devon–which, by the way, was Victoria’s doing… SMDH. But, that’s another discussion for another day.

    2) I completely understand where KSJ is coming from. He has a family to feed and cannot speak out the way he would like to get the changes that need to be made to Y&R. Unlike Braeden, who has probably been given more SOD covers than any other person on the show and get’s storylines when he speaks out to any outlet he can, just as another poster has already pointed out. This show has been going downhill fast for a long time. If MAB’s is the future of soap’s, well, hell, we’ve got none to speak of. There were days when I would race home from school to catch eppy’s, PRE-soapnet–which will soon be Disney Jr., another SMDH moment, but, whatever. But now? If I miss a show, or ten, or twelve, it does not bother me one bit. Nikki does nothing, Phyllis is stupid, I don’t care about Nick and Sharon 10.0, Mac’s boring, Cane and Lily are boring, I’m over Jill being Lauren’s sister–was over that the first episode we found out the ‘crappy’ truth, please…there’s just not much to really care about anymore because the writing is just so terrible. No matter how much you love an actor, if the writing does not work, sorry, but, who cares? I love Brenda and ya see how well that’s working out so far. See: Not at all…yet.

    VR is right, this show is/was/who-the-hell-knows-anymore-really, predominately watched by an AA audience, yet, no blacks or, for that matter, POC behind the scene’s? Even Mob Hospital has a black writer. Jeez. Maybe we all can’t afford the fan club weekends to trot out and see the faces that grace our screens everyday–hell, maybe we just don’t want to–but that doesn’t mean that we are not watching. Well, not me anymore; not on a regular basis, anyway, lol.

    3) Did I mention Darius was an idiot? Sorry, can’t say that enough. Not to mention that the so-called hosts of this FOXXHOLE mess were completly unprofessionsal, esp to VR. I could go on, but, I want to leave room for other posters.

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    WOW! Victoria Rowell is the woman. It is said that the Black men are so weak and all they are about is a pay check. This is so typical of us in the Black community, the women have always been the back bone and once again VR and the other young lady in the room were the only two who made any sense during this entire interview. Kristoff is just trying to keep his kids feed and Darius is just a sold out, pathetic, bad replacement for Shemar Moore.

    We should be turning this stuff off because if they don’t respect us the we as African Americans don’t need to respect them. Turn off the Young and the Restless until our demands are met.

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    Ok, I officially do not get Victoria Rowell. Racism is a huge problem in soaps. Agree. A lot of bad shit goes down in soaps and actors are treated badly. Agree. But what is her end goal? It seems that every few weeks we are getting stories about what an awful place Y&R is, how other actors mistreated her, her Michelle Stafford spit on her, how Ma Bell just texted her about negotiations instead of approaching her. But what is her goal? If you were an exec producer at Y&R, would you ever want to hire her back now? And if it is indeed such a horrible, unprofessional place to work, why does she want to return? On the other hand, if she wants to move on with her career, why does she keep digging up this dirt instead of moving on to some new project. Plus, if KSJ got in trouble before, what does she think will happen to him now that she’s outed his grievances publicly?
    Look, I’m sure many of her gripes are legitimate. Racism in soaps is very real, many soap actors are horribly treated. But again, would you hire this woman back if you headed the show? What really got me a few weeks ago was the “Ma Bell texted me” story where she talks about how unprofessional it all was. So she…responds with a rant on Twitter? Um, is that not also unprofessional?
    Again, I think VR is a good actress and the complaints she has are probably genuine but, if she hates the place that much, time to move on…she’s startin’ to sound a little like Joyce Dewitt bitching 30 years later about Susan Sommers (ok, that’s a little exaggerated, but you get the point..)

  23. Profile photo of daisychains7

    WOW. That was intense.

    I love Victoria, I do… but I don’t agree with a lot of her methods. Being angry and airing people’s dirty laundry draws attention to your cause but it doesn’t move things FORWARD. There has to be a better way to go about this.

    I have immense respect for her, and for Kristoff. I do believe he tried as much as he could, but this is a tough business and tough economy especially for actors of color. They’re in a losing battle.

    As for Darius…. wow. As a black woman, I am shocked, appalled, and offended at Darius using the *n* word constantly and saying “I would pick cotton if the check was big enough”….. SLAVERY IS OVER, DARIUS. FRIGGIN DISGUSTING AND A DISGRACE.

  24. Profile photo of baycity

    Nothing Victoria Rowell said was refuted by Kristoff St. John so I take it that it was all true. As of this moment, I refuse to watch Y&R or B&B (same people and no minority representaion).

    Sidenote: While Victoria and Kristoff kept their dignity during that mess of a radio program, no one should really expect much of that on the FOXHOLE. That would be like expecting Howard Stern to not talk about breasts and strippers during his show or expecting Rush Limbaugh to not make racially offensive remarks during his.

  25. Profile photo of followGL

    I respect Victoria, and totally agree a platform is needed to talk about the lack of diversity or lack there of across the soap genre. Kristoff- did not deny any of her VR claims, and rightly so because he has to keep his job and provide for his family. But the writing is on the wall at Y/R and is a very ugly stain painting. MAB needs to go and Sony needs to re-hire Edward Scott at least he was trained under William Bell and knows how to balance a show with all races. Furthermore, it never surprised me how is it the #1 Soap doesn’t have a black writer on staff, it would make sense to have one to give full a depth and tell stories through the lens of AA. Lastly, Darius needs to fired, eventhough he was not a work on air, he still should have some class about himself because at the end of day, he is represents Sony and Y/R at the set and away from the set. There it is!!!!!!!!!!!

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    All of the focus is on Darius. Why is so little attention being paid to the Sony & Y&R execs who create and maintain this bigoted work environment??

    Kristoff St. John lost almost 4 months of pay for doing the same thing as his white colleagues. That’s just plain disgusting.

    It’s easy to be angry at Darius, but he’s not hurting anyone. He’s not hurting actors. He’s not denying job opportunities to people of color. That falls squarely on the shoulders of the Sony/Bell execs.

    Why not focus your energy on the ones who cause this situation?

  27. Profile photo of Smitty

    I agree Josstheguy! The focus needs to be on Sony/Y&R for treating VR and KSJ like crap! Everyone is focused on DM and his ridiculous attempt to be funny. Sony should be ashamed of themselves. I am so over Y&R and I hate to say this but I would rather them go then keep what has been going on my screen on the air.

    This whole thing was eyeopening! Sad and people hate to hear the truth about daytime. It makes me upset!

  28. Profile photo of wildkitty

    I LOVE V.R and agree with most of what she said,but i think she was wrong to talk about how much KSJ gets paid.If he wants to talk about it fine but it was disrespectful of her to air something like that publicly.I think he was embarrassed.

  29. Profile photo of zanefan

    What a heartbreaking situation. Seriously. We ALL lose out in this situation, not just the actors. We’re being deprived of a character that was truly dynamic and interesting (Drucilla) and an actress with passion and commitment to the GENRE and a desire to see it taken seriously and with respect.

    We all lose out.

    I can relate to VR’s anger, and I’m just a white guy. As a gay man, I’ve felt her anger at being subjected to passive aggression from those that either do or do not realize they are being insulting/condescending/oppressive/bullying. So yeah, I feel her pain.

    The thing is, she’s now SO angry and SO out for justice that she’s ceased to be effective, and that’s unfortunate. She’s got valid gripes, and a cause I can get behind. But it’s situations like this one that make her battle all the more difficult.

    I love her passion and her fight, seriously, I do. I just wish she’d allow herself to reign it in a bit and not let the people she’s fighting against get the better of her because by doing so, she’s making them stronger.

    And yeah, Darius McCrary’s a knucklehead.

  30. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Victoria contributed to the big ratings success and popularity to Y&R for over 17 years and is still missed. She is only telling the truth that needs to be said in an industry that is watched by largely AA viewers that give our money to buy products that is advertises on Y&R, so she has a right to be pissed off. In the years since Y*R been on air, it has not have a AA writer, producer or director? That is some mess up s#$% going on behind the scenes at Y&R. Even Brenda Dickson, who is crazy, I am now believing her story now. She was pushed out of Y&R.

  31. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    [quote=wildkitty]I LOVE V.R and agree with most of what she said,but i think she was wrong to talk about how much KSJ gets paid.If he wants to talk about it fine but it was disrespectful of her to air something like that publicly.I think he was embarrassed.[/quote]

    I don’t think VR was putting his business out there, but is saying that he is getting paid way less than newbies that is on the show. That is messed up. He is a vet and even though the economy is bad and budget cuts, he should still be receiving a decent salary. He been giving his all and no respect. I hope that the Wayans project gets picked up or Kristoff should just audition for other projects.

  32. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    It is so sad to see a woman that I had so much respect for become such a bitter woman. Why doesn’t she get a job in prime-time or movies? God knows she has the talent. Move on, or go to another soap if daytime for her is something she “has to do”.

    But get off this victim train. Y&R is a successful business that, maybe she is right, has a predominantly African American audience. But guess what, they love this show that is written by all white people. If they didn’t, the show wouldn’t have been #1 for the last god knows how many years. Grow up, move on, and be successful. Or did that not work for you? Did you go and try to do movies, and they bombed? Is that why you started this fight?

  33. Profile photo of used2bmrsmorgan

    Wow. I usually don’t comment, but that was serious. I can’t believe how light Darius was playing the situation and tried to make jokes out of it. I don’t think he will be fired. If any of tptb with Y&R listen to that, he’ll be given a pat on the back for sticking up for them and the lack of diversity that is going on there. I hope the Urban League really gets behind her, and Y&R is exposed for what they are and have been doing to their AA cast.

  34. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Yes – Darius is an idiot. The most idiotic comment was “Paul is my n***a”

    That being said, Sony and TPTB need to be called out. For the first time that I can think of, someone has validated all of VR’s claims about what is going on behind the scenes. That being the case, something needs to be done.

    The union was on set – what was the conclusion? Can there be a follow up? Or does an active employee have to bring them in again?

    VR mentioned many names, but i haven’t heard any of them speak out against Sony in reference to Y&R.

    The host had his points….what can be done to bring about CHANGE? We all know what is going on, what will WE do about it?

  35. Profile photo of east.west

    Coonery buffoonery as Spike would say sums up Darius. Won’t even comment on Victoria, b/c my feelings are documented. Poor Kristoff though. Like Jillian mention, he only voiced his opinion in the public ONCE and he gets in trouble. Shameful, but not shocking.

  36. Profile photo of Kenyon

    She did not say how much he got paid, she said, he gets paid less than 50% of what his White counter parts are paid. That is what should be upsetting not the fact that VR brought it up. Lets look at the big picture not the trivial things.

  37. Profile photo of CharliP

    [quote]Yikes…that literally made my brain hurt. I feel so bad for Kristoff now. I hope he doesn’t lose his job over this!


    OMG….you are telling the truth regarding Darius. I’ve been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt in the role of Malcolm, b/c he’s been on the show almost a year and still doesn’t have a significant storyline. But wow….did he shock me with his multiple uses of the N word, then trying to show how he’s just so happy to have a job no matter what. Like others have stated he should’ve taken a step back and not said anything. KSJ is going on his 20th year as Neil Winters and is still being treated like a glorified extra. I’m sure if he could’ve found more sufficient work, he would’ve left Y&R years ago. But b/c he has a family to feed…I know thats the only reason he’s been sccepting what they’ve thrown at him. I mean, the Neil character has all but deteriorated. He has no life, barely has a career. He’s basically been reduced to merely being a prop for Lily, and arguing with Malcolm. Come on, now….after all that seniority on this show, winning Emmys(and numerous other awards for his role) should keep Neil on the frontburner. But No, the show would much rather oversaturate the screen with Adam, Abby, Heather, Billy, Victoria, etc.

    I msy not care for some of VR’s tactics when talking about this issue, but i’m glad to see that she’s one thats standing strong behind what she believes in. The show has been around for almost 40yrs, and its sad that they can’t seem to handle having a more diverse crew(onscreen and behind the scenes).

  38. Profile photo of joeschmuck

    Victoria Rowell needs to get back on her bipolar meds. This is 100% pure sour grapes or better put bull shit!

    The facts Victoria Rowell had problems with her co-workers and bosses. If you ask others connected with the show they would tell you she was miserable to work with. Alway soured alway a downer.

    When her contract wasn’t renewed it didn’t have anything to do with the color of her skin. It had to do with the energy she sucked out of everybody! TPTB said it wasn’t worth it.

    Now years later unemployed and mad because no one will touch her because of her past performance with management. Victoria Rowell decides to pull the raise card.

    First she shits on the Y&R and then she starts an online petition because she wants back on the show. I’ve watched her on many TV interviews and I’m truly embarrassed for her.

    The Foxhole was a perfect example of why there are no black writers or producers. If I was Sony I would fire Darius ass for using the N-word. Kristoff new better and tried to contain himself.
    But Victoria Rowell went on her rampage and threats. Really classy Victoria you sound like white trailer trash to me.

    One last thing, Sony own the show and do you think Victoria Rowell is really helping her cause with the people that run Sony! We all know the history there.

    Thank you for reading this. Victoria Rowell is delusional if she thinks she can make changes this way. Changes can be accomplished when done quietly and smartly.

  39. Profile photo of Hot Mama Jama
    Hot Mama Jama

    To a point, I think some of the “blame” lies with us the fans. Despite all our grievances, WE STILL CONTINUE TO WATCH THE SHOW!!!

    So perhaps, TPIC as Alston quite rightly called them feel they are getting the last laugh, because we still continue to tune in.

    I used to be a Lane fan (now now, don’t you all be laughing :) ) but since the cancer thing started, it’s just been the Lily Ashby show. With the exception of when the mainstream characters cross over to join them in prayer. CK must be happy to have her own spin-off show….LOL.

    And now don’t even get me started on that horrid Sofia character. Devon doesn’t even have any friends, although despite the Tyra blip, he’s still too intelligent to hang out with Daniel & Kevin.

    So, are we the displeased fans ready to boycott the show?

  40. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    [quote]I am married to a severely bipolar woman. Victoria, especially in this interview, displayed many of the same tendencies.[/quote]

    I’m glad other people are starting to notice this besides me. By the way, mental illness has strong genetic ties – ties that VR may not have entirely escaped from. Just saying.

    [quote]The facts Victoria Rowell had problems with her co-workers and bosses. If you ask others connected with the show they would tell you she was miserable to work with. Alway soured alway a downer.[/quote]

    [quote]When her contract wasn’t renewed it didn’t have anything to do with the color of her skin. It had to do with the energy she sucked out of everybody! TPTB said it wasn’t worth it.[/quote]

    [quote]Now years later unemployed and mad because no one will touch her because of her past performance with management. Victoria Rowell decides to pull the raise card.[/quote]

    I don’t doubt that there is intrinsic racism rampant through the entire soap industry – including Y&R’s, CBS and Sony’s head honchos. With that being said though – everything isn’t racism. I see how VR conducts herself. She bullied her way onto that call and what she did to KSJ (one of the only supporters she has on that show she claims-to-hate-but-is-petitioning-to-return-to) was just scandalous. I felt badly for KSJ and she’s going to mess around and turn into a liability for him.

  41. Profile photo of appleridge

    1) Did You Take VR’s Call On The Foxxhole? Only if u did can u speak to weather or not she bullied her way on to that show

    2) Just because you know someone who is bi-polar or married to someone doesnt mean VR is bi-polar. She may have symptoms but not everyone has the same symptoms, so saying sje is is slanderous and out of line

  42. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    If you knew someone with a long wide orange nose, feathers all over there body, that quacked when they talked. They might not be a duck, but they sure as hell look and sound like a duck to me.

  43. Profile photo of capwell

    The message may be right, but there is something wrong with the messenger. Ms. Rowell is definitely not dealing with a full deck IMO. Whatever her reasons, she CHOSE to leave before her contract was up. And those reasons have all been contradictory:

    First, it was because they wouldn’t let her write or direct for the show. Well, guess what? No actors in daytime get to write for their shows and only Susan Flannery has gotten to direct for B&B.

    Then, she says it’s because she was discriminated against for being Afro-American. Guess what? I’m Afro-American and barely middle-class. Even so, if there were workplace discrimination against me, I’d be screaming it from the rooftops. Or better yet, my civil rights attorney would be screaming it and getting me some compensation. Certainly, if I were a famous actress and had the access and resources that VR has, I wouldn’t wait years to voice my complaints. And I certainly would not be desperately trying to return to the same racist environment.

    Again, I’m not discounting the fact that things may have gone down the way she says they did. But I find it really hard to sympathize with her when she seems so bent on self-promotion. Witness the fact that during her phone call to that God-awful radio talkshow, she mentioned that there was a Twitter campaign to get her back on Y&R but neglected to mention that SHE was the one who started that campaign. This woman is probably delusional and needs help. And if she isn’t delusional, she’s an embarrassment to herself and the community.

  44. Profile photo of appleridge

    Capwell Just Some Info

    Don Hastings ATWT’s Bob Wrote For His Show

    So Has Gillian Spencer On AMC when she played Daisy and Louise Shaffer Did when she was On RH as Rae

  45. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    Didn’t the very white Ed Scott get fired from Y&R for writing (or rather rewriting) scripts, rather than sticking with his EP duties? Clearly, Y&R doesn’t play that. It doesn’t really matter what Susan Flannery is doing over at Y&R. She was hired and approved to do that dual role, while VR was not.

    [quote]If you knew someone with a long wide orange nose, feathers all over there body, that quacked when they talked. They might not be a duck, but they sure as hell look and sound like a duck to me.[/quote]

    For a second or two after reading this, I thought of asking you to marry me. XOXOXO LOL!

  46. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Very tacky and unprofessional to call former co-workers ON LIVE RADIO who are still employed where you used to work and try to get them to bad-mouth it.

    I am very glad she was asked why she would want to go back to Y&R. I have wondered the same thing. The work/school comparison she used I do not agree with.

    Kristoff handled it well but Darius….no.

    My concern is since she continues to go on about issues that are over 3 years old that she has been labeled untouchable and no one will want to work with her.
    What happened to Real Housewives of Atlanta?
    What happened to some web series she was going to be on?
    What happened to her getting on Army Wives (which I would love since that is one of my favorite shows…I can see her being related to Joan or Roland obviously or going head-to-head with Claudia Joy.
    Jenny Gardner and Dru together? I’d love it.)

    You cannot push the envelope forever and not expect it to push back.

  47. Profile photo of appleridge

    FACT: Bergman, Braden & Cooper Have All Spoken Out With No DecreaseIn Story

    Rowell & St John Have & Have Lost Story Because Of It

    Why punish some if not all

    Thats the problem and its with SONY/Bell/CBS and Not VR

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