OLTL’s McBain and GH’s McCall Meet

Fans of the defunct soap Port Charles are in for a treat. ABC’s back with a brand new What If featuring former co-stars Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco only as different characters. To see if the chemistry is still there, watch after the jump!

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    Unfortunately heavy-handed and cliche (Caleb and Livvie poster? Really?). At first it was just a reminder of how much I would have preferred Ms Monaco on GH as her Port Charles character Livvie Locke – along with her father Kevin and step mom Lucy Coe. But with the “To Be Continued” ending, I find the idea of McBain/McCall hookup somewhat enticing. “Star” Easton could hop to GH with OLTL’s eventual end….

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    I Hate both of their characters on OLTL and GH, and I HATED their characters on Port Charles and I still blame them for the ruination of that show and the loss of my Lucy Coe; but, having said that, I can admit that they have chemistry together. They have more chemistry with each other than all of their respective pairings on their new shows.

    But seriously, as soon as Port Charles went sci-fi, they should have sent Lucy and Kevin back to GH!

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    weehee! the set up was good, the writing a tad lame, but the building wasn’t the only thing burning! woohoo! this is the one i’ve been was the one i’ve been waiting for!

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    I always preferred Livvie with Jack and Alison with Jamal. Caleb should never have returned after Tainted Love. I was happy when Livvie staked him at the end of Tempted, but like a cockroach, he kept coming back…

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    I was VERY underwhelmed with this one. This might be my LEAST favorite of them all!!!!!! The writers of this one could’ve tried harder!!!!! (SIGH!)

    But Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton do have some great chemistry!! Don’t remember watching much of “Port Charles”….but I can understand the appeal!!!!

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    Livvie was my favorite Port Charles character after they recast the Karen recast, but for some reason I’ve never liked Sam. I think Michael and Kelly still have incredible chemistry and way more chemistry than McBain’s character has with anyone on OLTL.

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    Why can’t the GH writers write Sam like this all the time? I am *not* a Sam fan, but in this segment she actually shone. She came across a tough as nails detective as well as a smart and sexy women, not a Jason obsessed mess. Kelly and Michael have great chemistry together from their PC days and I actually thought the Caleb and Livvie poster was a great wink to the fans. Maybe the solution is to have Sam cross over to OLTL and pair her with John permanatly, so Frons will stop throwing every single female to ever step foot in Lainview in his direction.

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