When Estrogen Deprivation Attacks: What Did You Think of The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City Eppy of Y&R?

On Tuesday’s all-girl parts episode of The Young and The Restless, a scorned Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman (Michelle Stafford) took to her laptop for a little poisoned typing. The result was The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City blog, which basically ripped everyone in Genoa City to shreds for being a bunch of horizontal terrorists.
As Fancast’s Sara Bibel pointed out in her smart review, someone might want to remind Phyllis she stole Nick (Joshua Morrow) from Share Bear (Sharon Case) first. Like my late Grandma always said, you lose ‘em the same way you get em! 

So what do you guys and gals think?
Was Y&R’s The Women-inspired episode a Hit or a Miss?

When Estrogen Deprivation Attacks: What Did You Think of The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City Eppy of Y&R?

  • Miss! Will someone cancel Maria Arena Bell's Netflix subscription already? (45%, 329 Votes)
  • Hit! What a brilliant way to let the amazingly-talented women of Y&R shine! Bring on The Men! (55%, 405 Votes)

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47 Responses

  1. Profile photo of season1217

    Forget Nick and Sharon! At least Nick was a willing participant in the cheating. What Phyllis did to Danny and Cricket was the lowest of the low. She maliciously broke up their marriage and the poor man didn’t even do anything.

  2. Profile photo of Smitty

    There were some great moments during the episode but overrall I feel it was a miss.

    I liked the Ashley/Nikki, Nikki/Kay, Heather/Chloe, Abby/Ashley scenes.

    Didn’t like Jill/Lauren, Phyllis/Sharon scenes.

    The biggest thing was Phyllis just confirmed that she is the biggest hypocrite and they have yet to have one person point this out to her. Which makes no sense considering everyone in town knows Phyllis’ record, but hey Phyllis is also the best private investigator in town so why am I not surprised.

  3. Profile photo of mll1206

    first, Danny and the slugg were seperated when Phyllis first meet Danny, the slugg was already doing the nasty with Paul

    second, Phyllis did not steal Nick from Sharho, Sharho was hot and heavy in heat over Bradsicle! and you can not STEAL another human being, and Nick and Phyllis had not been together in MONTHS when Nick and Sharho mutually decided to divorce after he caught her half naked in her Hybrid SUV swapping spit with his sisters HUSBAND.

    third, even writers on this webpage/blog and others point fingers and are critical and bash and trash others without saying “well I do the same thing! or I have done the same thing!”

    forth, was anything Phyllis said a falsehood?

    don’t worry, isn’t it said that Karma is a bitch, every woman on “that” show that Phyllis wrote about in her blog, is getting ready to have Karma bite them in the ASS.

  4. Profile photo of Kenyon

    Where were the Black characters? Victoria Rowell made a great point and this episode should have been title the All White Women episode. They could not get Olivia, Sofia, Lily and Ashley Banks to show up in this episode? Just wondering.

  5. Profile photo of Smitty

    No NO NO mll1206 we need to do a fact check cause yours are all wrong!

    Danny/Cricket were happily married when he went off to do that play in NYC on Broadway. During this time is when he met Phyllis and slept with her. Phyllis tricked Danny into believing that he got her pregnant. Danny told Cricket of his cheating and they divorced. When Danny returned back to Genoa City when the play was done Phyllis came to town a short time afterwards.

    As far as Sharon/Brad….Sharon did not sleep with Brad until AFTER she found out that Nick was cheating on her with Phyllis.

    Now it’s alright to be a Phyllis fan but please get your facts straight before coming on here. You can’t rewrite her history to satisfy your fan dreams. Now #AsUWere

  6. Profile photo of mll1206

    sorry, but Danny and the slugg were seperated, he wanted her to move to NY and she said no, she was already dating Paul on the side!

    Sharho was hot and heavy after Brad BEFORE Nick came home from chasing down Daniel LONG before Nick and Phyllis started their affair. It was Sharho’s pre-occupation with Brad that made Nick to start looking elsewhere. And don’t forget that when Nick and Sharho talked on the airplane, before he went down in flames, Sharho told Nick that while he was falling in love with Phyllis she was falling in love with Brad. THE ICK marriage had been toxic off and on for years, the fact the Nick actually fell in LOVE with Phyllis was why Sharho could not forgive him THIS TIME.

    my facts are straight, you can’t rewrite what happened to satisfy your warped opinion of the show, and your own fan fic.

  7. Profile photo of pennywise555

    I LOVED the Jill/Lauren scenes it looked like they enjoyed being sisters despite the fact they were fighting. Sisters, no matter the age, do act childish once in awhile.
    However, I do miss the absence of dramatic stuff in this story. I hope whole idea is not to give us comedy like Gloria/Jeffery. Both women shine as businesswomen so I hope they team up and get into the GC business stories at some point.

  8. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Kenyon, agree with you on this statement. Y&R is still a segregated show and they don’t have the AA characters intermingle with the other characters is a joke.

    Phyllis is a ho and Sharon is also, LOL. But Phyllis toke a man from a married women and you lose him is how you got him, LOL. It also signal that the women are weak and needs a man’s love to be validate and it is wrong.

  9. Profile photo of dkp

    Overall I enjoyed it. There was some parts I didn’t, like I don’t see how Phylllis is any less of a home-wrecker than anyone else on the show, and I’m still not liking the Jill-Lauren story, but overall I thought they did a good job.

  10. Profile photo of Smitty


    clearly you are delusional. It’s funny watching you defend a homewrecker. I love it! Phyllis broke up TWO MARRIAGES…DANNY/CRICKET AND SHARON/NICK…that’s why she is miserable now! LOL

  11. Profile photo of soapfan8

    I started of saying this is gonna be a great day of the young and the restless. With the spa i thoought its a good way to show the characters. I also loved the nicki scenes with the dream even though meggie annoyed me with that damn pink scarf, The phyliss easedropping and the nikki/kay scenes were great. but halway through and to the end i ate my words it was terrible. you have ewww meggie talking about loverboy victor, jill/lauren in those childish spa scenes. and that scene where ch;loe said boring then mac spoke in defense of victoria i lmao cause mac girl u are boring. the worst was that horrible mess with all the women talking at once and phyliss sitting there for how long just stupid. phyliss u should have put your name there with how u took sharon’s man nick.

  12. Profile photo of mll1206

    again, Phyllis did not take or steal Nick, HE left Sharho knowing that Phyllis had just told him that she did not need him, Nick and Phyllis had not been having an affair when Nick and Sharho MUTUALLY decided to divorce because they were tired of trying to fix their toxic marriage AND Sharho ASSUMED that Bradsicle was going to leave Victoria for her. The very next day she could not wait to tell Bradsicle that she was free from Nick, and Bradsicle told her flat out that what they had was not enough to make him leave Victoria for her.

    and again, nothing Phyllis said in the blog was a lie, it was all true, but no names were used! if the women saw themselves in the blog write ups, then it appeared to be the truth also.

    also loved it about “robbing the store blind” and they all look at Sharho!!

    geez can’t we keep VR and her shit out of at least one discussion! the characters mentioned were not mentioned for a reason, maybe because they are not “homewreckers of GC”!! not everything is race motivated contrary to some FORMER employee’s of the show think!

  13. Profile photo of

    What a terrible, insulting episode. It’s so sad that they’ve ruined their female characters to the point where an episode like this was necessary.

  14. Profile photo of mll1206

    [quote=Smitty]mll1206 clearly you are delusional. It’s funny watching you defend a homewrecker. I love it! Phyllis broke up TWO MARRIAGES…DANNY/CRICKET AND SHARON/NICK…that’s why she is miserable now! LOL[/quote]

    I never said that Phyllis did not have an affair with two married men, there are not many females on the show that have NOT had an affair with a married man. But in my opinion, which I think I am allowed to have, Phyllis did not wreck Danny and the slugg’s marriage, and Phyllis did not wreck Nick and Sharho’s marriage, they did that for themselves over and over again!

    who said Phyllis is miserable? just her bashers!! Phyllis will be fine! can not say the same for others.

  15. Profile photo of kcgeban

    If I were to meet the following three women, Christine, Phyllis, and Sharon, in real life, I think I would probably end up being friends with Phyllis. She’s loyal to her friends and fiercely independent. Christine would bore me to tears with her preachy, self-righteous ways, and Sharon would drain me emotionally since she can never stand on her own two feet.

  16. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    Phyllis is a childish hypocritical bitch, it’s nothing new to me.

    I thought this episode was insulting and sexist. A bunch of shrews screaming and acting stupid, that’s how Y&R portray women now.

  17. Profile photo of soapfan8

    i so agree where was lilly,olivia and roxanne. lilli has cancer she can relax and every scene lily and roxanne are in throw away they are accesory’s to lily, like how the winters clan are to lilly hand bags and gloves not hats cause she cant rock dru’s hats lol. so they should have been there lilly, olivia and roxanne even if there just sitting there saying to each other girls lets not get into this mess. didnt realize how many women were on this show until now.

  18. Profile photo of mll1206

    Sharho is actually a throwback character, she could have easily fit in on Love is a Many Splendored Thing or A Search for Tomorrow! you know where the woman is nothing without a man, has to have a man tell her what to cook, what to wear, how to pacify a teething baby, a woman that can not find a HOUSE or an apartment to live in with her Prophecy child!

    the slugg for me is just a redo of the old Chris Brooks, could not stand her either!!

    Phyllis for me is patterned after Bill Bell’s favorite soap opera character, RACHEL from Another World!! I see alot of simularities between the two of them.

  19. Profile photo of soapfan8

    also yr is so inconsistant phylis says dont include my daughter in your happy home sharon uh phylis summer ran to sharon all happy which brings me back to inconsistancy number 1,000 it was either at the end of 09 or beginning of 2010 that sharon showed up to the house and summer said go away and slammed the door or something she hated sharon so why now ehn summer’s mom and dad are breaking up she is happy at sharon and not lashing out

  20. Profile photo of baycity

    Phyllis for me is patterned after Bill Bell’s favorite soap opera character, RACHEL from Another World!! I see alot of simularities between the two of them.[/quote]

    The difference is that Rachel evolved into a mature woman who, as she grew and learned that she was actually worthy of love, became less bitchy and insecure and more self-confident and considerate of others as time went on.

    Phyllis has a decent side to her character but often acts like a spoiled little girl who has to have the whole cake, instead of being happy with just a slice.

  21. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    It was an enjoyable episode. However, it could have used some diversity. As Katherine nor Meggie were at the spa, it would have been very easy to write in/film some scenes of Lily and Sophia having a girls’ lunch while becoming better acquainted. And, like Sharon, they could have appeared at the spa at the end of the episode. Or not.

    Phyllis is the BIGGEST hypocrite on all of daytime television. For reasons already mentioned in the previous comments. “The Real Homewreckers of Genoa City?” Puh-leez.

    As MY dear late Grandmother would say, “If he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you.”

    Phyllis knew exactly what she was getting. And I am glad she got it. ;-)

  22. Profile photo of

    Why wasn’t Nina there? Why doesn’t Nina interact with anyone outside of the Chancellors? I’d like to see her and Nikki get together and discuss Paul.

  23. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Meh. I WOULD have enjoyed it had they not ruined that blog idea. They should have kept the writer of the blog secret to us AND GC so it could continue. Now they’ve pretty much ruined it.

  24. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I liked this episode. I notice that the dialogue and humor on Y&R has been vastly improved lately, so maybe SOMEONE’S doing something right. And YES, Phyllis is a hypocrite, but she’s ALWAYS been hypocritical, emotionally immature and hateful, so how is are her current antics any different than what we’ve seen from her in the past???? As I’ve said before, I’ll take an INTERESTING character who is flawed over a boring GOOD girl who follows all the rules (how boring, LOL!) ANYDAY!!!!

  25. Profile photo of mll1206

    I am sorry, if anyone watches soaps of a morality lesson, you are in trouble!

    Bill Bell himself stated that Phyllis was his Rachel, and as a life long viewer of AW, I don’t think that Rachel ever really changed, case in point each of 5 kids are from different fathers, ok the twins were Carl’s. And just the fact that Rachel fell in love and married and had kids with Carl Hutchins, proves my point. Never was an Alice Matthews fan, a Marly fan, or a Amanda Cory Fan, give me Rachel, Vicky and Lorna any day!

    the majority of blogs are not about SELF analysis, but pointing our others flaws and imperfections, which is what Phyllis did.

  26. Profile photo of pennywise555

    suggested new pairings to shake this show up (not even necessarily romantic – just something NEW!)
    SOFIA & DEVON (now THAT is a cougar story!)
    Tucker & Abby (the last good mother/daughter triangle was Cole/Nikki/Ash)
    Jeffrey & Jana
    Skye & Nick
    Deacon & Gloria[/quote]
    :O :-O :shock:- :O :-O :shock:- :O :-O :shock:
    OMG they should do Tucker & Abby! They are completely set up for it. Every would lose it! Great idea!

  27. Profile photo of Dyllan

    If I remember correctly, I thought Sharon was sleeping with Brad before she found out about Phick, but I could be wrong. However, Phyllis still has her role in the destruction of that marriage. I will give Phyllis a pass on breaking up Christine and Danny. Couldn’t stand that couple and can’t really blame her on that one. However, Phyllis writing the blog was completely dumb. She came across as some bitter crazy lady in the entire episode.

    The episode was okay. All of the women were kind of pathetic and dumb, but it was interesting in parts

  28. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I LOVED Rachel Cory on Another World! Glad to see another former Another World fan on here. I still miss that show.
    I kinda wish Phyllis was still the psycho she was back in the day. Y&R needs psycho Phyllis. I still remember her running over Cricket and Paul. That was good stuff.
    You talking about Bill Bell’s vision for Y&R also makes me miss the good ol’ days of this show. Maria Bell doesn’t know what the he** she’s doing!

  29. Profile photo of mll1206

    [quote=Smitty]Sharon did not sleep with Brad until AFTER she found out about PHICK…she flew to New York and joined Brad on a business trip and slept with him.[/quote]

    another Sharho FAN rewrite!!!

    Sharho went to New York, Bradsicle gets diverted to New York due to fog,Bradsicle gets a room where her KNOWS Sharho is staying,


    the acting sucked, it looked like a real bad porno, ripped blouse and heaving breast….

    Sharho had just a couple of days before, asked Bradsicle to run away with her instead of marrying Vicki, the woman is a slut….

  30. Profile photo of mll1206

    [quote=Smitty]Mll1206 I see u are still making up facts. I watch the show everyday. I know what happened.
    Here’s the soap central recap to show you that you are WRONG!


    This gives you the Sharon history since you seem to be confused by what took place. Thank me later![/quote]

    I don’t know what part you “think” I got wrong, and posting SOC’s bio of Sharho really proves nothing, and I have watched since the first show, I know what happened also.

  31. Profile photo of tedew

    This was a weak feeble attempt to pay tribute to the 1939 version of “The Women”.
    Why does Y&R continually insult our intelligence and patience by introducing a new (if temporary) set and then have every female character (well not really every female character as some have duly noted) show up.? It’s just like the tree lot scenes near Christmas. Yes it is a plot device but still very unrealistic. The bantering was annoying, Jill and Lauren were more annoying and Phyllis (of course) was the most annoying of all

  32. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    On a side note, why don’t they just get rid of JT, Mac, Heather, and Jana? Do they want to bore us to death? Mac was even boring in the all-women episode. Please, put us out of our misery! Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sure Clementine Ford’s performance “popped” the first time Maria Bell saw it. Blehhhh!
    Another side note: Can’t wait until Cane leaves for Australia, albeit for only a while.

  33. Profile photo of kcgeban

    Apparently, Sara Bibel used to work for Y&R and, to my mind, she often bends over backwards to find positive things to say about the show. Despite her glowing comments, I didn’t find the episode to be that interesting although it wasn’t terrible either.

    What I would like to see: A full episode in which Sharon is in a therapy session (if she’s not going, she should be) and Phyllis going to a therapy session of her own (she’d have a very negative attitude to therapy and be insulting to the therapist during the whole session). The therapists would be asking both women to examine their relationship histories (complete with flashbacks from the early nineties to the present) and examine the choices they’ve made. At the end of their respective sessions, the two women run into each other in the hallway because their therapists share office space. Imagine the awkwardness!

    I’m probably in the minority on this (I often am!) but that, to me, would be something worth watching.

  34. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Lynn came in and fired Kay Alden, Jack Smith, James Houghton, other writers, directors….

    She never should have been given that kind of power.
    Thanks Bloom for that.

    The show has never been the same since.

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