90210’s Brenda BLASTS Cheating Skanks Dylan and Kelly: “I Hate You Both; Never Talk to Me Again!”

In honor of "90210 Day" (9-02-10) here’s my favorite scene from the 90’s teen soap that changed the game for primetime sudsers forever. In this clip, Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) blasts her lying, scum bucket boyfriend Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) for cheating on Bren with her skanky, sanctimonious frenemy Kelly (Jennie Garth) while she and the only virgin at West Beverly High, Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) were in Paris!
That new 90210 still has SO much to live up to. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m headed over to the Peach Pit for a malt right after watching this clip!

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    Jamey I knew I loved you. I can pretty much quote this scene word for word and LOVE when Brenda says “DON’t touch me at the beginning”.

    “I hate you both NEVER talk to me again” is TV gold.

    I’ve given everyone in the office 90210 name assignments today. I share an office w/Ginger (Valerie’s skanky stoner friend)

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    Jamey for once we are on the same team! Team Brenda all day!!!

    I remember watching this! I loved Brenda ripping these two for going at it behind her back!

    I never forgave that Kelly! 90210 wasn’t the same after my girl left but Tiffian Amber Thiessen did a great job shaking up the show with Valarie Malone!

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    You know, I remember this scene first run too…and it was moments like this that made episodes of 90210 and it’s sister show Melrose Place. A lot of people credit MP for being the more soapier of the two, but you have to give 90210 so much credit because this dynamic leant itself to MP, MP just took it and ran further with it. Makes me wonder…why did Darren Star ever leave to create CPW…these shows so needed his attention when he left!

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    I still hate Kelly Taylor to this day and not because I was some Brenda and Dylan shipper but it was just disgusting what her and Dylan did…and the show made it seem like they were some epic forbidden love. BARF!!

    My fave Kelly pairing was Colin because he got her hooked on coke…of course sweet Kelly had nothing to do with getting hooked on coke…it was always someone elses fault. RME

    Uggh, this show stil riles me up after all these years.

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    Man Kelly was a whore. Remember when after Dillon return and was going out with wants her name? and she was with Mark and Dillon and Kelly banged in Mexico. When she found out she took the lipstick and wrote slut on the bathroom mirror when kelly walked in.

  6. Profile photo of maxsmom

    And now a word from…TEAM KELLY: Kelly and Dylan were great together, Brenda was an attempt by Dylan to be a good guy, Kelly’s friendship with Brenda was the same, Dylan and Kelly belonged together.

    I reject any alterations made by the new show which I do not watch.

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    This just takes me back to everything that was good about the 90’s. I can still remember watching this first run with my older sister when I was just a little kid. She and this show are completely to blame for my love of soaps. I am still team Brenda, and I never liked Kelly until she started dating Brandon. I always thought they were way better than her and Dylan.

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    I remember being a sophomore in high school and everyone talking in Biology class about which character was going to be killed off.
    It ended up being Scott who shot himself by accident at his b/day party.

    Gives me the chills.
    This was a great show.

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    Don’t hate on Brenda’s mom jeans. That poor girl had to rock those for 3 years on 90210.

    I hated Kelly with a passion. That girl had everything happen to her whiny self-righteous behind. She became addicted to diet pills, almost got raped, got on crack, got burned, got shot, lost her memory and had the nerve to “chose me”. That girl made me throw up.

    Kelly and Dylan NEVER had the chemistry that Dylan and Brenda had. I remember when Dylan and Kelly kissed at the beach house, I was shocked. All during the first season Kelly tried to get with Dylan and he shot her down, then all of a sudden while Brenda was away, he started liking that hooker.

    The last season SD was on 90210, that was Brenda’s best year. She wasn’t taking anyone’s crap and would got off on people. Donna was the only one who stood by her. Andrea was too busy looking old and having babies. Steve was too busy believing a crazy girl over Brenda and Brandon was too vanilla to take up for his sister. I was team Brenda all the way. Even Nat wasn’t on Brenda’s side!

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    “Donna Martin graduates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Oh, and those of you who have the t-shirts in your closets, I will try not to laugh TOO loud!!! LOL!!!!

    A few moments of this show are imprinted in my memory, such as Donna getting busted on prom night and Dylan’s papa (a.k.a Roman Brady on DAYS!) getting blown up in that car bomb.

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    I still remember dorky David Silver becoming hot over night, I was like, what what happened? Dorky David got hot?

    I loved David and Valerie, they were the best 90210 couple for me.

    90210 was the kind of show that I watched and loved the first seasons and then I got so annoyed and kept watching just to bitch and rant. Remember Donna’s ridiculous hairdos and her out of nowhere boobs and how she always got the hottest guys even though she was ugly as f*ck?

    I defintiely have a love hate realtionship with this show.

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    Jamey Giddens

    This show once had me as hyped up as True Blood and the Real Housewives of New Jersey do now. It was SOAPGASMIC! Try as I might, no daytime soap does that for me anymore. :-( Back then I was just as hooked on DAYS and GH in the 90’s as I was my primetime shows. I want to be inspired by daytime again.

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    [quote=troymcclure]IRemember Donna’s ridiculous hairdos and her out of nowhere boobs and how she always got the hottest guys even though she was ugly as f*ck?

    ROFLMAO – you crack me up troymcclure and I could not have said that better!

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    I remember that guy who accidentally shot and killed himself in the early days. I think his name was Scott???? That was supposedly groundbreaking back in the early 90s, and I remember how tragic it was.

    And I remember thinking that Andrea and Brandon would have made such a CUTE couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The first “soap opera” that I ever became hooked on in the 90s was “Ghostwriter”!! LOL!!!! But I agree, Jamey!!! NONE of today’s soaps, with the exception of GH, really have strong enough writing to qualify as MUST-SEE-TV!!!!! I wish they had YouTube back in the 90s, that’s all I can say!!!!!!!!!! It would have kept me from pretending to be sick so that I could stay home and watch the soaps—not that I wouldn’t do it again!!! LOL!!!!! ;) ;)

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    90210 was my show back in the day and Valerie was my girl. When she delivered diapers to the wife of Kenny the accountant she was having the affair with FIERCE

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    It was a groundbreaking show on so many levels, I remember that scene very well. I liked both Brenda and Kelly so I didn’t really care who Dylan ended up with, did anybody liked Kelly with Brandon?

    Cheating, lying, backstabbing, substance abuse, it was definitely must-see tv. Tiffani Thiessen played Valerie to a tee.

    The only thing I wished was that the cast was more diverse at least the new 90210 has got going for them, but I digress.

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    Jamey – I knew from your Liason love that you had good taste, but now I know that we are kindred spirits. Team Brenda all the way! I couldn’t stand that fish-faced Kelly. Seriously – she had the teeniest scrunched up mouth in the history of tv!

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    I seriously could not stand the character of Kelly after the end of season two. I know, I know, the script writers and directors had everything to do with it, but seriously Kelly played Dylan like two string fiddle. She came onto him, and flashed her lures until Dylan took the bait. Then kept pushing him away citing his relationship with Brenda as the reason. Which anyone can tell you only fans the sexual attraction flame. Then when Brenda comes home Kelly stands around brooding with big sad cow eyes every time Dylan looked her way. I love the line (paraphrasing) “Dylan, you don’t have to keep breaking the ice with me. You and Brenda got back together, in fact it’s exactly what I predicted what would happen” She says the last line in a snarly voice, apparently forgetting that she pushed Dylan to stay with Brenda the entire time. Then to push that knife just a little further into Brenda’s back she insists that she and Dylan let Brenda know about their summer fling in addition to them seeing each other out in the open. For honesty. Then she stands around while Dylan does the dirty work, cause he’s a sex deprived punk.(For some reason Wikipedia claims that Kelly had ‘nobleness’ regarding her affair with Dylan, being the voice of reason. Apparently her writers are editing Wikipedia too…..

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