Hold the Phone! Vincent Irizarry STILL Negotiating With AMC?! Is ABC Using The Press to Play Chess?!

Okay, something is mighty fishy in Pine Malibu. In this week’s Soap Opera Digest it was revealed that David Hayward, the wildly popular villain played by soap legend Vincent Irizarry, was being killed off All My Children and that Irizarry was "out". Now comes news that Irizarry is currently still in contract negotiations!

Daytime Confidential was contacted by a representative for Irizarry letting us know that—with the actor’s approval—she had posted an update on his Official Facebook Page clarifying his status with the soap opera. Here’s that update:

Hello everyone — We can now confirm and tell you that Vincent is still in negotiations, as the end of his contract is up shortly. The show has added this plot twist, but as I expressed below, please continue to tune in and make your thoughts, wishes, and voices known. Like many of you, I feel there is much more of David’s story that needs to unfold and we would love to continue watching Vincent’s amazing portrayal of the most complex character on the daytime canvas!

Vincent passed on at how touched he has been by the overwhelming support and outpouring of messages that he has received over the past few days from all of you. Vincent writes, "I can’t say enough how appreciative I am of all the comments on websites and message boards that have been written in support of my work and my character. There would be no doubt to me whatsoever, if I do return to AMC, it will be in greater part because of this wonderful outpouring from all of you who love the show and David as much as I do. I am forever grateful to all of you…"

Color me confused. If Irizarry isn’t out, then why did ABC tell Digest he was? Here’s what Digest wrote in this week’s issue:

For the better part of 13 years, David Hayward has been one of daytime’s chief love-to-hate villains. This week, he takes his last breath — and his popular, Emmy-winning portrayer, Vincent Irizarry is out.

The article in the magazine, on newstands now, goes on to quote David "Killer" Kreizman saying the decision was "storyline-dictated." Sigh. If it’s one thing that makes Uncle Jamey crosser than a pig during a mud shortage, it’s people lying to and/or using the press to play dirty pool during contract negotiations. That is beyond unfair to the fans who still watch this stuff five days a week! To borrow from Good Times‘ Wilona Woods, I don’t do windows, and I don’t do help networks strong arm actors! Grrrrr.

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    This is why I was hoping you’d dig deeper to get to the bottom of the VI contract situation, Jamey! The AMC PTB are doing the same thing OLTL did with FL/Tea, trying to protect their big story twist, freaking out the fans for nothing! Ditto what Days did years ago with the “they’re all dead, but wait, they’re all really alive on the mad doctor’s island” bait and switch!

  2. Profile photo of ckg927

    Jamey: This smells a LOT like FL’s exit from OLTL only in the sense that the HW’s blabbed to the press in trying to justify the plot turns.

    To paraphrase Roger Rabbit: The audience may put up with lots of crazy plot twists, but we’re not STUPID!

  3. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    I was so turned off with the news tha VI was being killed off. He is so talented- in my mind- the most talented actor in their current cast! He works so well with Greenlee, Kendall, Liza, Erica and Kryystal- so the romantic storylines as far as love interests are great. I actually prefer him with Greenlee 100% more then Greenlee/Ryan part 100! Plus I always held out hope that through David we would get the returns of Vanessa and even Anna (anna’s return could be short lived but still would add lots of dramato the evil doctors life)

    Having said all that– if AMC was stupid enough to cut him loose then I hope OLTL grabs him. I know VI lives on the east coast & since OLTL is the only show still filming in NY– they shoudl grab this talented actor quick!!!!!!!!!!! I read they are casting a male in his late 40’s early 50’s for a heavy recurring role— they should grab him for this part– and put him on contract!! Or have him play a recast of Michael Grand!!!! I could see VI hitting it off well on screen with Kelly, Dorian, Blair, Marty, Viki, and Roxy. I even think him and TSJ and ME would work well in scenes. OLTL has an ultra talented cast- and his talents would be well met with theirs

  4. Profile photo of Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts

    I hopre David is gone from AMC for good. The character is nothing but a joke anymore; the only evil thing the guy hasn’t done is kick a puappy on screen. He’s outlive his usefulness. It is time to bring in some fresh new villainous blood to AMC.

  5. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Note to Kreizman— David Hayward/Vincent Irizarry are NOT Phillip Spaulding from GL!! Please stop playing “copy and paste” with old storyline concepts from a show that you helped shove into it’s grave!!!!

    If Vincent decides to leave of his own FREE WILL, I can’t justify blaming the show for that. But if he does resign, David needs to be humanized again. He needs to become multi-dimensional, as opposed to being some lame villain who wins all the time and never gets humbled or learns his lesson. He needs to be brought down a peg—or 5,000!!!!

    I guess the days of the TRULY versatile villain at AMC ended the day that Adam Chandler walked into the sunset with Brooke English, and I doubt that Kreizman will take the time or effort to try to bring any about any REAL definable change where this maligned character is concerned.

    Poor Vincent Irizarry, having to decide between NO paycheck and having to continue playing this ridiculous cartoon character. I have to admit that I’d have trouble deciding which side of the fence to land on also.

  6. Profile photo of Katjoy26

    Gee, I wonder what VI wants in his contract that is so problematical that ABC is refusing and pulling these stunts? Maybe he’s asking to be paid what he’s worth, or for decent vacation time, or something else equally “unreasonable and demanding.”
    He’s one of the few good things that All My Children has going for it these days. I hope they realize that before it’s too late.

  7. Profile photo of ldylkng

    VI You Better not really leave! You define all of my soaps! You are the best!
    You are what makes soaps. To me the defination of Soaps!
    Please don’t leave us!

  8. Profile photo of Desertrose

    VI is the only reason I still watch AMC. If he goes…I’m gone.

    The guy is the best actor on the canvas. Somehow he manages to make the writer’s utter crap into a much deeper character.

    Geez AMC, please write something worthy of this guy (& the rest of the show while you’re at it!)

  9. Profile photo of jean2010

    Please dont let Vincent Irizarry (David) of All My Children go, There are no Strong male Characters left. I know David has done wrong but make him good this time and let us enjoy the Powerhouse that VI is, and thanks… I couldnt sign in with my other name :(

  10. Profile photo of sandranord

    Killing off Vincent Irizarry’s character is a major mistake. I don’t consider All My Children in the same vein as other soap operas, and that is because of the high quality of the writing and acting on the show.

    When I saw the character of David Hayward die today I was so angry at the producers. Why? Because so much of what happens on the show centers around his compelling character. And Irizarry plays him magnificently.

    This show has such great potential right now. There are several reasons why Hsyward may have “appeared to be dead” but actually wasn’t. His character can be brought back. And … with his “near death experience” there is so much potential for his character to struggle though a spiritual transformation.

    I say, AMC producers, turn your audience around through this character. Wow us even more. Bring him back. Have him transform with all the intrique and fabulous plot-twists that make AMC the only soap I will ever watch.

    What a challenge for Irizarry as well. He is a fine actor. Oh! There is so much great stuff you could do with this character and all the conflicts that will ensue with the great people of Pine Valley.

    Build a larger audience and elevate the show’s legacy even more, by even richer writing and richer character development.

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