Praise Soap Jesus; TNT Picks up Dallas Sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Run out right now and buy yourself a pair of stranglers, a 10-gallon hat and a briefcase! Deadline is reporting TNT has picked up the Dallas reboot!  Larry Hagman (JR) and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) BETTER be involved is all I have to blog! Here’s what TNT released to the popular Hollywood website about the new series that will reunite the volatile Ewings of Braddock County, Texas:

DALLAS – Executive producer Cynthia Cidre, writer of the acclaimed film The Mambo Kings and creator/executive producer of the TV series Cane, has crafted an update of the long-running series about the Ewings of Southfork, whose betrayals, jealousies and passions have made them famous. The story focuses on the offspring of bitter rivals and brothers JR and Bobby Ewing, who clash over the future of the Ewing dynasty while the fate of Southfork itself weighs in the balance. This project, based upon the iconic series created by David Jacobs, comes to TNT from Warner Horizon Television.

At least the primetime soap opera is alive and well. Now pardon me as I go and saddle up my horse so’s I can go and help Bobby (The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Patrick Duffy) scare off some cattle rustlers, before heading into town to help ol’ JR stage a takeover attempt of Westar! YEEEEEEE HAAAAAW!

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    TV Gord

    I’m very excited to read this! Dare we hope that we may one day see a Knots reboot, too? If not, it would be great for Gary and Val’s children involved in this sequel! (Of course, their son is named after his LATE uncle Bobby, so that could be a complication…)

    On another note…Soap Jesus?!?!?!?!? I think we need to see an illustration, please! LOL!

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    So is John Ross gonna be the big star? what is Omri Katz doing these days? I used to have a huge crush on him from the Eerie Indiana days.

    I’m hesitantly looking forward to this. I think primetime needs a good classic primetime soap and this fits the bill but at the same time, the networks seems to not want to make the primetime soaps soapy enough which is a huge mistake IMO. Make them as soapy as they can be.

    JR Ewing better friggin’ do a cameo…he better.

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    Jamey Giddens

    90210 is a sequel/reboot as well, Kelly, Donna and Brenda all appeared, as well as Kelly’s mom and sister. A remake is when they do the old story, with new actors. This is a sequel because it is focusing on the adult lives of JR and Bobby’s children.  A remake would have been new actors playing JR and Bobby.

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    Well, like you said Jamey, they better get Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy involved in some way. Also it’s going to depend on casting, too. Maybe Mark-Paul Gosselaar can play John Ross.

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    Hot Mama Jama

    It will interesting if they can include Val & Gary’s twins. IMO, fighting between just John Ross and Chris will be too much a duplicate of their fathers, and I can easily watch reruns for that.

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    No, 90210 is not a reboot. If it were, the new actors would be playing Brenda, Kelly, Brandon, Dylan, etc. It’s a sequel series because it takes place after the original series and features veteran characters from that series. Ditto with Melrose Place.

    Oops, nevermind what I said about Dallas. I misread the quote.

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    I am super excited because I loved Dallas. I found something on Wikipedia. “According to the New York Times, the television network TNT has ordered a Dallas pilot. The new show would follow the lives of J.R. and Bobby’s sons, John Ross and Christopher Ewing. Original Dallas veteran actors Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, and Patrick Duffy have already been contacted for their appearance in the pilot.”
    This sounds good to me. Maybe John Ross and Christopher will have their own families and wifes and stuff. I hope Victoria Principal is part of it too somehow.

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    Dallas is NO Bill Shakespeare! Just sayin. Give me a modern fresh drama, something gritty, or a beautifully shot period piece any day over a rebot of an ancient show.

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    I loved Dallas but after Jim Davis-Jock died, then Barbara Bell Geddis-Ellie left and then Bobby shower scene lost it for me. They just don’t understand those were different times, with the failure recent remakes of Bionic Woman and Knight Rider. But I think V still has potential all though I’m not fond of the CGI,perhaps when Diana returns, could get interested in it again. And We will see when the heavily hyped Hawaii 5-0 starts, if it lived up to it hype has V slowly dwindled. original V just scared pjesus out of people, they would eat live animals whole, and a teen girl had a lizard baby, what a shock that was. And there is a slew of TV remakes on the way for TV.

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    Is it still going to be centered around Ewing oil, were not an oil country anymore. I might watch it if they involve the other cast members now and then, that’s what I don’t about these remakes when they don’t involve the original characters. I loved it when they had the Ewing BBQ someone always ended up in the pool, it was usually Cliff Barnes. And the feuds between the Ewing’s and the Barnes, is what I tuned in for. Loved it when Cliff thought J.R. was going to give some of the Barnes wells back that his Dad Digger thought Jock had stole from him which started feud, then J.R. ordered the wells shut down. Which led up to the famous Who shot J.R. highest rated program ever, still can’t top that.

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    TV Gord

    It must be more than a year away. No one has been cast, the script hasn’t been written yet. Dallas isn’t on Cynthia Cidre’s imdb list of projects (although there are links to news stories about the show being greenlit). This is essentially a reannouncement of an announcement the studio made last December.

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