Vincent Irizarry’s Message to The Fans

Vincent Irizarry (David) took to his official website to bid farewell to his All My Children fans and thank them for their continued support.

"I am so touched by the overwhelming support I have received over these past few days from the many fans of All My Children. Regarding my character’s sudden end and any previously reported news of negotiations between me and ABC, those statements were not authorized and premature. Unfortunately, there’s really not much more I can say at this time except how truly appreciative I am for all the comments on websites and message boards which have been written in support of my work and my character. There would be no doubt to me whatsoever, if I ever do return to AMC it will be in greater part because of this wonderful outpouring from all of you who love the show and David as much as I do. I am forever grateful to all of you…"

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    Booooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! |( |( |(

    Color me pissed off and ready to slash Kreizman and Carruthers’ tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if he did leave voluntarily, they still need their collective butts whipped for ruining such a formerly great character.

    HISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >) >)

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    I am in minority here but now that my beloved ATWT is coming to an end, I have been this summer peeking in on AMC again, couldn’t when Pratt was there, it was horrible!! I think AMC is in much better place and you know what this is going to have big implications for everyone. I do like Vince as an actor, he can play anything. He was great both times on GL. Could this be how they will write out Zach? Did Zach kill David because he and Greenlee are friends. I’m not glad to see him go but hey it is about time these horrendous super villains gets what is coming to them on soaps. The writers need to STOP writing these characters in a corner. You have to have your villains, but once again is a problem with soaps right now on the writing just for shock value. What happens it destroys good characters and the actors. I really loving the Hubbards storyline, it goes straight to the heart. This is what makes soaps great, rooting for the couples and pulling at your heart strings. They just got to give Angie & Jesse and little girl, be so sweet. Call her Jessica Angela Hubbard, Jesse. I want to make a rant, some comments online about David K. is partially true, but some of these comments didn’t even watch GL, to comment on his writing. I’m 49 and watch CBS’s soaps forever and he did some very good stories on GL, along with some stinkers like all writers of soaps. You know what the good story lines on GL were due to Donna S. and he and Jean finished out ATWT. The Mick story has DK’s writing all over it and sucked. After that the stories have been very good, in my opinion. I don’t think AMC is going let that kind of writing on AMC. He and Donna can come up with some good story lines if Frons leaves them alone. I personally think it is time to get rid of Julie C. as EP, and put Wendy Riche in the job. Sometimes between the networks and the EP’s the writers can only do so much, trying to see their vision of story. Lets be honest writers and producers had much more freedom in 1970s and 1980s. To many cooks in the kitchen. I will give them a honest chance to see if I want to stay as viewer until the end of the year. I will tell you this I will not give OLTL my viewing after ATWT, because was into Kish and look how they handled that situation. Question which soap is going to be cancelled next year, and I honestly feel there will be one cancelled?

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    I am quite dismayed by this. I would feel better if I knew if it was Vincent’s decision, or if it was the show not facilitating his stay on the show.

    Vincent’s departure(and subsequently David’s) will leave a gaping hole in the show as far as “villains” are concerned. The show really cannot afford to lose vets like this, especially with David Canary gone, Walt Willey gone, Susan Lucci on Anthony Geary status, no Zach(at least not full time), KendallBOT(She came back a robot I’m convinced, cause this crap she is doing…ugh! Poor Alicia Minshew!)

    If this is some kind of game TIIC are playing, they will LOSE! They pretty much can guarantee that AMC is canceled. I may stop watching actually, they will have to really do something like bring back Natalie or Trevor to get me to stay this time. Greenlee has been ruined yet again thanks to lazy writers who don’t know the characters. Why even keep Lorraine Broderick around if you won’t let her have more input on these characters, which SHE KNOWS.

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=harlee490] I want to make a rant, some comments online about David K. is partially true, but some of these comments didn’t even watch GL, to comment on his writing. I’m 49 and watch CBS’s soaps forever and he did some very good stories on GL, along with some stinkers like all writers of soaps. [/quote]
    For the life of me I cannot think of anything good he did at GL.
    He gave us Harley as CEO of SPaulding.
    Alexandra Spaulding as a drug dealer
    The Who Murdered Phillip storyline
    Beth and Alan bumping uglies
    The vomit inducing incest love story
    Alan became a joke
    Josh and Cassie ugh!

    We could probably go on for weeks detailing his dismal work. The guy is a horrible soap writer and we have the videotapes to prove it.

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    Is anyone really buying this BS?

    Not to bash VI or anything. But this to me reeks of some new trend at ABCD to buck the affect of spoilers. They did THIS with TSJ and Todd when Todd was “excecuted.” Had him give an interview as if he were really leaving the show. They seem to be doing the same thing with Tea, going so far as to have RC give an interview himself on why they had to “kill” her off

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    Well, I’m really sadd to see Vincent go. The show absolutly will not be the same without him. Who’s gonna be the big Bad now? Liza? Puhleese! I only hope this was Vincent’s decision and he’s able to find work elsewhere.

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