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Kudos to Maurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo as Brenda and Sonny have not missed a beat. The story behind it though, not sure I’m behind it. I must admit, it sort of bores me. Of course there is plenty coming up for Ms. Barrett who will not be Mrs. Sinclair. Not that any of us are surprised, Brenda is not going to be paired with some movie star when she can be with a mobster. It’s The Balkan and his minions that are still an issue for the philanthropic model as Brenda makes another escape from The Balkan’s men. Suzanne makes a call to the States for help. Its Jason to the rescue as Suzanne wants him to travel to Rome to protect his ex-wife. Despite thinking Brenda is a royal pain in the you know what, Jason heads to Rome to check on her.

More flashbacks? That has been the enjoyable part, reliving the good old days of GH. It looks like we are going to be treated to more of them as Brenda goes down another trip of memory lane and all of her many men. When she returns to the hotel, Jason is there waiting for her. I must ask though, shouldn’t the writers be penning stories just as great as the ones we treasure and not just treating us to flashbacks? I can get those on YouTube.

Brenda hates guards, always has. Will she want Jason to protect her? Hell no! There is however only one thing that could get her to agree to let Jason be her knight in shining leather. Carly! When Carly calls and is pissed that Jason is in Rome and demands he come back to Port Charles, Brenda is more than happy to let Jason guard her. Brenda gives Jason his first assignment; he’s her date to a gala.

Kate? No way! It looks like the Lady of Crimson is making an appearance. Jax has a plan to put Brenda on the cover of Crimson. I must admit, it’s a genius idea to use Brenda in her ex’s magazine but I also must admit that I completely forgot Jax owned half of Crimson. Carly, of course, is not happy with the idea at all and accuses Jax of thinking of Brenda while they were hitting the sheets. Kate, who has never been Carly’s cheerleader, encourages her partner to go after Brenda once again. Can Jax convince Carly that Brenda is in his past? Carly and Jax both admit how much they love each other. Can these two make it work with Brenda on her way back to Port Charles?

Johnny tells the truth! Ethan encourages his “boss” to come clean with what really went down on Baker Street. At first, Johnny just can’t get over how much he really hates Sonny. Will Dante and Jason be able to get through to these two thick-headed mobsters and convince them to call a truce? Johnny retracts his original statement and admits that he was carrying a weapon the night Sonny shot him. Once again, Sonny Corinthos gets off a free man.

Claire loves Sonny! Surprise, surprise, Sonny got the lady to fall for the dimples. Now she’ll never be able to prosecute the Godfather of Port Charles. Even though Sonny admits to Dante that Claire is simply a rebound from another woman, he still takes her to bed. Question, can you really still be rebounding eight years and what, three marriages later? At the very least, are you still allowed to use that excuse?

There are two stories I am really enjoying right now. One you all may be very shocked, the other, I think we all agree on. Let’s start with the shocking since it’s not my favorite of the two, but still a very good storyline. Despite my still undying preference for Drew Garrett (ex-Michael), I am enjoying the story of Michael’s struggles to acclimate back into the normalcy of life in general. His concern over returning to Madison Prep, his very adult conversation with Jax and real talk with his sister Kristina have all been very well written. Not to mention the simple fact that his current living situation has the poor boy just not seeming to fit anywhere, walking in on a half naked Lulu and now he’ll also walk in on scantily dressed Sam who is expecting Jason, not his nephew. If that’s not enough, he’ll also walk in on his mom and Jax. Despite all his contemplations and concerns, Michael ultimately decides to return to Madison and face the music. On his very first day back, a friend of Kiefer’s starts a fight with Michael as Kristina watches in fear. As his guardian, Dante is called in to the school as Michael could be facing expulsion.

The best story going on right now… Scrubs and Lisa! I’ve been back and forth throughout the duration of this story, mostly though, I’ve felt they have been going in the right direction. What I like most about it is that it’s very soapy. What’s next for the psycho doctor and troubled Scrubs? A lot of pretending on Robin and Patrick’s part, well pretending may be a bit of an exaggeration. While Scrubs really don’t know where they stand right now as a couple, they do know where they stand as parents and they need to expose Lisa Niles first and foremost. Patrick plants seeds with Lisa by saying Robin is overreacting and Robin “happens” upon the conversation starting a fight with Patrick. Steven is on Team Scrubs as they want Lisa to reveal who she really is. The PCPD will act as their secret meeting place and Robin fakes an angry fit when Lisa objects to her suspension ending. The plan involves Patrick turning on the charm with Lisa and showing some fake feelings for Dr. Niles. Robin wants to go full steam ahead. Patrick, however, has some loose lips and Lisa hears him tell Maxie that the trip away with Lisa is all part of their plan to expose her. With this knowledge, just how psycho will Lisa get? She asks a nurse to get her some heavy tranquilizers and once again goes after Robin through her HIV meds. Is this when Robin “sees” Stone?

Ireland? Lucky heads off to Ireland and like father like son takes on the identity of a terrorist named Ronan O’Reilly who apparently looks just like him. Ronan’s latest victim left a girlfriend behind and she confronts Lucky. Can Lucky smooth talk his way out of it like any good Spencer would? Why is The Balkan knocking on Ronan’s (Lucky) door? Bound and in a warehouse is how Lucky come to, but who knocked him out?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Why Spinelli what is that picture you are hiding? Shouldn’t Sam see Jason kissing Brenda? Are Olivia and Johnny getting another chance? Lulu is going to Ireland, with or without her boyfriend. Dante will be with her as Lulu and Dante almost blow Lucky’s cover. The Balkan’s goons get to Brenda and drug her. Matt is clued in on the plan to take down Lisa. Lulu and Carly both warn Nikolas about Brook Lynn. Is Robin getting locked in the morgue? Will I finally get one of my wishes? RUMORS are out there that Sarah Webber is coming back to town. Jason and Brenda return to Port Charles together. Carly feeds into Sam’s insecurities about Brenda. Guess whose moving back into the Penthouse? Spinelli makes sure she’s pretty in pink. When psycho doc story is over, will Lisa be leaving? What is Dante hiding? Lucky meet Siobhan. When Elizabeth returns, the men in her life have changed in the short time she’s been away.

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    Oh for the love of effing Pete, Claire’s in love with Sonny. Wow, I did not see this one coming AT ALL! Color me a foolish plumb-dumb-dummy… *cough*sarcasm, insert eyeroll here*cough*.

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    Regan= I have a few questions i hope you can answer. Is Dante going to Ireland with Lulu for real? & If so how is Dante going to be able to go to Ireland if he is still Micheal’s legal guardian? Plus is he going to be involved with the case ( against the Balkan) Lucky is working on?

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    Why hasn’t Carly moved Michael across the hall into the apartment she rented for Brooklynn which is now vacant? He would still be close enough for Dante’s less than sterling supervision, yet Michael would have some privacy which he really needs.

    Can’t believe the Claire falling in love with Sonny rumors. What garbage. How many times are we going to be subjected to this same variation of the same ole theme of the irresistibility of the Dimpled One? You’d think after all this time the writers could dig up a smidgen of imagination and originality. Guess that may be asking too much of them.

    Looking forward to seeing Sam, Carly, and Maxie squirm when Brenda finally comes to PC.

  4. Profile photo of golinogal

    I heard that Lisa throws Robin in a well!! I hope so. Thats some good old fashion soap drama! I am so excited to see Sam get all insecure when Brenda moves in!! She already had that stupid “sad sam” look on her face when Jason was just talking about Brenda. And he wasn’t even saying nice things.

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    OMG … They have ruined Claire completely …

    And Sonny will walk clear and be sanctified again … But what about Johnny being charged for killing one of the Lopez brothers thanks to Sonny. How would Johnny consider one split second to make peace with Sonny when he is supposed to go to jail thanks to Sonny ?
    Regan, not sure for you but for me it doesn’t make any sense ..
    And please, when will the Jolivia nightmare stop ? Olivia proved again today that she loves Sonny more than Johnny.

    At last, Lulu will run away from her job (again) but this time to go to Ireland ? With Dante ? I am throwing up already. But if it is as successful as Lulu joining Dante in LA, that should help to break up those 2 at last !

    And Rebecca, since when is Dante really caring about Michael anyway ?

    At least we have Scrubs but when it will be done, not sure that will keep me watching.

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    Yea, this whole story line with Claire and Sonny is completely stupid. The writers should be slapped upside the head for that one. And I am so over the Sonny and Brenda story line, I wish they would write him off the show already, his character is so annoying.

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    Aramis270=Dante cares more about Micheal then Carly ever did.
    I mean Micheal has been damaged for years and she is only starting to notice it now.He has been shot in the head and in a coma and is brain damaged because of it but she thinks him going to prison is what caused him to be hurt. How stupid is she? She is the one who caused ALL of his pain in life by giving him to a mob hitman.That loser should be going to Micheal’s parole officer to try to get him to live with her AND she should be going to a therapist to get him help.Is she doing that? NO! Instead she is obsessing over Brenda who lives in another country and does not give her a second thought.Face it, Carly is the one who does not care about Micheal,if she did none of the bad stuff that has happened to him would have ever happened.It is all her fault because she is a bad mom.

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    Regan Cellura

    From what I’ve seen, Robin’s locked in the morgue although I could be mistaken. The pictures with her and Stone could be in a well. I do know it is Patrick who finds her.

    Yes the Claire has feelings for Sonny and the dimpled one wears the girl down has been done time and time again. I’m over it as well.

    Carly really has no authority over Michael. Dante is responsible for him.

    I’m not 100% a fan of Johnny and Olivia, but who else should they be paired with? The only one is Steven for Olivia. I’m not sure who I pair Olivia with. Certainly not Sonny now that Brenda is back.

    Yes, Dante will be in Ireland with Lulu. They almost blow Lucky’s cover.

    As for Sonny framing Johnny, it seems that Dante and Jason sort of force them into this truce. I really haven’t seen any mention of the Lopez murder.

  9. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Regan are we supposed to believe that the morgue doesn’t have a telephone and that no one comes to the morgue because no one ever dies in a hospital, funeral homes don’t come to claim the bodies and autopsies have stopped being performed?

    And Carly asked Michael if he would go to therapy and he refused. She can’t force him. He’s 18 and under the care of Dante who doesn’t give a crap about him. Forces him to sleep on a couch or in the streets just so he can have sex with Lulu who has her own apartment with her own bedroom!!

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    Regan, I was just thinking about Olivia and Nik, in truth I don’t care for either and it would make ffing easier but it also might work. As for Johnny, he could be paired with almost any woman on the canvas including Epiphany or Alice and he’d still be hot but I think Maxie, Maya, or Brook Lynn would be best; he could keep the older woman thing going with Carly just don’t ever pair him with Lulu again.

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    I would have preferred if PI/Bodyguard/”BrendaBot” Sam McCall could have been used as a decoy for Brenda in her time of need instead of Jason/Sonny being brought into the story so. Would have been interesting to see the 2 ladies bond and good use of the resemblance btw Monaco and Marcil.

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    Carly asked Michael to go to therapy? Wow, how sad is it that I do not even remember? What’s even worse is that I think this show is beginning to cause me numerous blackouts between 2 and 3. ;) Does the show still take place in Port Charles? lol

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    Carly SHOULD HAVE put Micheal in therapy BEFORE he turned 18,you know after she let him get shot in the head,or after he shot Kate in the back or how about after he was kidnapped by Faith or after Jason killed his REAL father (A.J) or after A.J kidnapped him or after that time she had Tony thinking he was Micheal’s father or after Tony lost him mind & kidnapped Micheal.Carly should have done better by Micheal YEARS BEFORE Dante came into his life.She should have gotten him therapy YEARS ago,so that crap about how he is 18 and she could not make him go just does not fly.She should have gotten him therapy BEFORE he turned 18.She is his mom and it is her JOB and she FAILED.

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    Rebecca, I love that your answer to “Dante doesn’t care about Michael” is not to demonstrate that he does (because it would be tough …) but to say “Carly is worse” !
    That’s not the point as Carly is not his current legal guardian ! And she asked Michael if he wanted to go to therapy but Michael was strongly against it. She sees that Michael has an intimacy issue when that jerk of Dante was just laughing when Michael was telling him about walking on Lulu half naked. The kid lives with him but he cannot figure one second that he can have that type of problem ??? We know Dante is dumb but blind also ?

    Sassy, awesome comments about Dante and Michael. :beer:
    He is the one who took the responsability of Michael because he felt so guilty to have sent him to jail (wait before he understands that Michael has been raped ! That will be on you baby, because you couldn’t wait to strike a deal and had to make it about YOU as usual which makes Dante really Sonny’s son !).

    So let Dante run to Ireland with his brainless blonde as why would he stay in PCPD considering that apparently all he works on as a cop has to be related to clearing Sonny’s name so now that Sonny is as white as the dove, why would Dante stay to try to investigate something else like the car bombing or the Lopez murder ? It could incriminate his Pa so it’s better to run away and keep Lulu close to bang her as often as he wants …
    Poor Michael … But at least he will have the apartment to himself without the Douche and his brat of a girlfriend …

    Regan, you don’t see who Johnny could be paired with ? Really ? He could be paired with Brook, Maxie, Maya or even Carly (they were so hot together …) or almost any other girl.
    I would even take JoLu back (and I hate Lulu) if it means the end of the unbearable Jolivia (and it would mean the end of Lante too so I can see the upside). But my first choice would be Brook or Carly …
    Regarding Olivia, of course you can’t see who to pair her with because she is so useless and has zero class. Spare Steve because he deserves better than the queen of hypocrites and disloyal Olivia.
    The best would be to pair Olivia with a bus ticket back to Bensonhurst, that would be one less Falconeri to invade my screen.

    And I agree with Aramis that everybody seems to forget (even Johnny) that he is under a murder charge thanks to Sonny ? Are we supposed to forget about that too as we are in the “Whitening Sonny phase” so everything bad Sonny dd recently has to be forever forgotten ? So lame …

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    Dante telling the court about Michael and Dante getting shot by Sonny were two big Guza mistakes just the like the killing off of the Qs. Michael should have confessed and Sonny should have wanted to, thought about but not shot Dante. Here in NYC, we have trials for members of the this alleged mafia fairly often and the things these men have in common: they have all done time and murdering police officers almost never happens.

    Dante showed that he cared about Michael when he relieved him of the pressure of holding on to the secret that it was he who struck the final blow to Claudia. As for Dante’s apartment I remember wondering how a police officer could afford such a large loft when he and Lulu first visited and I remember talking about how it didn’ make sense that any and everybody could gain entry from the elevator, in other words the apartment has never made sense, why should it now that Michael lives there? And Dante is already on 5 days a week and involved with Sonny, Jason, and Lulu if he were counselling Michael GH would have to add another day.

    At the end of the day Carly is Michael’s mother her first, second, and every instinct should be to protect him now. What’s done is done, he needs her help now. Michael wanted to be a mafioso long before Dante breezed into town and the idea that prison is the reason he may not become a CEO is ridic. Dante is his guardian she should work with him to get Michael help because this is about Michael not Carly. When you have a troubled teen you do things you never thought you would to protect them from the outside world but also from themselves.

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    FFIT – Right back at ya! :love: :love:

    [quote=GHfan-4now]Does the show still take place in Port Charles? lol[/quote]

    Well lately it’s been Rome and it’s about to be Ireland. LOL ;)

    rebecca – First of all, it would not have been possible to get Michael therapy after Tony kidnapped him or before as he was just a baby. Second, AJ is the one who hired Faith to kidnap Michael, Kristina and Morgan! And Carly did put Michael into therapy after he was kidnapped by Faith and it was his therapist who killed AJ, NOT Jason. The therapy was a disaster! After Michael was shot in the head he was in a coma for a year so therapy would have been rather one sided. And after he woke up Carly tried to get him to go to therapy but he wanted none of it. She was still suggesting it when the incident with Claudia happened. Carly can’t force Michael to go now as he’s considered an adult and his legal guardian is Dante who isn’t forcing Michael to do anything other than to sleep on a couch or in the streets! Instead of just repeating things you’ve read elsewhere that aren’t true you might want to actually check your facts before angrily posting!!!

    edenpark – Thank you! :)

    BONBONEE – Because TPTB have aged all the Corrinthos children (even the grown ones) anywhere from 5 to 10 years. They’ve aged Lulu, Maxie and Johnny as well. They don’t seem to think that the viewers will notice or care. :(

  18. Profile photo of rebecca

    Sassysdreams= I am not posting in anger and i have watched the show for 20 years so i do have my facts straight.My point is that ALL of Micheal’s problem are a direct result of having Carly as a mother.She is the one that put Micheal on the path to everything bad that has happened to him in his life. She is the most responsible for him going to prison and whatever happened to him there. She has NEVER really tried to take REAL responsibility for being a bad mom.
    Ultimately she is Micheal’s real problem in life. I mean you can blame Dante because he is the latest scapegoat for all the Carly fans who don’t want to admit that she is responsible for all of the bad in Micheal’s life. I guess if he were on screen during the time Micheal was shot,Dante haters would blame him for that too.

  19. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    rebecca – Sadly you do not have your facts straight or I would be more receptive to your agrument about Carly! I’m not a Dante hater but I certainly see his actions for what they are and he is definitely not a responsible guardian or anywhere near perfect. Neither is Carly. But I’m simply not interested in having a discussion with someone who isn’t able to discern facts from fiction!!!

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    I’m thinking “The Balkan” might be Valentin Cassadine. Nic is supposedly a prince because of his Russian heritage so it would make sense and Helena is always saying that Valentin or is it Vladermire is a really scary man. If he was a Cassadine then he would have ties to more of the characters and not be just another Russian mobster dumped on PC. Hmmm…

  21. Profile photo of Grimm

    Having “The Balkan” turn out to be Valentin Cassadine would be a nice bit of storyline synergy and finally get that long delayed story moving along. I had thought that it would have been interesting if, instead of Movie Star Murphy as her love interest, that Brenda had inadvertently gotten romantically involved with Valentin while in Europe. And then provided him with a stealthy entry into Port Charles. No one but Helena would recognize him and by then it would be too late, and no one would believe her anyway!
    Either way it would position her in the center of several possibly stories, instead of just being Sonny-centric.

    Are we to understand that the BIG SECRET that Brenda is returning with is simply that she has never gotten over Sonny? REALLY?!?

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