Thorsten Kaye Returns to AMC This Fall

According to ABC Soaps In Depth Thorsten Kaye is returning to All My Children as Zach Slater on October 22 and will be around for most of October and November. Let’s hope Zach isn’t used to pimp Rylee the way Kendall (Alicia Minshew) has been since her return.

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    I hope not, Madison actually make Ryass watchable. GreenMe on the other hand needs to die again and for real.

    I’m sensing a november-sweep “death” for Zach…

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    I want to be optimistic, but after seeing what KRAPzman and SwaJERKski did to Kendall, I am not holding my breath. My guess is that Zach will come back as a cheerleader for Ryan and Greenlee.

    Meanwhile, the writers will find some contrived way for KendallBOT(cause the real Kendall is nowhere to be found)and Zach to break up.

    If they make Zach out to be David’s killer, I am DONE with the show…DONE! I doubt that is the case, since poison is a woman’s way of killing. So we know David’s killer was probably a woman.

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    I hope the writers aren’t gonna result to MORE character assassination by having Zach put on his pom poms and cheerleader skirt to show some “groupie love” to TEAM RYLEE, although I have no doubt that he has a gorgeous pair of legs and would complement a mini-skirt quite nicely.

    These new writers, who have FAILED to impress me even in the slightest with ANY of their stories yet, seem to be all about trying to be “controversial,” and if they have to ruin good characters/write them out of character, I guess we’ll be expected to just shut up and color. Zach is as sick of the repetitively demented RYLEE “merry-go-round of terror” as most of us are, and I hope they have the good sense to remember that. But you know how writers like to “create their own stamp” and “let everyone know that they were here” by marking their territory.

    If they are gonna turn Zach into another good character turned crap, like they did with David Hayward, then just leave him offscreen or have him and Kendall get a divorce. I love Thorsten Kaye as much as the rest of us, but I am sick of having to suffer through seeing beloved characters be ruined all in the name of shock value—and having to watch actors have material crammed down their throats that is beneath them. Thorsten Kaye and long-time AMC fans both deserve better.

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