The Primetime and The Restless: Ex-Practice Star Michael Badalucco To Y&R

Entertainment Weekly is reporting The Young and the Restless has snagged yet another primetime actor for the sudser.  Emmy-winner Michael Badalucco has landed the role of Hogan (of course!) a bookie who assists Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Jeff (Ted Shackelford) in getting some dead presidents pumped into Gloworm. The Practice star will appear starting Oct. 13.

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    I’m so over this regime. HS, PR and MAB have to go! These hacks can’t even write good storylines for their talented but also freaking bloated cast but they keep hiring people.

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    I’m tired of Y&R casting washed up, former primetime and film stars for these silly roles. I could think of at least ten out-of-work soap actors who would be better for this part.

    Also, Hogan Sheffer’s narcissism is out of control now that he’s done this.

    Maria Arena Bell was fine when she wrote the show on her own. But when they added Hogan and Scott Hamner, the show went down the toilet. Fire the men!

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    What exactly is the rationale behind all the stunt-casting? Even when it gets media attention, it’s been proven that it doesn’t do a thing for ratings. If some of these people were in some way connected and had a following in the Daytime genre, it would make sense.

    James Franco(GH), Cindy Brady, and Sean Young have not translated into more viewers. On the other hand, Vanessa Marcill G.’s return does appear to be having a gradual impact in increasing the ratings for GH and for ABC daytime overall. This should really tell TPTB something: soapfans want to see the people they know.

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    I see very little of some of the familiar Y&R cast I’ve been watching for thirty years. Sometimes I think I have switched to the wrong channel.

    Who is tuning in for all these new people? I care about the families I grew up with and what is happening to them. If I wasn’t online I wouldn’t even realize these new actors were supposed to be somebody famous. And are they really a big deal anymore? No one I know cares about them? Why do TIIC think they are such a big deal?

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