ATWT’s Maura West: “Why Not Y&R”?

As The World Turns veteran Maura West spoke with TV Guide’s Michael Logan about obtaining the role of Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless.

TV Guide Magazine: Let’s backtrack. When were you actually offered the Y&R role? There were rumors about you going there long before it was announced.

West: I was hearing those same rumors before I’d ever spoken to anyone at Y&R. I hadn’t even spoken to my agent about doing another daytime show. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I kind of liked the idea of having a little bit of freedom and maybe not going to another soap right away. But even friends were calling and saying, "So…Y&R, huh?" And it was all supposition! I think it became like a game of Telephone where somebody mentioned it because they thought it was a good idea and pretty soon people were repeating it as fact. But you know what? Those rumors gave me a great idea. Why not Y&R? I certainly liked the idea of staying at CBS. From my understanding, it was my agent who actually called them. They weren’t running around looking for me.

West also gives a little tidbit on what’s to come when Diane returns to Genoa City.

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, Diane will come back to town and force herself into Jack’s life, insisting that her son Kyle — the result of that sperm screw-up — really needs his father’s attention. At that point in the story, Jack will be canoodling with Phyllis. Should we expect a Phyllis-Diane smackdown?

West: [Laughs] Diane will really enjoy tormenting people with her presence — especially Phyllis.

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    Can’t wait for Maura, I may start watching Y&R again when she comes on. I’m glad she went west, Ha, Ha,. And also Simon-Paul Leyden, and now rummer of Jack-Micheal Parks going there too. I thought soaps were on tight budget. I wish they could go over there has the characters, could that ever happen or actors to other soaps? Please keep us updated on were they are going. I hope these great actors get treated better somewhere else.

  2. Profile photo of Smitty

    To be honest I will be watching her enterance to Y&R with caution. Y&R has screwed up EVERY recast character’s return except for Abby. From this interview I am not getting a good feeling about this. I am hoping for the best but given Y&R’s track record with Malcolm, Heather, and Chance recast I am not expecting anything good to come from this recast.

  3. Profile photo of kcgeban

    Wait! Jack canoodling with Phyllis? In other words, Phyllis will be sleeping with BOTH Deacon and Jack? Let me see…..who does this remind me of…..Sharon much?
    Lord have mercy! None of the women in Genoa City is likely to win a chastity award anytime soon.

    It just hit me that both Carly(ATWT) and Diane(Y&R) were/are/will be involved with men named Jack. :)

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    I have been enjoying Y&R recently and this makes me even more excited. Phyllis going crazy and being a b*tch to everyone has been really fun, and I’m finally beginning to understand what everyone sees in Villy. And MTS is on fire with the Meggie/drinking storyline, which I thought sounded awful when I first heard about it. Could do with less Nick, Sharon, and Adam–the past couple of weeks have granted my wish there.

  5. Profile photo of terrifictam

    [quote=rebalove7]Michelle Stafford & Maura West together?! Cannot wait for them to start going at it! Two of the best actresses in daytime![/quote]

    ..was pretty much going to type the exact thing :) I’m excited that I get the pleasure of still being able to hear Maura say, “Jack” on my tv! Love Maura and she and Michelle are going to kill their scenes.

  6. Profile photo of soapstalker

    While I’m looking forward to Maura mixing it up with Michelle, it’s unfortunate if this means we’re going to have to watch Phyllis with Aunt Jack AGAIN. Snoozefest. I’d much rather see Phyllis scorch it up with Deacon!

  7. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Jack needs to get that stick out of his butt anyway. Having these two women fighting over him at this point is rediculous. He needs to get the upper hand here. WHERE is Smillin Jack at anyway? Women don’t run over him, he does the running over! Well he used to before the Ghost of John got ahold of him. Well here’s to maybe the return of the real Jack Abbot. Or atleast some great cat fights between two seasoned actressess. Haven’t seen that in a while on a soap!

  8. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote=RockNroll]I like to See Michelle Stafford & Stephen Nichols as a couple they Would be hot The best couple Y&R would have by far cant belive Maria dont try it[/quote]

    Oh yuck, I hope not, Nichols is sixty years old, isn’t Michelle in her early forties? Aren’t they bringing on a younger male cast member from ATWT closer to Phyllis’s age.

    Of course Maura’s is in her late thirties but playing Diane, who should be fifty, her love history was Victor and Jack. Victor is too old for Diane now. Jack should be OK, I know Jack is younger than Nichols.

    Don’t mind Diane returning but I hope they get rid of Heather, Mac and some other new actors that didn’t work out to make room. As it is characters disappear for a month at a time because there are so many of them.

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