GH’s Michael Sutton: ” It’s A Chance For The Two Characters To Have Closure”

Former General Hospital heartthrob Michael Sutton (Ex-Stone) chatted with TV Guide’s Michael Logan on what to expect when Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) first love returns.

TV Guide Magazine: This time around, Stone is not a spirit or a ghost. It’s more like he’s in Robin’s battered psyche, right?

Sutton: Yeah. She’s exhausted and delirious and feels like she wants to give up. She’s ready for her life to be over, even though she has a baby at home, and it’s like Stone is giving her a pep talk. It’s a chance for the two characters to have closure, a chance to put the past in the past and move on. But it’s all in Robin’s mind. She has all the wisdom she needs inside of her, inherently, and she just needs a reminder.

Sutton also reveals the possibility of Stone popping back onto GH to have talks with Sonny (Maurice Benard).

TV Guide Magazine: There’s rumor you may return to GH to counsel a certain mobster.

Sutton: Yeah, they’ve certainly left it open for Stone and Sonny to have some conversations. I like the idea, because it’s a setup that’s not cheesy.

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    Loved Robin and Stone so much back in the day, they were the first soap couple to make me cry. I’m a little scared what Guza is going to do to them though. I’m hoping that 2 days is not enough time for Guza to ruin them.

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