Bernard’s “World” View: In Defense of Christopher Goutman

Several days ago, I posted an entry about the fallout from the death of Dr. Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) on As The World Turns. There were three central ideas in that piece. First, despite the very legitimate complaints that any given fan might have, ATWT is providing great human drama here at the end of its run. Second, Reid’s tragic passing and donation of his heart to Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) encapsulated that goal mainly by thrusting the Hughes’— the show’s core family since its very debut— front and center toward its conclusion. Third, given the soap opera wrapped production months ago, the idea of kicking a dead horse with unrelenting criticism isn’t going to make it win the Kentucky Derby.

I have not budged one iota from any of those positions and I am about to incur the wrath of a whole lot more of you by making what I know will be a very controversial statement to many: I believe that in these final days, executive producer Christopher Goutman has made mostly the right decisions.

Before I go on, let’s wrestle with  my aforementioned post briefly. A number of readers agreed with my take on matters; just as many, if not more, took great issue against it. Some of those latter responses were the same old, predictable hoo-hash of rote complaints and used the occasion to voice an almost now-cliche litany of grievances against Goutman, CBS and the rest of the usual suspects. On the other hand, some of the dissents were very eloquent, one of the most notable from DC reader chip88.

As I read through them, I was struck by two emotional threads that connected the pros and the cons— passion and sadness. By the time Guiding Light went off the air in 2009, the dominant emotion that carried the day among fans was raw, visceral anger. Many fans railed against what then-executive producer Ellen Wheeler had “done” to GL; the shabby state of that show’s “new production model”; some of the ridiculous aspects of the final weeks and so on. Nonetheless, at the end of the day one came away with the sense that even diehard GL fans knew the show had reached the end of its viability. Many even felt that the “Light” had burned out long ago.

By contrast, even the angriest of ATWT’s detractors, at their core, seem more upset by the fact that there are/were so many vibrant stories still left to be told about the citizens of Oakdale, Illinois. With or without Goutman, the majority sentiment appears to be that the World doesn’t have to stop spinning at all.

A prime example of the vibrancy evident on screen came in the form of last week’s brilliantly acted, incendiary scenes in which John Dixon (Larry Bryggman) confronted ex-wife Lucinda Walsh (Elizabeth Hubbard) over her self-destructive behavior and got a little insight into his own. Their confrontations were infused with a kind of instantly-recognizable emotional shorthand, as it related to the characters’ present circumstances. The scenesproved so electric and rich that viewers of any generation or length of time as fans could grasp their history.

What was most important was not a nod or flashback to something like the fabled John and Lucinda hot tub scene from way back when, but rather Lucinda calling John out for not having been there for her during her battle with cancer; or when John asked Lucinda why she fights everyone and everything in her life. Lucinda’s answer revealed the true nature of her character: “[I fight] because it is the only thing I do well.” That exchange provided definitive insight into all 26 years of Lucinda’s battlles, neuroses, self-destructive tendencies, machinations and checkbook gangsterism, not the least of which was her most recent desire to destroy Craig (Jon Lindstrom) at any cost including the potential loss of her adopted daughter Lily (Noelle Beck).

So how did we get to such a brilliantly revealing question from John concerning Lucinda’s inner motivations and demons? By having Lucinda act in perfect, historical character during her  final ATWT story arc, launching an all-consuming vendetta against an enemy, forming highly-questionable alliances (Anthony Blackthorn, Ralph Manzo) and having it all blow up in her face at great personal cost.In the end, Lucinda once again fell backon the only perceived constant in life, Worldwide

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    I am sorry but no…….Chris Goutman, Jean Passanante, and Leah Laiman have no business helming any further shows.

    Another World and now ATWT have died on their watch.
    Stop the madness and the hackery!

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    Ryan-Scott you took the words right out of my mouth. His ego & Passante’s got the better of them & they didn’t want to listen to what the fans wanted & the did what they want & now that there’s backlash they’re trying to backpeddle. They focused on too many non-important people like Janet & her whole off-shoot of family, Chris Hughes while Bob & Kim’s son, was never greatly written & they never could keep a decent actor to flesh him out to make him worth rooting for. I liked Daniel Cosgrove who was the last one but he had no chemistry with Terri as Katie & that romance was forced & not natural at all.
    Not bringing Martha back was CG’s biggest mistake to date, he should of been fired & let her run the show the last year, we would of had a better show with better endings for everybody.
    I hope nobody hires them again, i know JP is at OLTL, hopefully they won’t fold, but with her there, i don’t hold out hope. Any show that hires CG is a fool for doing it.

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    Had I been on this show’s creative team I would have:

    NOT made Janet and her family such a major deal in the last months

    NOT wasted time on Craig’s new son

    brought back Andy Dixon, Penny Hughes, Iva Snyder for guest spots

    shown Lisa, Emma, and Susan in the last 2 weeks

    not sacrificed Reid for a “legacy character” who is a recast who has been on the scene for less than a year

    given Luke a happy ending with Reid since he and Noah were ruined (Let’s face it…Luke’s love story with Noah was the best story ATWT has had in the last few years when they were not dealing with Ameera, blindness, paralysis, Colonel Mayer, and a whole bunch of other slop that passed as “story”.)

    allowed Martha Byrne back and told Goutman to shove it and get over himself.
    Give the audience what they want.
    Obviously, Goutman doesn’t know that.

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    I agree with Ryan-Scott’s post.

    On a related note –

    What’s wrong with ATWT ending on a Happy note? I watched the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed the performances of most of the actors. But for the life of me, I don’t understand killing off Reid. I thought GL was cowardly for not allowing Otalia to kiss ! Heck, at least they had a happy ending! I enjoyed their storyline and I am grateful they weren’t killed off in order to save Rafe.

    I really enjoyed what GL did as their farewell to fans (for the most part). At least they didn’t KILL OFF Olivia or Natalia.
    Alan Spaulding bit the dust and deservedly so for the dastardly deeds he had been doing (under Killer Kreitzman’s watch).

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    You know…Im actually getting tired of hearing ATWT’s praise and GL’s mocking I honestly think GL’s lead up to the finale was better than ATWT especially since they didnt have as much time. Yes the production was spotty but that doesn’t mean the show should of been canceled.

    I might be taking it personally because GL was my favorite soap but to hear other soap fans and journalist say “well it was time mostly due to the production values” I get angry GL was starting to turn itself around they were getting 1.7s (which by todays soaps standards isnt bad) and they had the bad production values so they must of been doing something right.

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    I may not agree with Part 3 but I look forward to reading it Bernard.

    I don’t know how long Bernard and others on here have watched ATWT but I’ve watched since 1991…..Lily was Heather Rattray, Andy Dixon worked at the Yacht Club every summer as host, Angel and the incest storyline were front-burner, Courtney was bulimic, Barbara was pg with her brother-in-law’s baby, Tonio Reyes had shot Bob and everyone and their mother was going to Lynn Michaels for therapy. Well, Andy was seeing Dr. Matthews for his therapy but that’s beside the point.

    I have very strong views on this show I gave 19 years to.

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    I agree Katie.

    I already KNOW I am going to think GL ended on a better note.
    (with the exception of Jeffery being out there…somewhere…)

    In its last year, GL gave Killer Kriezman 3 other head-writers so the show did improve.
    Also, an improvement was the direction. The jumpy camera and shots of people up their nose had gone away.

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    Thanks Ryan-Scott

    I just get tired of hearing about how bad GL was in the end when really it had gotten much better than when it started the new filming. Philip had returned Otalia didnt die (but didnt kiss)and we had many wonderful returns. ATWT could of worked a little harder to get some of their famous vets back instead Goutman focused on his characters and ego its not bad by any means but it could of been so much better.

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    Oh my, I was waiting for your punchline that never came. I would be fine with the DESERVING Hugheses getting happy endings but not at the expense of other characters. And especially NOT Chris Hughes. He has been never been redeemed on the show I’VE been watching for 10 years. Does anyone remember what he did to Allison the last time he was in town, for example? He was not worth being recast or even saved in the end, just because his last name was Hughes. I would have much rather seen a storyline with Lisa.

    It is truly baffling that the horrid & very creepy Gabriel, equally detestable & leech-like Liberty, the soul-sucking Red Menace Janet, and indefensible moron/slut Allison would all get new & pleasant beginnings over characters that – oh, I don’t know – evolved & made us cheer for them. For instance, why is Luke miserable? Why is Reid dead?

    I have to strongly disagree that Goutman had some Grand Plan for the show that we, the so-called short-sighted viewers, simply cannot appreciate. That would give him too much credit. Let’s call a spade a spade here. Goutman is the one that got stuck on his personal preferences for certain characters and that’s who he wrote for. Everyone else he wrote for when he needed some filler for The Janet Ciccone Show. This is all so obvious when you consider the incredibly poor, mismatched & downright unprofessional editing of the shows just last week.

    You can put lipstick on a pig and call it Monique, but it’s still a pig. Goutman failed. That is all.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Technically, I’ve been watching As the World Turns  off and on since Lisa’s son Chuckie was killed which would be about 1973 (when I was all of 8 years old) , but gradually but steadily increased to "full time" 1983 when Steve/Betsy/Craig were at the height of their popularity and James lured Barbara in the bullring in Spain to kill her.

    So, depending on how you count it,  37 years or 27 years.

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    Douglas Marland must be rolling over in his grave over the chaos that it ATWT in the bitter last days. The Marland years were a beautiful time in soap history and to compare CG & JP to his genius is appalling. The lack of continuity, inconsistant writing, choppy editing, boring & unemotional storylines and characters that no one cares about are the legacy of Goutman’s reign at ATWT. Not to mention the letting go and not allowing the return of Martha. Major mistakes.
    The addition of too many uninteresting new characters when they should have focused on established core characters at the end was completely disrespectful to the show and fans. If they wanted to add characters so badly why not bring back more old favorites, not just John Dixon. That would have honored the show’s past and returned characters that the fans actually cared about.
    The one truly intriguing new character (who made so many fans reinvest in the show) was sacrificed for the happiness of a character that has no emotional tie to the fans.
    The show is ending and never coming back so why not give everyone a happy ending and let the fans be content. No, they end the show with so many of the fans angry and disheartened. With the way our once beautiful show has been destroyed I am happy the show is at an end.

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    J Bernard Jones
    I have to strongly disagree that Goutman had some Grand Plan for the show that we, the so-called short-sighted viewers, simply cannot appreciate. That would give him too much credit. 

    I never said that Goutman did, although, yes, many viewers — though certainly not all — are short-sighted these days in the ways I laid out above and maybe others (which I will touch upon next time).  [I know I’m not supposed to say that out loud, difficult as that truth may be.]

    Taking the show out with several story lines that propels various groups of characters en masse toward a series’ and new post-broadcast character arcs and conclusions is not the same thing as having a "Grand Plan" for the show as a whole, with the specific exception of said conclusion. Perhaps you should re-read what I actually wrote.

    But I shall save the best for the last part and cease getting into more arguments and debates here. LOL

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    GL’s last days ended on Alan, Phillip, Beth, Vanessa, Billy, Reva, Buzz, Lillian, among others.

    ATWT’s last days have been about Dusty, Janet, her recently recast daughter, Craig’s son who has been around for about five months, and not a lot else. I can’t believe how much of the last week has been about this woman and her latest out of wedlock child.

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    Amen Carol2 ! ! !

    “GL’s last days ended on Alan, Phillip, Beth, Vanessa, Billy, Reva, Buzz, Lillian, among others.

    ATWT’s last days have been about Dusty, Janet, her recently recast daughter, Craig’s son who has been around for about five months, and not a lot else. I can’t believe how much of the last week has been about this woman and her latest out of wedlock child.”

    I really enjoyed the emphasis that GL put on the show’s beloved characters toward the very end. I loved seeing Nola Reardon Chamberlain and Bridget Reardon, even if it was all too brief.

    I really did enjoy GL’s last week of shows.

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    In regards to your article title, it is just as predictable and provoking enough if you were looking to Irked fans who disagrees with every decision Chris Goutman and Jean Passanante made for these story lines.

    Many of the fans of the show, have been watching it for a long time, generations through this show, to say we focusing on the day-to-day scene and not the long run is rather insulting to the majority.

    It is not the day -to -day basis the fans of the characters are upset about or focused on, it is because WE KNOW these characters and over the years to see them being TORN DOWN and DISMANTLED with gimmicks and foolish plots had rather tarnish the characters than uplift them in the viewer’s eyes as Marland’s list stated – ” Don’t change a core character. You can certainly give them edges they didn’t have before, or give them a logical reason to change their behavior. But when the audience says, “He would never do that,” then you have FAILED.”

    It is not about what’s “right” as you say but more of what’s necessary to tell a story, intrigue people, not leave them in confusion about the characters decisions. I can argue with the use of twitter, facebook, other social media have not hurt but has help spread the word more and unite people who love these soaps and broaden their aspects as to what is going on and help save them.

    Marland’s list stated
    ” Read the fan mail. The very characters that are not thrilling to you may be the audience’s favorites.” You go on about tying up loose end with the characters. Although they(Chris Goutman) could be commended for keeping the show going this long, since if there is nothing worth they could write about in the first place then yes, it is commendable. A lot of people have lost interest in the show and it is not the characters for they are at the WRITER’S mercy as it is there jobs to keep people wanting more not the opposite. Since you did not mention Luke(Van Hansis) as a main character in the show, it is necessary without a doubt that the ending and the roller coaster this character have been on is rather very tragic to watch. You can arguable say, it’s just one of the “predictable” as you say “gay stereotypes” as it seem you were aiming to provoke than share your thoughts. Besides being a character on the show Luke’s character is iconic in it’s representation of the LGBT community and historic. Also since this was another reason for his ending (his lover Reid dying) have left us angry and frustrated. Yes, you can argue they created for Luke to be gay but again, what’s “right” for this show, in the end come off as being stereotypical within itself, is this possible? to “tie up loose ends” and still end up doing nothing at the end. I can say those loose ends still have me at a lost since it was a blur of ride in which these characters have taken have only to left me and for the response from the viewer’s un-touch if it was not for the actors brilliant acting.

    ” that fans want are not always what’s in the best interest of a show?” Then who’s interest should it be? Soaps are made and have been invested for the AUDIENCE pleasure. Marland’s stated from his list ” Be objective. When I came in to ATWT, the first thing I said was, what is pleasing the audience? You have to put your own personal likes and dislikes aside and develop the characters that the audience wants to see.” should I continue?

    It is not recently the fans of the show have been upset and wanting more than boring story lines that seem to be caught in a time loop of nonsensical things but more compelling “Good soap opera is good storytelling. It’s very simple. “

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    Characters who returned in GL’s last weeks were Holly, Ed, Nola, Bridget, Dylan, Jonathan, Michelle, Danny, Fletcher. Some did not have the returns they might have deserved but at least we got to see them one last time and knew they were happy.

    ATWT’s finale has had…John Dixon, which is fantastic and I’m grateful, but what else? Iris? A Sierra I never completely got used to, and yet another pointless Lucy. Will and Gwen standing around.

    Unfortunately ATWT’s lack of returns just reinforces how bad many of Goutman’s favorites are. Then again when Katie is the center of Nancy’s memorial episode what can you expect.

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    Bernie darling I really do not know where to begin. I’ve read your pretentious reviews & commentaries in the past. Sometimes I’ve actually found myself agreeing with what you have had to say, sometimes not. Your latest, applauding the talent & brilliant executive producer leadership of Christopher Goutman, was just a tad overstated. No, not a tad. Let’s be honest, shall we? Grossly overstated!

    Perhaps I’ve missed something in the past by accident, perhaps I just overlooked it. Tell me, what exactly are your credentials other than being like the rest of us a fan of daytime drama? Because other than DC & Twitter, I can’t seem to find anything else about you. Are you a frustrated writer? Performer? Even when I have agreed with some of your basic opinions and views on the world of daytime drama, I’ve actually gritted my teeth at times with your style of writing & over-the-top adjectives (“the divine”, “the mesmerizing”, etc., etc.). Perhaps a night school course in “Becoming a Critic 101″ is in order and would give you a fresh perspective? I don’t think THE NEW YORK TIMES will be hiring any time soon.

    What is even more amazing is your less than attractive cockiness in the responses to your latest commentary. Let’s just have one more “LOL”, shall we? It seems to me you are actually enjoying irritating fellow viewers and fans & yes it is true, perhaps you will have “the last hurrah” through your column out here with your opinions and thoughts but I am afraid dear Bernie that you, darling, are in the vast minority of viewers of AS THE WORLD TURNS who would agree with you on this last hurrah of applause to the absolutely abysmal Christopher Goutman.

    Perhaps you & he could work together some day. I think it’s safe say that you both are just about equal in talent.

    And in your honor Bernie darling: “LOL”.

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    ATWT has been very watchable for the past several weeks. Whereas we all have our own ideas, good and bad, about how we would run the show, I think we don’t understand all the complexities it takes to do that. There are network brass watching over every move; the sponsor (P&G) controlling the budget, and others all who have great input on the show. Chris Goutman may, in most people’s minds, be the boss but, simply put, he is not. He gets the credit for running the show but his is one of many voices. The head writer actually has the power to dictate story but that, also, is controlled by budget and union concerns. The writers can get fired but then they have to get paid out for the remainder on the contract. In her day, Irna Phillips wore the crown and had the power to call the shots but those days are long gone.
    I would have liked to see several former vets return for a last glimpse but there simply may not have been money for that. John Dixon’s return was wonderful — and I’m sure Larry Bryggman cost big money — but he actually drove story in ATWT’s final weeks. Ellen Stewart, who I would have liked to see, would have had no story to drive. I think Chris Goutman has done a good job running ATWT and, I’m sure, we’ll see his name pop up on another soap very soon.

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    I’m going to assume this is a joke article. Chris Goutman FAILED at his job at ATWT. How do I know this? Simple. He got me to stop watching the show twice. First because it was clear he did not care what his audience wanted. As he said in his infamous interview, he doesn’t listen to fans or read fan mail. That click you heard was me & many others turning off & tuning out ATWT. Not surprising if you turn off the audience, the show gets cancelled.

    I came back to watch the show this year after the cancellation news to find nothing much had changed. The acting was still good overall, the writing still abysmal & it was still as Janet’s World turns. Then a new character was introduced, Reid Oliver. He got many fans to watch the show. People were interested in him & this romance with Luke Snyder. What did Mr. Goutman do with this gift. He shoved it in front of a train & again gave the fans the finger. And if you think this heart story line that was rushed, incoherent in spots & featured the no chemistry pairing of Katie & Chris, that trampled on the death of Helen Wagner/Nancy was an example of good story telling, then I question your taste & what show you were watching.

    I noticed in your little round up that you neglected to mention the happy ending for Luke Snyder. That’s right. There wasn’t any. I guess that’s reserved for the straight people on the show.

    As others have noted, you do appear to have something in common with Mr. Goutman. A contempt for your audience. But in the end, when you’re in the TV business, you ignore the audience at your peril. I was so turned off again by Mr. Goutman’s actions that I stopped watching for the past 2 weeks. In addition, I’m not watching OLTL due to Jean Passanante getting hired there. And I will not watch any show that has the Goutman name associated with it. I’d say anyone in the television business who hires a man who cares less about his audience like Mr. Goutman are fools.

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    If it’s about writing people based on story, then Allison and Casey could have been gone ages ago. They had enough money to bring in characters like Gabriel, to keep Lily around even though Noelle offered to leave, and to recast Liberty instead of just writing her out. I don’t think bringing back Ellen for a day or two would have been a big cost. GL managed to bring back many of their vets. I also don’t understand why Lyla was not brought back. She hasn’t even been mentioned, and she could have been a big part of story with her kids and grandkids. I might give a rat’s about Katie or Craig if Lyla was around.

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    [quote=capwell]Jean Passanante has recently admitted that she identified closely with the character of Janet. She was her “alter ego” of sorts. [/quote]

    How sad to identify with a shrieking hypocrite who loves to judge other people while repeatedly having babies by men she is not married to. This also explains why the leech family drove poor Emma off her farm and now off the show altogether, and why laughable Liberty was recast only to simper for months and months like some sort of sitcom daughter from 1954 dumped into the middle of Oakdale.

    I guess this also explains why Julie Pinson’s husband got a job, even though his part was worthless and a waste of airtime.

    I like Julie Pinson but I hope Jean does not bring her to OLTL. That show has enough unpleasant and self-righteous characters who are producer favorites.

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    Bernard, can you tell me how they have been building up to Gabriel calling Craig daddy? Allison going to medical school, or reconciling with Cassey? What about Holden and Lilly’s reunion, did that start happening before or after Holden’s wedding to Molly was called off, and then Holden and Lilly vanished from the canvas? How long have they been building up to Craig getting back together with Roseanna? How long have the been building up to John getting back together with Lucinda?

    The problem is that they wasted time on so many storylines that didn’t have any repercussions on what is happening as the show comes to an end. Months were wasted on the storyline about Janet being pregnant with Jack’s child, but with a snap of a finger, none of that mattered. Jack and Carly are back together without working through their issues, the same is true for Roseanna and Craig, Lilly and Holden, and Allison and Casey.

    Things were done to make the fans happy, but the effort wasn’t put into writing a longterm storyline that would make all of these endings come about in an organic way, instead, people were slapped together at the last minute, or in the case of Janet’s baby, the “problem” just vanished.

    For many of these stories there was too much telling and not enough showing. We were told that Katie and Chris are in love, instead of seeing them falling in love and being a couple, which made the scenes of the last two weeks seem weak and pointless.

  24. Profile photo of capwell

    Jean Passanante has recently admitted that she identified closely with the character of Janet. She was her “alter ego” of sorts. This would explain why Janet and her family members got so much airtime at the expense of more deserving characters. Chris Goutman refused to invite Martha Byrne back to wrap up a role she had played off and on for almost 25 years, a role most fans of the show associate most clearly with her portrayal.

    Both cases are examples of the interests and preferences of fans being sacrificed and ignored because of the EGO of two extremely unprofessional people. It is unforgivable. And, JBernard, for you to downplay the fan’s feelings on this score is like rubbing salt in a wound that is still very fresh.

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    [quote=allie]I’m going to assume this is a joke article. Chris Goutman FAILED at his job at ATWT. How do I know this? Simple. =
    then I question your taste & what show you were watching.


    The show was canceled, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Goutman and the other show runners are reaping what they sow. They are producing crap, and people are responding by finding something else to do with their time.

  26. Profile photo of jase

    We went through this last year with GL. Simply wrapping a show up with a lot of vets pulling out last minute emotional scenes and 2-minute egg timer storylines they had not been afforded in aeons does not a comeback make, IMO. And what was done with the entire gay storyline on ATWT in the last several years smacks of the worst kind of puritanical, institutionalized homophobia on the part of television executives. The message of the ending of the Luke/Noah/Reid storyline is beyond schizophrenic, no matter what couple any of us was a fan of. The dismissal of Martha Byrne and Goutman’s steadfast refusal to allow her to see the show off was disgraceful.

    That’s just to name a few things. But most everything Chris Goutman has done since his partnership with Hogan Sheffer died has been disgraceful. He is a burnout case, and he passed his lazy, callous ways onto protege Wheeler. Neither is currently fit to work in the industry again in this kind of position of power. Unfortunately all daytime currently seems to have are hacks and burnouts.

    If people’s complaints against the CBS soaps seem well-worn, overused, rote, maybe it’s because the same complaints are not going away because the same revolving lazy susan of execs continue to fritter away precious time, energy and money by making the same well-worn, rote mistakes year after year, show after show. This is not a joke; these soaps will be gone, period, unless some drastic new infusion of lifeblood somehow magically descends from the celestial host. These shows don’t have time to wait around for people like Chris Goutman to examine his bleak prospects in other areas of the industry, come back wanting, and then decide he can stand the sight of a soap opera soundstage again and is ready to give a shit about his work once more. I don’t have time to wait for Ellen Wheeler to find a medication that works for her.

    Make no mistake – if CBS wanted to save their soaps, Goutman and Wheeler would’ve been out YEARS ago. Goutman’s been past it since at least 2005-2006. But they don’t give a shit, we know that, and THAT is why these people keep their positions, because there is no one looking for the job and because they have nowhere else to go, and CBS doesn’t want to expend energy developing new network executives who might care about creaky old soaps. “The devil you know” is no longer an option, because Goutman and co. have killed all the P&G soaps on the network.

    As The World Turns is a proud soap with a proud history. But like GL it is dying like a dog on a hot slab of pavement, and it’s been doing that for a couple years despite the embarrassing array of General Hospital guest stars. I can’t imagine who gives a shit about Julie Pinson’s character. So yeah, all this makes me angry. There’s just no excuse for managers like Goutman anymore. These soaps don’t have the time for the kind of institutionalized contempt for his work that he slowly killed this show with, by burying his own golden age.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Now I said I wasn’t going to respond to this anymore, but, as usual, I can’t resist. I will address just a few points:

    I was waiting for your punchline that never came. I would be fine with the DESERVING Hugheses getting happy endings but not at the expense of other characters. And especially NOT Chris Hughes.

    Certainly NOT a Hughes! I mean, really, ANY Hughes but THAT Hughes, despite any of his transgressions (which pale in comparison to those of other characters on the show, including his own father!) and the fact that he is the son of Bob & Kim, the patriarch & matriarch of the show.

    Bernie darling I really do not know where to begin. I’ve read your pretentious reviews & commentaries in the past…Your latest, applauding the talent & brilliant executive producer leadership of Christopher Goutman, was just a tad overstated. No, not a tad. Let’s be honest, shall we? Grossly overstated!

    Being condescendingly called "Bernie" (which is not my name), "darling" and "pretentious" in the same paragraph has been the highlight of my evening! LOL However, in writing, editing and re-reading my editorial, I don’t see where I applauded "the talent & brilliant executive producer leadership" of  Herr Goutman." I said — and you can read it for yourself right in black and white — (in my opinion) he "has made mostly the right decisions" in the context of bringing the show to a close and "in my opinion, Goutman has done a fine job at the end of the day. Do I agree with every last one of those decisions? Of course not."

    Now, I don’t know in what universe where "mostly" and my saying I disgree with him in areas equate with elevating Goutman’s leadership to "brilliant" status, but if you can tell which one I’d like to visit that as a vacation spot.

    Unfortunately ATWT’s lack of returns just reinforces how bad many of Goutman’s favorites are.

    I have a feeling you’re not going to be pleased when I get into this whole misguided notion of "fan favorite" returns and where it really started in Part Three.

    Bernard, can you tell me how they have been building up to Gabriel calling Craig daddy? Allison going to medical school, or reconciling with Cassey? What about Holden and Lilly’s reunion, did that start happening before or after Holden’s wedding to Molly was called off, and then Holden and Lilly vanished from the canvas? How long have they been building up to Craig getting back together with Roseanna? How long have the been building up to John getting back together with Lucinda?

    I’m not going to go into any long detail here, but — if you’ve ever watched any final two weeks of any daytime soap opera — every last one of them are littered with last-minute deathbed conversions (career changes, moving out of town, declaring ones true love to be really true out of the blue, blah blah blah) of one sort of the other.
    In the case of ATWT, many of these have been building up (and very obviously), for at least in the last couple of months.

    For example, I specifically and at some length illustrated how John & Lucinda’s reconciliation came to be (technically, it began with Lucinda’s final vendetta against Craig but Manzo’s return was the catalyst) in this very editorial. So, yes, the buildup was there for quite some time.

    On the other hand, I found Gabriel calling Craig "Dad" (not "daddy") to be jarring, too, but it was pretty obvious Gabriel was being a little sarcastic after Craig called him "son." If you recall (it was only two days ago and is available online at, Craig and Gabriel shared only a tentative hug, with Gabriel mostly pulling away. They weren’t suddenly lovey-dovey with hearts & flowers, although for the last month or so Gabriel had been softening toward Craig, to the point where he told Craig the truth about Lucinda. So some stuff was definitely out of the blue (Craig/Rosanna, as you pointed out) and others have been building for weeks on end.

    Many of the fans of the show, have been watching it for a long time, generations through this show, to say we focusing on the day-to-day scene and not the long run is rather insulting to the majority.

    Since I didn’t insult "the majority" and said that there are many fans (of all soaps) who are judging actors, characters, and stories in the immediacy of the moment, I’ll just chalk that mischaracterization of my statements to a bit of …. overstatement on your part.

  28. Profile photo of lilly55

    Okay, so you’ve either been drinking the “Chris Goutman kool-aid” or you’re pulling our leg and wanting people to continue to wail on Chris Goutman some more, which okay…I’ll bite. I’ve watched this show since I was a kid (okay probably not the best parental decision, but nonetheless). Up until this egomaniac took over, I loved this show. Even as an adult, it was the last thing I did after coming home from work and ending my day. It was a guilty pleasure, comic relief, and a bit of over the top drama that lightened my life a bit.

    Ever since CG entered, it has felt disjointed, confusing, misguided, and frankly a waste of time. It’s interesting that he insisted on killing Reid Oliver in a train crash, because it seems like projection to me, oh… except Reid Oliver was actually valuable.

    This brings me to the issue that has me boiling. I had continued to TIVO this show even after he took charge, but barely watched any of it. I would fast forward in less than 10 minutes. My husband would ask why I even bothered. One night, through the blur of triple fast forward, Eric Sheffer Stevens caught my eye, and I actually started watching again. That storyline was such a breath of fresh air, until they insisted on hunting the guy down and killing him, not to mention, they insisted on shoving in our faces every unfortunate detail, painful insult, and gory description of his death possible. It was mean and cruel. If they had to kill him off, have some sensitivity and don’t make insulting references to his body parts and the fact that he had barely lived any of his life connected to anyone up until Luke, only to meet a terrible death. This is a soap (silly, dramatic in a sappy way), not Hannibal Lecter. The only gain I can see is that I’ve become sensitized to the horrific way in which the media treats gay characters. If they wanted Reid to give Chris Hughes his heart, then lead up to it, and make me want Chris to have his heart. Give me one reason to believe that Chris Hughes deserves anything other than a kick in the a***. Am I to believe that it was just a coincidence that the gay couple is severed by death? They wanted to hurt people, and guess what… they did. So, you can think that Chris Goutman did some great job if you want, but I haven’t watched a single episode since Reid Oliver was killed. What does it say after all these years of watching ATWT, when I didn’t even bother to TIVO it?

  29. Profile photo of Filmbuff05

    Personally, I enjoyed the final months of GL much more than ATWT. Don’t get me wrong. I love World Turns and I’m sad to see it go, but as bad as GL was last summer, World Turns has IMO been worse. GL made some pretty bad decisions (i.e. not letting Otalia kiss, the endless Jeffrey/Edmund saga, etc…) but like others have said, at least Otalia had a happy ending!

    I still think the no kiss is homophobic and I’m still angry about that but I’d rather have kissless Otalia than whatever ATWT is giving us with LuRe and Nuke. Having Luke choose Reid over Noah and then have Reid getting hit by a train is cruel to both Nuke and LuRe fans. Neither fan base wins. GL did something similar with Josh/Reva/Jeffrey but again, Jeffrey was alive! Killing Reid leaves no hope for LuRe fans and sends a bad message that the gay guy has to die for the straight couple to have their happy ending.

    Also, I take watching Jeffrey chase Edmund around the world over Barbara stuck in a storage room with a clown any day. Not saying I wasn’t angry with GL last year. I was. Still am a little bit, but the final week IMO was amazing. GL was great at the time of the cancellation notice and then they screwed up during the summer but made up for it in the end. ATWT has been better than it has been but it’s nowhere near what I expected. Basically, I’m more let down than anything.

  30. Profile photo of roxiesmom

    I am shocked and horrified by your defense of Chris Goutman. The only thing that I agreed with in your article was that Texas ended well.
    How you could enjoy that ending as well as the travesty that has become ATWT is beyond me.
    When you mentioned that it was appropriate to put Reid’s heart in Chris’s chest because Chris is a Hughes and that family deserves to be front and center. I would argue that this choice might put Chris front and center but it also managed to ruin, yes ruin the characters of Bob and Tom Hughes. Bob’s reaction to Reid’s death and his subsequent treatment of Luke was unconscionable. The fact that he didn’t even attend Reid’s funeral was appalling. Tom acted like a vulture desperate to feed on Reid’s corpse. It was truly disgusting. I had to watch those scenes multiple times because I could not believe how disrespectful they were to the characters, to the actors, to the show and to the audience.
    I feel that Luke was more deserving of a happy ending if your basis for putting Chris front and center is that he is a Hughes. Luke is a legacy character and he has much more resonance with the audience because he has been on the show for the last 5 years played by the same actor. Fans have loved and rooted for Luke Snyder through all of his trials and triblulations to see him devastated and alone serves no purpose that I can see. It just seems homophobic and mean spirited.
    I have been watching ATWT since 1983 as well. I may not have watched it as intensly as you have, but I have been watching it daily for years. I havel loved many of these characters and I find that Chris Goutman has ruined the show for me. I have always enjoyed CarJack, but since the death of Reid I no longer care what happens to these characters, and that more than anything saddens me.
    I am almost afraid of what you have in store for part 3 but I will be reading it.

  31. Profile photo of Princessbuttercup

    At this point I don’t care why the show was cancelled or what Goutman did or did not do to it. I just know I’m very sad to see it go. I started watching in the summer of 1987. There were plenty of stories and years that I hated but I remained loyal because soaps have their good years and their bad years, that’s just the nature of 5 hours a week storytelling. I would have loved to see Martha come back as Lily as it was the Lily/Holden/Dusty (oh, those blue eyes!) story that attracted me in the first place. And John Dixon was my all time favorite character. Not all kids need to watch other kids, a lesson the youth-obsessed writers need to learn so that the rest of the shows can continue. Of course I could be wrong. What do I know, I’m just a 23 year soap vet.

  32. Profile photo of Carol2

    “I have a feeling you’re not going to be pleased when I get into this whole misguided notion of “fan favorite” returns and where it really started in Part Three.”

    I don’t see why wanting to see characters I am invested in is “misguided.” Was Doug Marland “misguided” for bringing back past characters?

    The argument against nostalgia is usually well the show has to stay in the present. The present which got the show canned? The present like the worthless Ciccione family, who helped cause a big ratings drop in 2008?

    If the show had stronger characters now then I might not want to see the past. But if wanting to see Ellen or Penny or Andy or Lyla over overexposed, overrated characters like Katie, Janet, and boring nothings like Gabriel, Liberty, JL’s version of Craig and NB’s Lily, Parker, et al is “misguided,” then I’m happy to be misguided.

  33. Profile photo of Mrs. Forrester
    Mrs. Forrester

    WOW….I never watched ATWT so I can’t comment on it. I just want to say to all of it’s fans that I am sorry for your loss. It is horrible that such an iconic show is gone. PS J. Bernard I still love your writing.

  34. Profile photo of HonestyIsTheBestPolicy

    Being condescendingly called “Bernie” (which is not my name…

    But Bernie, it’s you darling who is being so condescending to everyone out here somehow placing yourself on a pedestal above & beyond out here…..And as I said, if laughing at other peoples opinions isn’t condescending, I don’t know what is. And darling, in your case, Bernie DOES fit! “LOL”

  35. Profile photo of harlee490

    I agree with you 100% JBJ, you are SO right. I am a very long time viewer and I said it once, twice after the Feb. sweeps this past year and wrap up of Mick Dante, ATWT stories were at the core of what made ATWT, As The World Turns. JP and DK have done a good job of bringing their heart back to the show. Like most EP CG has had high and lows with his direction over the last 11 years. To the posts that blame CG for the whole industry woes, to be fair CG only had 6 months on AW and it was Jan. ’99 when AW got the termination notice for June ’99, and he put AW back on track compare to CS which did nothing but purposely destroyed AW. I might not always like CG decisions about the direction and yes it would piss me off over the years but he did do right and actually listened to the fans about story they wanted to see in front of their TV screens. His personal differences with Martha B. was unprofessional and petty because that was a hugh error to not let her come back for closure of Holden and Lily and most importantly the fans. I know I will be weeping today, I have been all week. As for your comment on GL, I am somewhere in middle about the cancellation. It was deeply ailing but still had the essence of GL at the end. But it was probably time for it to fade out the light. Sometimes fans are the worse enemy of soaps, because I don’t read many posts from fans on what they do like about their shows, instead we get noise about EVERYTHING, bitching just to be bitching because they don’t see the cup half full but half empty. I know I am vocal about my soaps when not happy with story or characters not being written to their character but way out in left field. Regardless, I do keep watching my soaps, GL, ATWT, even left GL for almost a year, (not completely always peeked in, the characters are in my blood) but I can immediately see a story which truly captures that soaps essence I am in heaven. Prime example is AMC, all the trash talking and haters out including some of the regular bloggers from DC Confidential but I have been tuning in and giving DK & DS a fair chance to see how the story evolves. You know what I’m enjoying thus far how the stories are moving and keeping the faith. GREAT article JBJ

  36. Profile photo of chris345

    Bernard…. I agree 100% w/your article!!!

    I am a lifetime soap fan, I have watched them all & I continue to tune in. I have been a fan of all the soaps, at times in favor of one over the other. I have watched all of the shows during all their glory days & these dire times.

    I think people forget that even during some of the glory days there were storylines that weren’t so hot injected into the soap. No soap has ever been perfect thru and thru. I will also go on record saying that I never liked Port Charles or Passions, both were to far from what I felt a soap should be.

    The ending of GL and ATWT are worlds apart. How GL was wrapped up was a joke and an insult to commonsense and viewers. It was a slapped together happy ending in which storyline leading upto it didn’t match. The show had Olivia running around acting crazy for Natalia while they never once had the characters kiss or show any real affection for the other. They built up romances for Dinah&Shayne and Mallet & Marina and then slapped they apart & swapped them in a 24hr time frame. They had Jefferey off MIA away from his wife and child and then slapped Josh & Reva together in a flash. I could go on and on about this how each storyline was completed and yet no-one truly got a well rounded storyline. The only notable part of the ending was the storyline written for Phillip & Alan. GL may have brought back characters, but none of those characters go a storyline or a chance to act and show us just why we loved them or why we missed them.

    The ending of ATWT is on point, it’s true to the show’s core and yes it is telling a touching multi generation story.
    I don’t like Janet, don’t like her daughter and wish they would have skipped town long ago. But they were there and they were injected into storyline already, they had to finish the arch and I can accept that. At the end of the day Dusty got a child, he had his father John back and Carly & Jack got married w/a baby on the way.

    I dare anyone to show me a soap that has created a gay character and storyline arch that is even close to ATWT.
    Luke is a core character on this show, he is going on a journey with his life and his family. How is it different that Reid died vs when Brad died on Katie, or so many other deaths characters have had to deal with over the years.
    Luke didn’t just have one love, he had his epic love with Noah and that had to be respected as well.

    As for the character of Chris Hughes, he is a core character and his introduction to the canvas did what was required, it brought the hughes family the center of the show and actually gave them a storyline which we got to see from start to finish. I will also go on record saying that I love DC’s chris hughes and enjoy his pairing with Katie.
    I would have loved to see them get the full court buildup to their ending but time wasn’t on their side. As for Katie, she has been a core part of this show for ages, her character needed it’s storyline also and she got it. Sure she could have run off with Simon in these last months, but then that would just be an additional storyline arch to tell.
    Linking her storyline to the hughes and Luke & Reid was a great way to tell things. Bringing John back to tie the storyline archs together was also a great idea.

    I could continue to go on and on about this, but I’ll just point out some reasons why ATWT storyline blow GL’s ending away.
    We hardly saw the vets on GL and while storylines were wrapped they weren’t told.
    Alex left with Fletcher, yet we never got to see more than 2 scenes between them vs John & Lucinda who actually had dialoge and shared history and current storyline.
    Hooking up Katie with Chris Hughes vs hooking up Shayne & Marina. Katie and Chris had shared storyline with the other since march, the romance was built from the minute he appeared on the show and both were single. Shayne had storyline with Dinah and married her in the final weeks, Marina was married to Mallet and then flashforward and we got a swap.
    Olivia & Natalia.. what exactly did they get, not a kiss, not a hint at having sex or talk about it. Olivia got to spoon with Josh and nothing with Natalie… Vs Luke who did sleep with Noah, did kiss and talk openly about sex with Reid. Even in his final disscussion with Noah about Reid, Luke was able to express his regret over not having sex with Reid. Nothing between the two gay storylines can be compared, ATWT had the guts to really go there, GL never did, not once.
    There are so many other things I could get into, the biggest being the who killed Edmund and the horrible ending to the entire Josh/Reva/Jefferey storyline.

    VS ATWT..
    who actually took the time to tell and planout storylines to take the show into it’s final end. While I may not have loved the premise of all the storylines, they all lead the characters to the place they are now and everyones actions were explained and played out thru time.

    My regret is … that the storyline is ending, because I could see the show going forward with much more to tell.
    I feel that as it ends, I wish I was going to get to see these storylines continue to playout. With the ending of ATWT there was progression toward the finale and at the sametime the progression didn’t go so far as to limit the interest in the continued progression for the characters.

  37. Profile photo of droliver

    goutman sounds like some terrible disease!!! i hate him ( well everybody does) for ruining my fav character, fav show and fav couple… and mr whoever-wrote-this-article is gout your boyfriend that you are defending him even when the whole world is so hurt by what he did? please dont put such articles here in the future they suck!!!

  38. Profile photo of chris345

    It’s interesting that the ratings are way up for ATWT as the show winds down, which did not happen for GL..

    In fact GL got 50x more attention in it’s closing days and still didn’t get a bounce in ratings..

    Often the reflection or opinion of those on the internet is not inline with those who are actually watching the shows..

    It’s amazing how 20 fans can actually map out opinion on the internet and in fan forums so that it seems as if it reflects what the majority of viewers believe, when it’s simply the opinion of a couple of dozen viewers.

  39. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Actually thats not true in its final week GL was number 4 I think in the ratings.

    But all the soaps have now came down to GL’s level when it went off the air. GL was getting mostly 1.7’s during its final months and if you take a look at the ratings now for all the soaps GL would not be doing bad at all right now.

  40. Profile photo of Carol2

    “Olivia & Natalia.. what exactly did they get, not a kiss, not a hint at having sex or talk about it.”

    Olivia and Natalia did talk about sex, repeatedly. Olivia also talked with her friends about how she wanted to have sex and they talked to her about what she could do to make herself feel better. I would say that Olivia talking about vibrators was probably more daring than Luke somehow managing to have two of the exact same “we need to wait…we need to wait” stories with two VERY different men.

    “I dare anyone to show me a soap that has created a gay character and storyline arch that is even close to ATWT.”


    Or do you mean a storyline arc that ends with a gay man being miserable and alone? That’s quite common.

    “Katie and Chris had shared storyline with the other since march, the romance was built from the minute he appeared on the show and both were single.”

    This is the epitome of telling and not showing. Not once did I see any real portrayal of love. It was clumsily obvious that he was supposed to be some great love of hers, but this was shown in very stupid ways, like making out when they were pretending to be Lisa and Don Hughes (they can use him there but can’t even mention him when Nancy died), or having twit Katie running him over with her car.

    Unfortunately a lot of the stories were this way, the chief being the insistence that Lily and Holden are fated and are a great couple, even though Noelle and Jon have no chemistry and they were both uncomfortable with playing out this story. That is not planning out a story. It is banging a round peg into a square hole.

    I also hope that stories like Craig gets a long lost child with his mouth hanging open who forgives him right before the finale were not planned out in advance.

  41. Profile photo of spekeasy

    Chris Goutman’s decisions over the last few years destroyed this show. Why were we seeing so many people from the ABC soaps? I realize he had a real problem with financially putting on the show but didn’t these people cost money and did they really think people would jump over to ATWT at this stage? I could have lived with all of this however if they didn’t start playing with history and messing up characters to drive the plot . Craig sleeping with Dani, Rosanna losing all her money, 100 people living at the Snyder farm, Mick, are just a few things that drove me crazy. But something that was made clear to me the past few weeks that anyone who would let John Dixon walk away from ATWT has no desire to put what long time viewers of the show want to see on the air; or perhaps, even know what that is. I missed Martha Byrne but one scene with Larry in it bought me back to the ATWT of my childhood in a way Martha never would have. I still remember the days of John and Susan working in the hospital lab plotting together behind David Stewart’s back.

  42. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Where do I begin?

    First of all, I think much of the ire comes from the fact that your article comes off as condescending. I don’t believe that it is intentional, and while people have different opinions, there is really no need to show seeming disdain for a dissenting opinion.

    With that said, I completely disagree with your article, yet again. I know you aren’t praising Goutman, but you believe that he did things mostly right. I, on the other hand, believe that he did things mostly wrong. GL brought fan favorites for half a second at the end, however I believe it was the best they could do given their notice. ATWT had much more notice and publicly said that they would not listen to the fans.

    GL, in the end, focused on the families at the core.

    ATWT, in the end, has placed undue focus on new families. The CarJack wedding would have been a great way to focus on the Snyder family….yet most of the family was dismantled and/or not there. If the writing had been there, they could have had a Lilden wedding at the end and married off CarJack months ago.

    Katie did not have to end up in a relationship to become part of a core family. She is already a Hughes and now a Snyder. As a result, the return of Chris could have been shown as a coming together of the Hughes family without the near death and forced love story.

    The Stewarts have been limited to Ally babysitting. Paging Dr. Stewart???? Where is she? Emily’s story was wrapped up with the Ryan family, but what about with the Stewart family?

    Luke is part of a legacy family AND a groundbreaking gay character. During the show we rarely saw him happy…what is wrong with his character getting a happy ending for once?

    Instead, we see a Ciccone family reunion when there was a much more organic way to close out this wonderful show.

    Goutman’s decisions were mostly wrong because he made them with his own ego in mind, and not the viewer.

  43. Profile photo of chris345

    We all like what we like, some like storylines and others don’t, that’s the nature of soaps.

    I loved the Otalia storyline on GL and found it’s early months so well crafted and acted..BUT once Olivia professed her love to Natalia and the non-frank wedding halted with Natalia returning her love the storyline took a major downward turn, never keeping on pace & developing as another love story would or should have. But frankly in the end of GL none of the couples paired in the very end with the exception of Bill & Lizzie were developed as full storyline archs.

    I think it’s double standard to request that characters get storyline which is on pair with other characters and yet not be open to all storyline shifts. So we are to assume that non-gay characters can die on soaps, such as Alan on GL and that gay characters like Reid cannot.

    I see Reid dying as being more about re-connecting Luke & Noah in the end, showing that it’s possible these two will come together once again, showing that they came full circle, that Noah was able to be there for Luke in an unselfish way, to understand his love for another man.
    I’m wondering how that storyline is any different than what we saw in the Katie & Chris storyline, him helping her move forward, look to the future. The storyline isn’t wrapped up in a way that Luke has no hopes for the future or dreams for the future, he is going to mourn and honor the man he loved and he also knows that their is somebody waiting for him & wanting him at the same time, when he is ready.

    Killing one gay character to setup a reconnection to another gay character is not giving the gay character the short end of the stick, it’s keeping the focus on the gay characters and their storyline, it’s keeping Luke, the son of Lily at the heart of the storyline. Reid was a supporting player in both Luke and Katie’s storylines.

    there are likes and dislikes, I happen to like Noah & Luke and Luke & Reid and I also like Katie & Chris. I saw all of those storylines and romances develope in a certain fashion.
    They were all well told storylines.

    Katie & CHris set up was classic soaps, as was Luke & Reid’s.
    The widowed mother bumps into newly returned doctor, she is not wanting to get involved but makes it her mission to find a match for the returned doctor, only to fall for him herself. Classic soaps, say one thing and feel another.

    Reid & Luke, he hires a doctor to come to town and help his love Noah. The doctor is rude and pushy and unemotional.
    But thru this period of time they connect and eventually Luke warms to Reid and Reid lets part of his guard down.

    As for Reid,his character could be looked at in the big picture, he was a character who was brought on to heal things, to be a catalyst for other storylines. He was brought on to save Noah’s eyesite, during this time Noah & Luke became broken and not in the same mindset and after Reids death if brought Noah & Luke back together on the same loving level they once were, they were completely fixed, but they were mending, understanding what is important.

    He also served as a catalyst for Katie to move on with her life and for Bob Hughes to retire and have his dream come true, for his son to take over his job. It was Reid’s good standing with Bob that caused chris to take action, something he might not have done, had reid not been their.

    Sometimes a character dies on a soap and the death is so effective that it remains in the minds and hearts of viewers for years to come. Had ATWT lived on, so would have the effects of Reid’s death.. much like stone on Gh or BJ..

  44. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I have been a fan of ATWT since 2007, I fell in love with the Snyders and the ongoing stories of the citizens in Oakdale. With that said I really feel like Guiding Light did a MUCH better job with its final weeks then ATWT did.

    I can completely see where you are coming from Bernard, and I do think that the show is doing a good job with the goals that Goutman set for himself, but I don’t really think that the choices were right at all.

    I like the idea of ‘life goes on’, but why in the world does it seem like we are so focused on stupid crap that really only effects the last one-two years of storylines when this is a fifty-four year old show.

    I  know that my ‘history’ with World turns is slim, I completely get that I am a ‘newbie’ to this program, but I do think that the show needed to honor a bit more of its history then just what happened in the last few moments. Some of the ‘flashbacks’ for Nancy’s funeral were great, but why not attempt to get some of those people back for her final day and do a big ‘Alice Horton’ type funeral? 

    There was a lot that could have been done dfifferently, and a lot that would have made this shows ending a lot more acceptable, but at the end of the day this is what we got, and I have to say I do enjoy it, and I look forward to seeing how it all ends in a few hours.

  45. Profile photo of chip88

    Why not just send CG some flowers and ask for his autograph? It seems that your only desire is to throw gasoline on the flames by being so combative in your tone, and the coulda shoulda attitude is pretty high school. Regardless of the endgames, fans would be disappointed with any outcome – the show is going off the air. CG is a big boy in a tough profession. He probably doesn’t need to be defended here, at least not so vehemently in multiple articles, especially on the last day of the series. I question your motives and timing.

    There was only one chance to wrap up ATWT. For someone who did a pretty bad job with AW this was his chance to get it right, or at least do a better job. Last spring when people were clamoring for story lines to end in order to allow a parade of long gone vets to start showing up, I said in a comments sections here on DC that I thought CG should be allowed to keep moving forward with story lines in progress and not treat this like a museum piece. I was willing to see what he did. I suspect, especially after the bulk of the last three weeks episodes that maybe the creative team still thought the show was going somewhere else. The pace over the summer was slooooow until Barbara’s rescue and they have been on racetrack chasing the rabbit ever since. Regardless, he is The Peter Principle at work: one rises to the level of their own incompetence. He might have given us his best, but it simply wasn’t good enough for the task at hand. All of the plot points you wax so rhapsodically about could have been handled differently with similar outcomes in terms of emotions and character resolution.

    Your comment about thrusting the Hughes family back into the spotlight is a prime example of where I think you are just wrong. They should have always been in the spotlight. CG’s obsession with Meg/Paul/Damien/Dusty/Craig/Emily/Kitchen Sink wasted months over several years when perhaps the Hughes family could have been used a bit more.

    This is a dying genre, and as such he is becoming the mortician of choice, and any show that needs the final push should hire him. OLTL got a head start by bringing back JP. So you go ahead and blow some more smoke and enjoy your afternoon.

  46. Profile photo of rjm118

    Sorry, I couldnt disagree more.

    Guiding Light was no longer viable because of Ellen Wheeler/CBS/P&G. When GL was at the top of the ratings they bled all the $$ to cover CBS’ abysmal prime time lineup.

    As The World Turns’ situation is a little different in that they had more time to prepare for the end. Which was pointless because Goutman didnt use the time he had wisely and again didnt listen to what the fans want. Had they listened to what the fans want they wouldnt have lost viewership. The last few weeks there have been some real sterling moments surrounded by crap.

    Goutman SHOULD have brought Martha Byrne back. Regardless of their personal issues. I like Noelle Beck a lot and if teh show continued she would have grown more with the character, but for Gods sake, give the die hards back their Lily.

    The Reid/Luke storyline has been the most popular story to come out of ATWT in years and they kill Reid to save Chris?!?!?
    Its not homophobia, its bad writing/producing.

    If I hear that Wheeler or Goutman are producing another show, I will know the Soap Opera Graveyard will be expecting another body.

    Im angry, not at the cancellation so much as the disservice they did to the actors and viewers of this much loved show.

  47. Profile photo of chris345

    At no point did this column state that CG is a good show runner or that he wasn’t responsible for the failure of ATWT on some level..

    The column is simply about how he ended the show, how he the storylines were wrapped up vs other soap endings. It’s not about the past 5 yrs of failure, it’s about once the ax was given and the show was going to end, how he ended it.

    Sarah Bibel happens to agree with Bernard, and she is a respected fair journalist.

  48. Profile photo of baycity

    “I have no idea why it took so long to embrace the possibilities of having nothing left to lose and stop wasting time on silly storylines that were in theoretical pursuit of younger demographics. I suspect CBS exerted its influence until the end.” – Sara Bibel

    Goutman failed the fans of this show. And there are three possible explanations:

    1. He’s an egoist and didn’t care what the fans wanted.

    2. He’s a coward and refused to take on the network although it is very doubtful that there would have been any consequences since the show was already cancelled.

    3. He’s incompetent and just did not have the talent to come up with a satisfactory ending for ALL of the major storylines.

  49. Profile photo of spekeasy

    How it ended? I like that the Hughs family actually had a story in the last few weeks but the trouble with “How” it ended is that they didn’t start ending it when it was cancelled and we had months of characters we don’t care about. This may be because of money but I blame Goutman. Why were Carly and Jack married in a field? To me I would of rather in their living room or the Snyder kitchen. And just for the record although I like Jon Lindstrum he is not Craig and never will or could be. This show started dying when Hogan Scheffer left and nobody at CBS cared enough to get rid of Goutman and company. To me a good soap, no matter how long your away from it, when you turn it on, no matter what the story is, you recognize some characters and sets and relationships betweeen people so it feels familar but the story is exciting enough to pull you in.

  50. Profile photo of chris345

    Soaps are ending for many reasons and yes EP and HW are part of the problem, but they alone are not what is destroying soaps.

    Look at all the soaps, with the exception of Y&R, only 100,000’s seperate the remaining soaps. That is why on the weeks leading to the end of ATWT it is ranking 4th in the ratings and higher than soaps that are not cancelled.

    P&G didn’t wish to invest in soaps anymore, because the payoff isn’t there, they aren’t reaching their targete d consumer anymore. Yes CBS is the one that decided to no longer air ATWT, but it was P&G who decided not to invest in the product, to cut costs. It isn’t just one area that a soaps is effected when the money isn’t flowing thru, it’s all the areas. Salary’s are slashed, moral is slashed, writing is slashed, production is slashed and everything else.

    We no longer live in the soap world in which their are rehersals, changes to scenes or actors working 4 or 5 days a week and cast members having overlap. This is one of the biggest problems, the tops a cast member works a week now is 3 days and during those 2 or 3 days all their stuff needs to be filmed, so it effects how everyone’s work is filmed.
    It’s all about the bottom line, you don’t just get to write a story and tell it, you have to consider how your going to film it and do so under a very limited circumstance. There is no way to say I want the whole cast in all this week to film this storyline arch and I want them everyday.

    Soaps are dying because nobody is watching them, people aren’t watching because they lost interest or because the venue did not pass down to the next generation in the way it was to us. Teens and young adults are not interested in soaps, not the way they were once. There are other options out there and often due to the computers and youtube you can get what you want when you want it.

    At some point I think we will see a re-introduction to soaps down the line, but for now they just simply are no longer in fade. The need to redefine themselves and find away to remove the stigma associated with them currently.

    Money won’t be invested in them, it will continue to be taken out, unless someway or somehow they find a means to appeal to more viewers, at least 1 million more viewers.

  51. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I agree.

    Nothing against Julie Pinson who I have thought was wonderful since she was on PC but Janet’s baby should NOT have been so central the last week of this show.
    NO! NO! NO!

    I will say it’s been GREAT to see John Dixon, Rosanna, Gwen, and Will again.

  52. Profile photo of kcgeban

    People are beating up on Goutman and Passanante pretty hard. I have too. They deserve it. But, when all is said and done, ATWT is in better shape and is getting a better farewell than most of the shows that were cancelled in the last 15 years have received. What’s done is done. It seems rather pointless for people to be bitching and moaning now.

    My tribute to the show is to savor my memories and be thankful that it was there for me for so many years.

  53. Profile photo of chris345

    I do think that is the point of Bernard’s column and what Sarah Bibel echos in her column..

    Here is a brief part of it.. and I agree with both of them, as far as ending a soap, for me this ending rates up their because it is acting like a soap all the way till the end.
    It didn’t suddenly deny what it is currently and turn into some folky hallmark card.

    Part of Bibel blog
    “ATWTs final storylines have not impressed some of its longtime fans. The focus continued to be on the characters who have been prominent for only the past few years, not the older veterans. So this week has featured more Janet (Julie Pinson) and Dusty (Greyson McCouch) than Bob (Don Hastings) and Kim (Kathryn Hays). Also, many more former characters could have returned for the farewell.

    But evaluated for what it is, not what it could be, ‘ATWT’s is delivering the most satisfying soap ending that I can remember. (’Another World’s‘ would have been decent without the lovesick gorilla.) Carly (Maura West) and Jack’s (Michael Park) simple outdoor wedding was heartwarming and gave the show’s current supercouple a satisfying happy ending. For a couple who has had so many weddings, anything fancier would have been inappropriate. The dialogue was subtly meta. Jack’s vows included the line, “Things we never imagined could end, in fact, do come to an end.”

    ‘ATWT’ tied everything up with a bow, when Dusty, not Jack, turned out to be the father of Janet’s baby, and Carly learned she was pregnant with the love of her life’s child. Holden (John Hensley) and Lily (Noelle Beck) are also poised for their upteenth reunion. John (Larry Brygmann) is whisking Lucinda (Liz Hubbard) off to Amsterdam — the perfect city for two unconventional middle aged folks.

    The previews for the finale show Bob talking about his retirement next to a globe that is an obvious homage to the show’s logo.

    Yes, it could have been better. Unfortunately, beloved former headwriter Douglas Marland cannot send down script pages from heaven. This is a thousand times better than the final weeks of ‘Guiding Light,’ which were nearly devoid of sets and substituted musical montages for dialogue. ‘ATWT’ is going out as a real soap, with plot twists and romance to the end. I like to think that’s what the show’s creator Irna Phillips would have wanted.

    In its final week ‘ATWT’ feels more like itself than it has in years. I have no idea why it took the writers so long embrace the possibilities of having nothing left to lose and stop wasting time on silly storylines that were in theoretical pursuit of younger demographics. I suspect CBS exerted its influence until the end.”

  54. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    I am trying to look at the positives but it is hard. The show has ended and stopped taping months ago so there is no use in whining because there is nothing you can change. Still, you bring back Will and Gwen as fan favorites? You just hope Goutman and his protege Ellen Wheeler do not get a chance to kill another soap. I was pissed but now I just shake my head at their choices once they knew the shows were over. I was trying to remember when in the last few years I actually thought ATWT was good. So the ending so far does not surprise me. I mean considering how bad their sister soap Guiding Light was up until the end I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. In reading some of the posts, it brings home the fact that it is so sad how same sex relationships have ended on television. I mean you either kill the gay person (Reid) or you let them live (Otalia) but leave the audience wondering why there was no physical display of affection or even if they have sex or not? But from what I’ve read, Goutman has taken it even further then Ellen in giving neither fanbase (LuRe or Nuke) any real satisfaction. Sigh! Maybe Goutman can hang his soon to be retired Executive Producers hat on that one…

  55. Profile photo of chris345

    To compare the treatment of gay characters on GL vs ATWT or knock CG for his Luke storyline is wrong on so many levels.

    What the network allows you to air or not to air controls just how much sex we see and what sort of degree things are taken, this is not decided by the EP or the writer of the show, it’s decided by the corporation who owns the show and the network that airs it.

    Luke is the most developed gay character in the history of soaps…EVER… His storyline has been the most developed in the history of soaps EVER. These very people who are being knocked for things are the same people created the character and brought all the storylines to the forefront. Luke was a main staple on ATWT and he was a gay man, he rec’d a coming of age storyline and a coming of age love story with Noah and later a coming to adulthood storyline with Reid. Unlike GL, ATWT turn never turned away from having Luke kiss Noah or Reid and they did have Luke & Noah have sex. Just yesterday Noah and Luke kiss straight on. The amount of lovescenes we see or don’t is not decided by CG.

    I see it so wrong to knock the people who created Luke, who created Noah and who created the fantastic character of Reid.
    When a gay person watches the show at least they could see someone like them existed and was represented on a show, which is much more than any other show can claim. Luke was a fully rounded character with a love interest, a family with strong ties and an emotional coming of age and into his sexlife which was represent just as any hextro couple would have been. If we didn’t get the full out scenes it was the network & P&G that prevented it. Same with Reid, he was a developed character as well, he was a doctor, he was a loner and he became a kind and caring friend as well. Noah had his share of storyline as well. But none of these characters were just the gay guy on the show, they had depth, they had storyline and they made history when it comes to daytime.

    I’m sorry people feel Reid’s death was a knock to a gay couple, but I find that observation unfair. At the end of the day the storyline is about Luke and how he copes and what he does in the future. His love for Reid was never downplayed, not to the bitter end and his history with Noah was their and it was strong and is possible that they will once again be together in the future. For me that is in no way a cop out for a gay storyline.

    Lisa didn’t get to run off into the sunset either, nor did Molly, nor did Emma, nor did Meg and the same can be said about Susan as well. So it’s not just the gay character that didn’t get the happy ending, or at least the ending that a certain fanbase might have wanted.

  56. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I really don’t agree that Luke was the most developed gay character. I’d give that award to Bianca on AMC but thats just imo not knocking Luke.

    I also don’t think sets make a show I think GL did better than ATWT in its final months but it may of been because of the 3 writers they had not just Goutman.

  57. Profile photo of Carol2

    “Lisa didn’t get to run off into the sunset either, nor did Molly, nor did Emma, nor did Meg and the same can be said about Susan as well. So it’s not just the gay character that didn’t get the happy ending, or at least the ending that a certain fanbase might have wanted.”

    So Luke is now in the same boat as characters like Susan, Lisa, and Emma, who have never really been given story by Goutman?

    Luke hasn’t had a good story in years. He stopped developing ages ago. He ended up alone and unhappy and sexless. If that’s progress, then maybe there’s a reason gays no longer exist on American soaps.

  58. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Right on Carol2!

    I agree. The initial love story with Luke/Noah was the best story Passanante gave ATWT.
    But when it veered into Ameera, Colonel Mayer, paralysis, blindness and a whole bunch of other slop then the tide turned.

    We do have Philip and Rafe on Y&R and Bianca on AMC though.
    Batter up Maria Arena Bell, Paul Rauch, David Kriezman, Donna Swajeski, and Julie Hanan Carruthers.

  59. Profile photo of Carol2

    I wouldn’t count on much from any of them, especially Rauch and MAB.

    I actually thought Reid had great potential but he was quickly put in the usual sexless void that makes up ATWT’s gay couples. Luke meanwhile just seemed to be there. I feel like fans of all three characters were horribly cheated.

  60. Profile photo of texasfanforever

    Thank you for this wonderful reference to the finale of Texas, my all time favorite Procter & Gamble soap. It struggled to find its footing in year one, but everything came together in its final year. Too bad that NBC shifted its broadcast time to the late morning “kiss of death slot” where Guiding Light also landed in many markets.

    Many of the clips from the final two weeks of Texas are on You Tube on hfxmusicman’s channel.

  61. Profile photo of

    Good Saturday afternoon everyone,

    I think after reading many of your comments here on a number of websites, I felt it best to write out my thoughts on what really went wrong with this show over the last decade.

    The first thing that went completely wrong was that Christopher Goutman should and I mean SHOULD HAVE read the late-Douglas Marland’s book of rules on how to not wreck a show. These “rules” if you will, I found on the ( website. This is what she wrote to begin rattling off Doug Marland’s rule for “how to not wreck a show:” “The sad thing is Mr. Goutman could have saved this show instead of murdering it, if he had only listened to a voice from the past; a very powerful voice who, IMHO, was the be-all and end-all of soap genius. I’m talking, of course, about Douglas Marland”.

    “Doug Marland was a soap writer par excellence. He wrote for ATWT from 1985 until his untimely death, Unlike Mr. Goutman’s pallid creations, Mr. Marland is responsible for creating the Snyder family, Hank Elliot (daytime’s first gay male character), a mixed race couple and their baby, and he wrote a very controversial abortion story. He also wrote a set of rules he called, How Not to Wreck a Show.” Too bad Mr. Goutman didn’t read it before he murdered ATWT. (And right now I’d like to tattoo it on the man’s forehead.) Let’s examine Mr. Marland’s rules and see how they are nails in Goutman’s coffin.”

    So, without further ado, here are Doug Marland’s rules and the nail that was pounded into Christopher Goutman’s coffin:

    First, watch the show and learn its history. Did Mr. Goutman ever know the history of ATWT? The way he twisted so many characters from how they originally were into what they were at the end tells me no, he did not. This is seen over and over again, most recently in Lucinda Walsh, to name one character. To tell us 3 weeks before the show’s demise that a long term character knew and associated with a criminal in her youth, when we had never seen a hint of it in all these years, shows that he knew not a bit of who Lucinda Walsh really was. In the past, Lucinda was one of Luke’s biggest supporters; but this week she gave him little comfort in his time of heartbreak. Multiply that type of character assassination over and over with many characters, and you have Goutman’s MO. One nail.

    Next, read the fan mail, because the characters that don’t thrill you are often the fan favorites, and vice versa. An excellent example of this is Janet. The show became, in the last few years, As The Ciccone Turns. It was everything Janet, even though many fans abhorred her, made fun of her, gagged on her, and ranted about her. Fans wanted more veterans, but they were shoved aside time and time again. Goutman stated in a now-famous interview that he just knew what fans wanted without reading a single piece of mail from them. His arrogance was that fans would love whatever he put out there on the screen. I totally expect the last week to be all Janet, all the time, every storyline. Two nails.

    Be objective, put your own likes/dislikes aside and develop the characters the audience wants to see. So I ask you, readers, what did you want to see? Did Goutman develop your favorite characters? I personally wanted more Tom and Margo, I wanted Reid to live and be with Luke, I didn’t want more Iris and Audrey, I didn’t want Janet with Dusty, I wanted more John and Lucinda (I would have given my kingdom for more scenes of them like we had this past week) and I wanted no Gabe, no Hunter, no ruined Adam, no Mick, and no ruined Damian. Goutman sure didn’t give me what I wanted to see. Nail number three.

    Talk to your actors; who knows the character better than the actor? I think Ellen Dolan could have given Goutman an earful about her character and what Margo should have been doing the last 3-4 years. So could a bunch of other actors. And I have to mention how much I laughed when Michael Park, Maura West, and Julie Pinson thanked Goutman as part of their Emmy-winner speeches. I could not believe there was a droplet of sincerity in their thanks; the words were those of an employee thanking their employer as an example of their hopes of impressing any future employers (“see how nice I can be towards anyone who hires me, even idiots like show-killer Goutman?”). But that was JMO. That’s the fourth nail.

    Don’t change a core character. Give them edges and logical reasons to change, but if the audience says, “he would NEVER do that,” then you failed. Failed, Mr. Goutman. FAILED. Jack would have never done that, Dusty would have never done that, Emma would have never done that, Lucinda would have never done that, Barbara would have never done that–well, you get the picture. Goutman gets nail five.

    Build new characters slowly; it takes 6 months to a year for the audience to care about a new character–don’t shove them down the audience’s throats. What’s this down my throat, Mr.G? Why, it’s Gabe, and Janet, and Iris, and all those others you shoved and shoved and shoved. The ONLY character in the last 3 years that you shoved down our throats who was any good at all was Reid Oliver, and look what you did to him. Six nails.

    If staff changes are in order, promote from within, with people who know the show. Don’t fire anyone for 6 months. And remember good soap opera is not rocket science, it’s telling stories, and telling them well. The seventh nail. (To echo her comments, he NEVER, absolutely NEVER should have hired Ellen Wheeler as producer, especially after what she did to Guiding Light during its last 2 years on the air. To put it more succinctly, as soon as he hired her, the axe fell on ATWT).

    Had Mr. “I’m proud I killed ATWT” Goutman actually followed these rules; the show would still be on the air.

    The biggest mistake Goutman made was not utilizing the amazing talent that is Eileen Fulton, who played daytime’s first official “bitch”. During the last 10 years or so, Eileen implored to Goutman to either kill her character off or get her married to a rich prince and send them off of the show blissfully happy. Goutman wouldn’t do it.

    Honestly, considering that Eileen and Chris did NOT get along at all and hated each other, I don’t understand why Goutman would not want to honor Eileen’s wishes. I think it was his intention to make her as miserable as possible during her last 5 to 10 years on the show. The only decent thing he did for her was give her a 50th Anniversary show. But then, in the very last episode which aired yesterday afternoon, he used Eileen as Lisa as an “extra” in John and Lucinda’s scene in which they took up residence in Lisa’s hotel. What an absolute waste of talent.

    From what I’ve read in the comments on another site, having found out that Lisa Brown (ex-Iva) did not want to come back because of the horrible shape that the show was in tells me one thing……..the show was in worse shape than I originally thought.

    As for Martha Byrne (ex-Lily), I really thought it was classy of Noelle Beck to offer to step down as Lily Snyder so that the show could hire Martha back for the show’s final run. Goutman refused and took Noelle off-contract and put her recurring for the last 4-5 months of taping. Quite honestly, I’m actually in a weird way sort of glad that he didn’t do it because Martha would have given him holy hell for the way that he destroyed the character of Lily after she left the show………….then again, perhaps that would have woken Goutman up and made him see the litany of his mistakes and transgressions that he did during the last years of the show.

    Now as one last issue that I have to take with Mr. “I’m proud I killed ATWT” Goutman is the killing off of Dr. Reid Oliver, one of the most refreshing and pleasing new characters to ever have been created recently in daytime. He did a huge disservice to the shows huge GLBT following by completely destroying the shows only three gay characters, Luke, Noah, and of course Reid. Reid was a multi-layered, three dimensional character while Chris Hughes was so one dimensional and a character that no one was rooting for and for Goutman to force this so-called “relationship” between Chris and Katie down our throats was an absolute insult to the fans’ intelligence.

    There was no chemistry between Chris and Katie. I can think of one character that SHOULD have been killed off who had only been with the show less than 4 months and who’s heart Chris should have gotten and that would have been Gabriel. The whole storyline of Gabriel being Craig’s son so close to the end of the show’s run was dumb and unnecessary.

    What would have worked really well was having Craig’s other son that died, Bryant, actually turn up very much alive and well (but I digress). That would really have given Jon Lindstrom (Craig Montgomery) some meaty material to work with. No disrespect to the actor who played Gabe (Ben Levin), but this was a huge and calculated mistake on Goutman’s part.

    Having said that, Goutman should have killed off Gabriel and been the one to donate his heart to Chris Hughes, not Dr. Reid Oliver. Having said all of that, I do have one huge compliment to pay. Van Hansis (Luke) gave the performance of his young career during those three days in which we saw Reid die and donate his heart to Chris Hughes (Van had better get himself an Emmy nod AND an Emmy for the work he did during that week). I’m sure that all of you like me were bawling and sobbing our heads off during those scenes. I knew that Reid was going to be killed off but I was not prepared for the emotional impact that it had. I must’ve gone through a half of a box of tissues in that episode alone.

    Lastly, before I close, I have to take issue with Bernie’s defense of a psychopathic show killer like Goutman. I don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror Bernie every morning and justify the insulting comments made in your defense of Goutman or better yet, sleep at night. I hope that all of these comments and the huge number of us vilifying you for defending Goutman seep into your dreams and haunt you for the rest of your life. Perhaps while you were writing this, you were doped up on something………God only knows. May the soap gods have mercy on your pathetic soul Bernie. Perhaps it is time for you to retire your keyboard and step away from daytimeconfidential for good. I for one really don’t want to see that ugly mug of yours and your rantings any longer. You should be ashamed of yourself………….oh wait, you can’t……’re too self absorbed!

  62. Profile photo of chip88

    So I have read all the comments and rebuttals to date. I think that matealestlmo is 100% on the mark about the state of ATWT and what wasn’t done by the current regime – thanks for you comment, the last paragraph was pure passion, but as for soap Gods and mirrors I have no answer.

    The bottom line is that this was the last week of a 54 year old institution that Bernard says that he has at least a 28 – 37 year connection with, I go back just a bit further than Chuckie Shea, but not much, I hope for more. I would hope that anyone with a modicum of tact and understanding would have waited a until this body was cold to begin such a dialogue. The fans are angry and heartbroken over the loss of their show – and anyone with as lengthy and as close a connection to ATWT should understand this. During a time of grief there is anger and CG is as good a target as anyone.

    Let the fans have their finale, and let it settle. Bernard hadn’t even seen the final episode – which was lacking in so many ways – before seeming to extoll all the things CG did right. This week we are allowed to be unhappy if we choose and to vent about all the things we should have seen yet didn’t. I gave CG the chance to do right by this amazing show and I don’t think he did. I’ve invested nearly 40 years in ATWT and the EP who gave us Janet, Blackie and Uncle Ralphie in in last weeks can take some crap if I choose to fling it.

    If Bernard really has a deep seeded need to defend CG, and he has every right, then come back in a week or two and post these articles. But until then, I think most fans would have liked for you to keep it to yourself. This isn’t the Washington Post or Fox News – DC isn’t here to burst bubbles or create controversy. At least I didn’t think that was the point of this site. This is supposed to be a page for soap fans, and during a time when the epitome of landmark television is leaving the airwaves after more than half a cnetury, please show some sensitivity to the fans at large before the explosive conversations begin. There is plenty of time to allow for this dialogue in the future and to give everyone a chance to voice opinions on CG’s handling of the show. I’ve never said he was 100% wrong at all times, but I have said that after being open to the creative teams decisions I am pretty disappointed, and there is no going back.

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