ATWT’s Lesli Kay Heads Back to The Bold and The Beautiful

When one door closes another one opens.. According to Soap Opera Digest Lesli Kay will reprise her role as Felicia Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. Look for Kay to appear on Oct. 18 and Oct 19.

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    Scott Novick

    Technically, Lesli was dropped to recurring on B&B when she went to ATWT. The original plan was for her to do double duty, but there were issues with her being under contract to two soaps. Since most of her work at the time was on ATWT, B&B dropped her to recurring. Also, her ATWT stint wound up lasting longer than originally planned. At first, her stint as Molly was only supposed to be like three months but ATWT extended her, and then she decided to stay to the end when the cancellation announcement came. I think she only was on B&B two times after she started her ATWT stint, with Felicia off-camera traveling.

    I’m glad B&B’s found work for her. There were rumors of it happening as early as September (since ATWT finished taping in June and she’s been back in L.A. since then), but then she said she’d talked to Brad Bell and it probably wouldn’t happen until the fall. My guess is she’s back for this “ultimate Brooke/Stephanie” story that Brad mentioned in his recent TV Guide Canada interview.

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    I love Lesli Kay and I’m happy to see her again on B&B. I just wish Brad would finally come up with a story for her. She fits so well at B&B and has great chemistry with everyone. She was amazing in the cancer storyline and the character of Felicia has so much potential. I’d like to think she wasn’t brought back from the dead for nothing…

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    Felicia is my fav character on the show but I’m glad it’s only for 2 days because Lesli Kay is way too good to be on this crapfest of a show.

    Here’s the link to a playlist of the Felicia storyline that soapscribe mentioned….Lesli Kay’s best work of her career IMO and not to be missed because it’s definitely one of the best S/L I have ever seen on soaps

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