DIGGING THE KNIFE IN DEEPER: P&G to Pull Classic AW, ATWT and GL Content From You Tube AND Hulu!

Well, this is like a punch in the gut at a funeral. We Love Soaps is reporting classic Another World, As the World Turns and Guiding Light content will no longer be available on YouTube after October 21. They will also be removing their content  from Hulu. Enjoy clips of your favorite Bay City, Oakdale and Springfield families, couples, villains and heroes while you can.


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    Oh I know!

    Just like them announcing GL was going off on April Fools Day and that ATWT was going off like 2 weeks before Christmas.

    Those people need to go ask the Wizard of Oz for hearts cuz they have black holes where they ought to be.

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    Mac Attack

    RIDIC. I’ve been watching classic HOLDEN, LILY and DUSTY for weeks now.

    They need BRAINS for BUSINESS. If they have such an issue with fans watching clips for free online, they should’ve figured out a way to get revenue from having us buy the damned clips… Maybe then, the show would’ve been fricking profitable for them and wouldn’t have to be going off the air….. DUMB ASSES !!!!!

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    How dare P&G announce this today of all days. On the day I have been fighting back tears over the loss of my beloved ATWT. P&G you ruined and killed these beloved shows and now you are pissing on their gravem and the fans who loved these shows. How dare they

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    Why not have a bon fire with the episodes of ATWT, GL and AW, why don’t you? Again, screw you, P&G. You are a joke and not to be upfront with the long bterm fans instead of jerking them around is cruel.

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    I just left this note on the Procter & Gamble soap blog after learning that they are taking down their You Tube and Hulu channels.


    Thank you Procter & Gamble for decades of wonderful entertainment with some of the finest actors, writers, directors and crew members to grace the TV landscape.

    I was raised on Another World, Edge of Night and Texas and was happy to plug into Guiding Light and As the World Turns in recent years via the Internet. This is where your focus should be now. Who needs the broadcast networks with innovations such as You Tube and the new version of Apple TV as part of our universe.

    Speaking of You Tube, I was crushed to learn that you are taking down your You Tube site. On the week that ATWT signs off, this is a double blow for soap fans worldwide. Please let there be an Internet 24 / 7 P&G channel in your future.

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    WTF????? While many may think it seems silly to boycott P&G or to shed a tear when a soap opera ends; I will be writing a nice long matter of fact letter to P&G and CBS. Pulling clips is just twisting the knife. I work all day and used to tape ATWT and watch it at night. I am a consumer with choices and neither CBS or P&G are my choices these days.

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    Well, CBS is a network I will no longer watch. You can thank Les Moonves for that. It was bad enough to lose GL last year, but now to have ATWT cancelled and to remove the clips from You Tube and Hulu is unbelievably heartless. I really didn’t think P&G would stoop this low, but evidently I was wrong. Now I will boycott their products.

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    This is ridculous! They’ve made it clear they no longer want to be in the soap bussiness, why do they have to pull the clips of their shows that ar no longer on the air? It’s almost as as if they want to say “F.U.” to the soap fans. How childish is that?

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    What a shameful thing to do to all soap fans. P&G is really writing a book how to lose your customer. CBS now stand for Company Boring Stinks with their programs and their attitude. Will no longer watch CBS anymore. Good question why the heck do they call it primetime anyway think of it people are working various shifts recording their shows and even watching on-line primetime occurs only to get the most exposure to ad revenue but if the number of people are watching and getting their programs at different times does this make sense.P.S. Networks brass soaps are not a dinosaur entertainment form just look at cable and the web it actually is growing elsewhere!!!

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