Soap Alums Lindsay Hartley And Jordi Vilasuso Head to AMC

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting via Twitter former Days of Our Lives star Lindsay Hartley (Arianna) and ex-Guiding Light actor Jordi Vilasuso (Ex- Tony #1) have snagged a roles on All My Children. According to the magazine:

Lindsay Hartley (ex-DAYS) just signed on to #AMC as Cara Finn. Jordi Vilasuso (ex-GL) joins as Griffin. #AMC. Look for both of the newbies to be connected to/introduced via Jake & Amanda! #AMC

No word on their first airdate.

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    Great! Two more newbies when they can’t even write a decent story for all of the vets that are already on the show. I thought maybe they would bring her in as a Marissa re-cast. I could see her as a spiced up Marissa living up to her dad’s rep.

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    Wow, this is great news! I love Lindsay Hartley!!! I hope she has an extended stay on the show. It’s a shame she is connected to Icky Paull Goldin’s Jake, but maybe they can slowly pull her out of that circle.


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    LOOOOVED Lindsay as the epic Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald but never warmed up to her as the bland, boring Arianna. If Cara Finn is an interesting character and more Theresa than Arianna, I might just have to start watching AMC.

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    I’m impressed as well. This is how you do it.

    I love Jordi, he was awesome on GL and has so much charisma and I know Lindsey is really popular.

    AMC got rid of two so so actors ( and I’m being nice) and brought on two daytime stars that has proven their worth.
    Good for AMC!!!!

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    YES YES YES….I want fight scenes between the Queen Susan Lucci and my absolute favorite soap actress Lindsay Hartley (or at least some dirty, snarky comments between them). Great news for a muggy, foggy friday in San Francisco.

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    OMFG….if Lindsay Hartley goes up again Susan Lucci, whose daughter Liza Huber played Lindsay’s character Theresa’s arch enemy the evil bitch Gwen on Passions, I will **** myself with joy!!!! That would be too much! I would have to put AMC on my DVR and watch it every day…

    Like daughter, like mother….!!!!

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    I adore Lindsay Hartley, but no one short of Robin Christopher could make me subject myself to AMC. I am happy that she has landed on her feet after her ridiculous firing from Days, but like the last 5 years of Passions, I don’t think I’ll get to see it.

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    Truth Hurts

    I am a bit surprised by the casting choices but I am interested to see how they are brought on to the show.

    I was not a fan of Hartley’s character on DOOL but she wasn’t given much to work with either. I suspect that will be different at AMC and she is a lucky lady to be working with the wonderful Ricky Paull Goldin!

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    I am liking this, I was hoping they would bring Lindsay in as a recast Marissa, but I digress.

    Don’t watch CBS soaps, but Jordi is verrrrry handsome, can’t wait.

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    Jordi’s a great actor, nice pick up indeed AMC. Don’t waste him! I’d love to see him with just about any of the 20-somethings ladies on AMC, even a few of the 30-somethings ;).

    Lindsay’s a nice addition too, I just hope she lays off the overacting a bit. I’m sure she was just doing as instructed by Reilly – that guy’s idea of soaps was very campy.

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    Glad Lindsay Hartley is coming to AMC, I’ve been hoping that she would since Passions ended. Too bad her character is going to be connected to a sure to fail storyline with those bores Jake and Amanda. Hopefully TPTB will like her well enough that they’ll find her something better to do.

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    Pretty sure Jordi is being brought on to be opposite Alicia Minshew (Kendall)!! A while back, SOD had a blind item about AMC casting a doctor named Griffin who would be interacting with Kendall. Guess we’ll see how it goes!!

    Anyway this is great news!! I LOVE Lindsay, can’t stand Arianna on DAYS but I’ve just always loved Lindsay, she’s a great Actress. Will be looking forward to her debut and I hope AMC doesn’t waste her!! Don’t limit this character to just being with Jake/Amanda. LH could easily mesh in with anyone else on the cast.

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    I am looking for good story for Jake and Amanda and if this “new” character can do it – great!!! Lawd, I’d give my right arm to do scenes w/ RPG if I was on AMC. The show has totally wasted him. I think Lyndsey is v. lucky.

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    This is interestingly random news. Completely unexpected, but I hope Kreizman and Company can do something decent with these actors and not throw them out to pasture like they did with Vincent Irizarry/David Hayward.

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    I just wish Ricky Paull Goldin would run through a functioning car wash, plus go to a Barber, and get himself cleaned up! He looks a hot MESS 24/7!! I don’t mind his acting as much as I do his appearance! Jake is with the beautiful & insanely sexy Amanda, and he’s looking like a straight up bum. Man he just frustrates me.

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    I’m really excited for this! Still a little bummed that Lindsay won’y be playing Kim on OLTL but you can bet I;ll be watching her on AMC. I just hope the character she’s playing will be a good fit for her.

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    [quote=AllmyDaysatGh]I just wish Ricky Paull Goldin would run through a functioning car wash, plus go to a Barber, and get himself cleaned up! He looks a hot MESS 24/7!! I don’t mind his acting as much as I do his appearance! Jake is with the beautiful & insanely sexy Amanda, and he’s looking like a straight up bum. Man he just frustrates me.[/quote]
    I agree. Is the man afraid of looking presentable? Like wth, get a haircut and clean up, he is paired with one of the hottest actresses in daytime and looks like a bum. Why isn’t TPTB going in there and telling him to sort his sh*t out?

    I swear if I have to watch Amanda and Lindseys character fighting over him looking like the mess he is I’m gonna scream.

    Seeing how friggin’ gorgeous LH and JV look side by side I hope she forgets all about Jake and zero’s in on the new hot doc in town.

    That being said, I’m ecstatic with some new blood in PV and I can’t wait to see them on the screen.

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    OMFG!!! YAY!!!! i LOVE LH! i was a DIE HARD Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald fan & i liked her as Arianna ’till days screwed LH over.. now i get to see her on my AMC! i can soooo totally see her going up agianst Kendall, Greens or Ms. Erica Kane!!! LOVE IT!!!(along with the firing of BA & AM) im going to love AMC i swear Fronzie, Kreizman & Swajeski better do LH rite or else im blowing up the AMC set lol

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