BREAKING NEWS: Kimberlin Brown Joins All My Children!

The woman who helped make The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful Appointment TV in the 90’s, Kimberlin Brown, has reportedly joined the cast of All My Children! Brown, who proved ratings liquid gold for the Bell sudsers, will allegedly be playing a judge for a "juicy" upcoming storyline. The soap superstar revealed the news on Olivia Wilder‘s show for Blog Talk Radio. Can I just say I am TOO excited?!

I hear Brown was supposed to return to Y&R during the whole "Sheila’s Kids Terrorize Genoa City—and Viewers" storyline debacle last spring, but the brass was too cheap to pony up her fee. Meanwhile every Q-list primetimer from Malibu to El Segundo has been cast on that serial. Sigh.

 Here’s hoping AMC has the horse sense to realize they have DYNAMITE in their midst, and fleshes the role of this "judge" out. Wishful Storytelling: Wouldn’t it be awesome if Brown’s judge had a past with Jackson (Walt Willey) and/or Caleb (Michael Nouri) and went head-to-head with Erica Kane (Susan Lucci),  like Sheila Carter did for all those years with Lauren Fenmore (Bregman) and Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery)? All My Kids says they are still in this fight, suckas! To listen to the interview click here.


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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Kreizman, don’t screw this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/quote]

    Alstonboy, you know Kreizman will screw it up……just look at his track record at GL and ATWT. Not exactly glowing references IMO!

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    I don’t care who you are- where you are from (D-listers on Y&R)- but Kimberlin Brown is who the fans want at the end of the day!

    It’s funny see the face of Sheila in the position of a judge!

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    Daniel St. John

    If anyone else but the two bumbling idiots currently writing for AMC were in charge then Brown would be the woman that Adam stole from Caleb and caused him to become a hermit.
    But of course they will make her some non-connected character and let her leave once this Who Killed David storyline is over since I’m assuming she will be the judge for the waste of time murder trial.

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    [quote=Simple C]Wow. Great move AMC. If only David were still around. I would have LOVED to see them together.[/quote]

    I think the crooked judge is a very alive David’s accomplice, helping him pull the final prison puppet strings on Ryan and/or Greens, so I can’t wait to see VI and KB fire devilicious sparks all over the screen down the road! :)

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