DAYS’ Gering on The Great Safe vs. Ejami Debate: “EJ puts Sami Through Hell,Then Says He Loves Her”

It’s the story of a girl caught between a ruthless, blood thirsty monster and an olive-skinned, hunky good boy. No, I’m not talking about that sad little girl from Twilight, who is forever pulling her blasted hair behind her ear! I’m talking the saga of Days of Our Lives‘ Number One Stunna Sami Brady, as played by Alison Sweeney! In a recent interview with one of Samantha Jean’s beaux, Galen Gering (Rafe), has his say on the whole Team Ejami vs. Team Safe debate. It’s arguably the hottest debate in Daytime right now. SAFE versus EJAMI. Where do you stand on this one?

Galen: Well, I’m one of the characters who’s vying for this girl, so clearly I feel she should be with me. [laughs] I think the reasons are pretty obvious. First and foremost, they love each other. EJ is like the worst possible guy in Rafe’s opinion. You know, if Sami doesn’t want to be with Rafe, then fine. Just please don’t go with EJ! It’s pretty clear-cut as far as the character goes. I think Rafe’s opinion is that he has his best girl’s interests in mind, in addition to the fact that he really cares about her and would do anything for her. I don’t think he can say that as far as EJ is concerned. This guy has done so many horrible things over the years that, really, they’re without redemption. The latest of them is kidnapping his own daughter and ultimately pretending that the daughter was dead. EJ puts Sami through hell and then says that he loves her? It doesn’t really make sense.

Now I’m gonna keep it real here and say even after all the gunplay, kidnappings, blackmail and carrying on, I still lean toward Team Ejami. Sweeney and Scott are like sex on a stick in Time Square pre-Giuliani! But before you go on over to to check out the rest of their chat with Gering, I wanna know what you guys think.

Once and for all, who should Sami be with on Days of Our Lives?

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DAYS' Gering on The Great Safe vs. Ejami Debate: "EJ puts Sami Through Hell,Then Says He Loves Her"

  • Are you kidding me? EJ had sex with her at gunpoint, kidnapped her kid,etc. Rafe is the ONLY Safe choice! (21%, 294 Votes)
  • Sami belongs with EJ! Have you seen that chemistry?! Ejami-4-Life! (59%, 812 Votes)
  • When is Lucas coming home? (20%, 273 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,379


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22 Responses

  1. Profile photo of six_soaps_left

    I’m gonna have to say EJ. That accent, that body, that face, and Stefano’s money! SWOON.

    I cannot stand Rafe. Though he’s not too shabby appearance-wise, the man’s character has not been sufficiently well-defined to make me care about him. He’s still a stranger to me. He browbeats all the females around him; and besides the fact that he’s your generic hero-type, I really have no reason to root for him.

  2. Profile photo of east.west

    Who knew a A story could be the one I would fast forward through. That has been the case for “The Saga of Sami Brady and (insert man)” ever since I’ve been watching this show. The other stories are the ones I like/care about.

    Of course this is a forum for the fans of either pairing, but I just wanted to randomly place my opinion.

  3. Profile photo of bonobochick

    Even though I still don’t care for Sami, I would be more interested if it was Brandon in the mix.

    I don’t care for Rafe at all. And I hate this storyline of Sami having shot EJ in the head because Corday is talking out of both sides of his mouth about it saying she’s strong & taking things into her own hands but then also saying it was temporary insanity & Sami had a break when she shot EJ. Pick one, Corday and do it before this show goes further down the crapper.

    Though he’s not too shabby appearance-wise, the man’s character has not been sufficiently well-defined to make me care about him. He’s still a stranger to me. He browbeats all the females around him; and besides the fact that he’s your generic hero-type, I really have no reason to root for him.

    Oh I thought it was just me that had this issue with Rafe. As long as he’s been on the show, this character still has almost no personality nor purpose of his own that isn’t defined by Sami in some way. All he does is talk about her or to her. They can’t ever break up for real, I guess, unless GG leaves the show cause Rafe has almost zero character definition or purpose that isn’t Sami related.

  4. Profile photo of Emmie

    Forget Lucas. When is Austin coming home?

    Only kidding. Austin was her worse pairing. He was even worse than Franco.

    I love her chemistry with James, I do. But I don’t know if I’ll ever get past all the shit he’s pulled. But if Sami forgives him I will. God knows Lumi treated each other like CRAP as well, and I love them always. So while Lucas will always be my first choice for Sami, I am not stupid enough to think they’ll bring him back, so I can actually go either way. I love her with Rafe. and I love her with EJ.

  5. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    I am forever a Lumi fan. Lucas is the standard when it comes to Sami. Whether you like him or not, every other guy is compared to him.

    I find both guys lacking. EJ doesn’t have Lucas’ good side. Rafe doesn’t have his bad side.

    Where the hell is Lucas when his family needs him? Bring him back!

  6. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I’m a Sami/Lucas fan…I just can’t buy Sami as a romantic leading lady I know that character are supposed to grow but that’s just not the Sami character now if we were talking about Carrie then it would be different but anyway I like Rafe because he’s hot and he has an easy going presence and I like EJ just not with Sami.

  7. Profile photo of watchingallday

    Lucas and Sami for life! The stuff they did to each other was awful, but I NEVER thought they crossed a line. Their chemistry was far better than Sami and EJ, which is a poor imitation of Sami and Lucas. What EJ has done to her has gone too far. Since they refuse to bring back Lucas, then I would rather her be with Rafe. I do agree that he has been too defined by Sami. He had great chemistry with Nicole in their scens, and is capable of more than he has been given, but he is good with Sami.

  8. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I say Rafe and Sami. He is alot like her father and he is a rock for her. Sami has NEVER had that in her life and if she would just go for it, I think it could be her Mac Cory to her Rachel Davis from Another World. Who knows what kind of great person Sammi could turn out to be if she just had someone she could trust and lean on? Lucas is just a bunch of bad history and EJ is just some chemistry. Cemistry alone is not enough. He is evil and brings out the worst in her as well. I was kinda hoping she would plug him twice just to be safe. He has kidnapped her baby and forced (ie raped) sex upon her. Enough. Would you really rather be in an abusive relationship with someone because they are good looking and you have chemistry with them? Seriously?
    True enough I can see the problems that the audience is having with Rafe, but if the writers would commit to the couple, those issues would resolve. We would learn more about him. And care for him. But as of yet, he has just been Sammi’s whipping post. Look forward Sami not back!!!!

  9. Profile photo of Nmissi

    Rafe is dull and lifeless, and there’s too much ugliness with EJ. Even if the writers have forgotten his crimes, the audience haven’t. Lucas has always been Sami’s perfect match- they’re they anti-super-couple, at their best as underdogs up against everyone else. I miss them.

  10. Profile photo of dorothyg

    There is no question in my mind that Ejami are meant to be together and have been since they first laid eyes on each other. They are a fun couple, have hot chemistry that comes naturally, and together , they are the best. Ralph is boring, arrogant and self righteous and dull as they come. Sami and Ej have the potential to be one of the biggest supercouples. I love Ejami and to me, they are THE COUPLE OF CHOICE. <3

  11. Profile photo of Steph

    EJ and Sami have chemistry and history and so much potential for future story lines. I love them. They are why I watch Days.

    Rafe, as others have pointed out, is an underdeveloped character and a boring good guy that I couldn’t care less about. Coupled with the fact that the actor that portrays him gives equally one note performances – sorry Days but I am not buying what you are selling.

    BTW – If EJ is Edward and Rafe is Jacob for all of us that read the books we know how that turns out. LOL.

  12. Profile photo of Bettyrj

    :bigsmile: EJami all the way! Chemistry+++++ The attraction to each other started when Sami saw EJ across the hall wrapped in a towel on his first day in Salem. James Scott is one good-lucking hunk of man and Alison Sweeney is a gorgeous young woman – they make an outstanding looking couple! I agree with other posters saying that there is a potential for great storylines with the pairing of EJ and Sami. I hope there still is a chance for EJami!

  13. Profile photo of kittycat

    There is no doubt in my mind that I’m Ejami all the way, but I find it sad how disloyal fans can be. Not Ejami fans, but Lumi fans. Rafe and Sami is a couple that was force fed to the viewer’s because Ej had Nicole, and Lucas had Chloe. The original triangle is Lucas-Sami-Ej. Now there are some hardcore Lumi’s left, but they either faded away due to conversion of the Rafe bandwagon. I was never team Lumi; or whatever Austin & Sami were; for that matter I didn’t like Austin and Carrie either but that is another story entirely. But I like Lucas, and love Bryan but not Lumi. I couldn’t wrap my brain around why Lucas would want to be with that bey-och Sami. Love was never a factor for them, only sex was their connection. Both of them were young and beautiful with good sexual appetites so why not try, but I never thought they would work. Ej on the other hand was taken by Sami from the moment they met. Lucas wanted to bang Sami sister, and only settled for Sami. So I can’t suggest anything good with that, but I understand why people are attracted to Sami and Lucas. History plays a major factor when dealing with the soaps, and people fall in love from way back then getting hooked. I wasn’t the one to get hooked on that pairing, but others did. Then we have Rafe doing his job by protecting Sami, while Ej went against his family to protect Sami. Ej turned his back on his father to protect Sami. Sami wasn’t in love with Rafe at the safe house, nor did she fall in love with him there. They were just friends, but because they forced fed us Ej and Nicole which by the way we the viewers had more time to digest Ejole who I like to call Ejoke, than Safe who I add the tag line on anything but Safe with detective Rafe. Lets be honest anybody who Rafe tries to protect ends up getting hurt. Anna; Calliope ended up in jail after helping scum bag Rafe promised her no time in jail, no surprise there that he didn’t deliver; Last but not least Nicole, he promised her protection yet Ej got to her effortlessly. Now lets rewind back to Sami being at the Safehouse with Rafe, the only reason why Sami was Safe was because all of the time she ran off to the convent with the nuns. Rafe was always yelling at her telling her that she is doing a stupid thing by leaving, but if she would of stayed she would of got killed by the hit man who stabbed Rafe up good, by the way pregnant Sami had to patch the moron up. But Rafe is such a catch. Rafe is a bigger idiot than anything, and more of a joke than Ejoke.
    Safe is no competition for Ejami. The viewers want Ejami now just like they wanted Ejami when Lumi was making noise, but not loud enough. TPTB want Safe more than anyone, because this article has Safe pimping all over it. But Ejammers will continue to scream until our cries are heard. Ejami through and through!!!!

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