Kim Zimmer on OLTL Return: “I Got a Job”!

Spitfire Kim Zimmer dished with TV Guide’s  Michael Logan on what viewers can expect to see when she hits town and resumes the role of Echo on One Life To Live.

TV Guide Magazine: So what’s Echo really up to? Cough it up, doll.

Zimmer: She comes to town with a juicy little secret I can’t talk about but it should shock a few people. She’s also flat broke and hasn’t been able to find another sugar daddy so she comes seeking employment. She used to be a fashion photographer, so she wants to shoot for The Banner and Viki says, "Are you out of your mind? Why would I ever hire you? You tried to convict my husband on murder charges!" Echo also claims she’s back to visit her old boyfriend, who happens to be Charlie Banks [Brian Kerwin], but she’s really doing it to make Viki bristle. And then she tries to get Dorian to side with her because, after all, Dorian hates Viki too — but Dorian tells Echo she has a newfound respect for Viki, which of course makes Echo laugh. Robin and I had so much fun giggling our way through our scenes. She calls me a slut, so that’s fun. Listen, if I’m only here to be a vehicle for these great actors to get some more good story, I’m fine with that. I got a job!


Zimmer also dishes about the benefits of being on OLTL, after traipsing through the bushes of Peapack while on the now defunct sudser Guiding Light.

TV Guide Magazine: You got a new look for OLTL?

Zimmer: Well it’s not the look I had at the end of GL, thank God! I’m wearing some very nice upscale clothing. It’s great to be on a show once again that actually has a wardrobe budget. I was laughing the other day because they wanted to stop and re-do a scene because the lighting wasn’t quite right. I’m like, "You’ve got to f—ing be kidding me! Are you serious?" You know the awful lighting we had on GL! I love that OLTL is still shooting with three big old-time cameras, and you don’t have to worry about staying out of the way of people holding their little goddamn lights and weaving in and out of the scene with their minicams. And we’re shooting indoors so I don’t have to wear special lipstick that takes away the purple when you’re outside freezing your f–ing b—s off. I don’t have to change my clothes in public bathrooms anymore. [Laughs] Logan, I’m tellin’ ya! This is luxury! I’m in heaven!

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  1. Profile photo of amclight

    Since it has been 27 years ago plus since Echo was in town. Could she have last been in Llanview 27 years ago
    dropping off a baby at Llanview hospital after a failed
    romance with one of the Buchanan men.
    Will she turn out to be Rex’s momma!

  2. Profile photo of antmunoz

    OK, understand that I LOVED GUIDING LIGHT. The theme is STILL my ringtone a year later. I mourned and mourned and mourned (and may mourn some more)…

    BUT, I DIDN’T follow Crystal Chappell to DAYS. I thought I would…I really did. But I didn’t.

    And, I didn’t follow Gina Tognoni to OLTL (and I’ve read that was for the best).

    I didn’t pick up Y&R daily again until the week after ATWT got cancelled…hello, Marcy Rylan! But I’m not here for you, necessarily.

    BUT…I will restart watching OLTL for KIM ZIMMER.

    ABC has done something really, really smart here. They just got one new viewer for OLTL.

    BTW, Zimmer’s remarks in TV GUIDE about wanting to stay in the CBS “family,” and their not employing her on any of their remaining soaps, are pretty candid. But that’s her.

    Anyone remember how she was supposed to play the Marilu Henner role on Linda Bloodworth-Thomason’s EVENING SHADE sitcom with Burt Reynolds (following her lauded appearance on DESIGNING WOMEN as Charlene’s cousin, abused wife Mavis), and was replaced by CBS for a “name” actress?

    Poor Zimmer. Onto MODELS, INC., as “Joan,” who loved her a gigolo, and back to GL for the Amish, cloning, magic paintings, cancer and miracle pregnancies.

    Now…who’s Echo’s child by Clint? Someone spoil it.

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