Ex-AMC Star Daniel Kennedy Talks Petey

Tucson Citizen.com recently caught up with actor Daniel Kennedy (ex-Petey, All My Children), who snce being written off the sudser has been keeping busy working on a graduate degree in Media for the Performing Arts at City University of New York. Kennedy has also been interning as an assistant to the Commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs and is preparing him for his goal to participate in the New York City Marathon, that is when the Juliard-trained, Arizona native isn’t auditioning. Check out what Kennedy had to say about his experience portraying the youngest Cortlandt after the jump:

He is grateful for the role of Petey, as well as the opportunity he had to work with, and learn from, his fellow actors on AMC. He truly appreciates the dedication of his fans, who actually started a protest that sparked a “Bring Petey Back to AMC” campaign on Facebook. The grumblings from fans about his character’s absence continues to this very day on soap opera discussion boards. Yet, Kennedy’s fans will support him in bigger roles, which is where Kennedy has intentionally placed his focus. It doesn’t mean that he would turn down an invitation to continue the much-loved role of Petey – if the direction for himself and the character felt right, and if the timing was right.

About being laid off, the former soaper looked on the brightside.

Being laid off from AMC was the perfect opportunity to reevaluate my purpose on this earth. All these things that have happened in the past year I credit to my participation at Landmark Education, a training and development organization. In two weeks, I am completing a 7 month-long leadership course that I credit for giving me the tools to create as many possibilities as I want.




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    I’ve always felt that Daniel Kennedy was a GREAT actor who simply got undervalued and thrown away just because he’s not a “sex symbol” or doesn’t look like a plastic Ken doll, like so many other “leading men” on daytime do. Daytime can truly be a shallow and cruel beast when it wants to be, extending jobs to the prettiest hair models with the best bodies and “genetic advantages”, often without regard to their talents, or lack thereof. I certainly wish him luck in his future endeavors and hope he attains success in whatever venue he ends up in next!!!

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    TV Gord

    I agree with alstonboy4315. It would be easy to have sour grapes after leaving a prime opportunity like AMC. And while I’m ticked off as a (former) viewer at the opportunity of following Colby and Petey (which I think could have been great!), I think he is MUCH better off following his own path (especially after seeing the travesty AMC has become).

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    I really miss Daniel Kennedy. As far as nerds go, I’ll take his portrayal as Petey Cortlandt over that oh so annoying GH Spinelli any day. Plus, I would have love to see Petey toughen up a little and show that he is Palmer’s child because I truly believe Daniel could’ve pull it off. I wish him much future success.

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    He looks like the child of Jill Larson and James Mitchell! I thought what a wonderful job at casting, and I agree with AlstonBoy. It rings true with the argument “Beautiful People have rights”. But to be honest…soaps, need to have their offbeat characters, with different, yet still attractive features. People with quirks are very sexy. People like Cameron Matthson…uh, not so much.

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