French Stewart Dishes DAYS Guest Spot with TV Guide

Former 3rd Rock From The Sun star French Stewart opens up to TV Guide’s  Michael Logan about his upcoming guest stint on Days of Our Lives.

TV Guide Magazine: What’s the scoop on your character?

Stewart:His name is Keith and he’s sort of an odd guy who lopes around the cemetery. Basically the storyline has Brady claiming he wants to dig up his pet orangutan and that’s where the fun begins. My character doesn’t understand why Brady would want to take his precious pet to the competition, reminding him that this is the best pet cemetery in the country. Only in Salem.

For more of Stewart’s chat with Logan, where he discusses if he would do a stint on a second sudser click here.

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    I think it’s great that Days is making a wink to Passion’s favorite ape.

    Also, French Stewart is a great comedian. I’m sure that he’ll bring much to his performance.

    (Folks, remember, it’s a bad economy. Actors have to eat and need work to qualify for their union health care. Please don’t be hard on Days or Stewart with ‘stunt casting’ tirades.)

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    I don’t understand. How do Vivian, Victor, and Brady have any power to do anything with Isabella’s remains? Isabella was married to John at the time of her death, meaning John is her next of kin. Vivian could not do anything with her remains unless she obtained John’s consent. Have they mentioned this at all or just glossed over it?

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