BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Cosgrove RETURNS to All My Children as Scott Chandler!

Well it looks like someone at ABC Daytime is finally learnin’ some horse sense! Soap Opera Digest is reporting Daniel Cosgrove is returning to All My Children as Scott Chandler. I know I recently joked about Cosgrove being bad luck, having been on the last seasons of Beverly Hills, 90210, Guiding Light and As The World Turns, but I was just joshing. He’s an amazing actor and will provide Jacob Young with a viable foil.  I wonder who they will get to play Marissa? Hmmm…. 

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    UGHH Why DC Is So Overrated And I did Not Like Him On ATWT Or BH90210 and He didnt seem to happy on AMC back in the day. I remember reading that he didnt wanna take his shirt off a lot back then. Scott was not shirtless when DC played him that much

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    This is a smart move by AMC, he will also work well with Greenlee and Ryan. He is a very talented actor when given the right material. This is no-brainer, he is going to AMC because DK is the co-head writer. He was with him on GL and then moved to ATWT because he was there. Cosgrove knows that DK will write for him vs going to OLTL and having what happened to GT happen to him.

    I know that actors or actresses cannot bring in viewers…BUT..
    I do believe that AMC needs to attempt to pick up some of the ATWT cast, especially since ATWT was doing better in the ratings than AMC as it went off the air. They should be working to get Terri Colombino at all costs, she is a 12yr ATWT popular star who managed to have chemistry with anyone she worked with, male or female and I do think folks who normally would not tune into AMC or an ABC show would and will check her out if she is on AMC.

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    I consider this good news. Daniel Cosgrove has always been my favorite Scott Chandler. I personally didn’t get all the love for Adam Mayfield. I look forward to Daniel’s return.

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    This is good news. I am a fan of flash backs – they add a lot to current storylines. When you recast that extra special touch is gone. So having a former Scott return means we can see flash backs to some scenes between him and Stuart and Greenlee.

    Jamey your ending comment makes me think you know who is possibly coming on as Marissa?????? Hmmmmmmmmmm

    There was talk that just Scott would be recast and Marissa would be written off? But I think its just a rumor. I don’t know why but I think AH may be coming back to AMC with dark hair as Marissa. Her return would be a great addition to the JR/Annie/Scott/Marissa storyline.

    I will say this: Dan’s return as Scott could be some screen time competition for Super Ryan!!!!!! Maybe CM can take on more responsibilities at GMA- and not be forced down our throats now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jamey by any chance was this the return of the favorite son with a new face by Thanksgiving you were speaking of in your recent Blind Items?????????? Or is there another fav son returning to a soap by Turkey Day????
    If this isn’t what you were speaking of in the blind item,– I have this sneaky suspicion that Michael Park is going to OLTL as KEVIN!!!!!!

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    I’d say based on the blind items that were recently put out there. This isn’t the returning favorite son, I think that’s going to be the Joey B re-cast. OLTL is a strange place recently, they really haven’t made any moves in the casting area at all. It makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.

    There was another blind item that matched this one, somebody reclaiming their role, which would be this.

    I think the blind item about a show looking to bring a duo from ATWT to their show was about Maura West & Michael Park and West took her job at Y&R. People need to remember that the co-head writer for AMC, wrote at GL and ATWT and I can see him showing interest in picking up some of the actors and actress on AMC.

    I really hope Terri Colombino is the re-cast.

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    [quote=chris345]I’d say based on the blind items that were recently put out there. This isn’t the returning favorite son, I think that’s going to be the Joey B re-cast. OLTL is a strange place recently, they really haven’t made any moves in the casting area at all. It makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.[/quote]

    Im Hoping On OLTL They Bring Chris McKenna Back As Joey B

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    OLTL is in dire need for actors who can act and play leading male roles. Big boys vs what they have now..

    Michael Park would be major score and lift for that show as would other actors who are on par with him. The actor who played Dusty is also another good idea.

    John McBain, Brody & Rex just don’t cut it as leads. I honestly don’t get what is wrong with some of the existing soaps, the pool for talent is outthere and yet they continue to stick with sub-par players.

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    Based on the timing for this and the instant firing of the actor & actress who are currently in this role… I don’t think there was any casting involved, as far as testing more than one actor or actress for these roles. I beleive that ABC was going to attempt to get Maura West & Michael Park first, but Maura took the gig at Y&R, so then they thought of a backup plan, there 2nd on the wish list. I think the network approach the ATWT actors about taking over the roles and once they knew they would they announced the firing and recasting of them. Now one of the key elements has been announced, I think the other is going to come shortly.

    This just so clearly points to a situation in which a certain actor or actress are available and now they will be taking over the roles. This timing is right in sink with the finale ATWT episode airing and the axing of those currently in the role.

    Plus Carolyn Hinsey hinted at this weeks ago. I’m sure it was kept under wraps so that the existing actors could be fired and contract finalized for the replacements.

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    Noooooooooooooo! Horrible news! If you thought Scott was boring with Adam Mayfield in the role, then toss out that Ambien and get ready, because Daniel Cosgrove’s sleep inducing acting and lazy face will put you to sleep in no time!

    I know he was in the role before, but he absolutely is a boring actor. He plays every role the same way, no matter what show he is on.

    On the plus side, now the characters of JR and Annie are GUARANTEED to be together, because Melissa Claire Egan won’t be able to stay in such an uneven pairing.

    No Vincent Irrizarry, and now they hire Baron Von Snooze in an important role. Adam Mayfield was a strong actor, and he definitely seemed more like the head of a company than this ultra bore!

    Also, he is a show killer. You bring on Daniel Cosgrove as the grim reaper, the ferryman to lead a show to it’s end.

    Congratulations Frons/Carruthers/Judy Blye…you have officially announced the end of All My Children.

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    Cosgrove didn’t kill GL and he sure didn’t kill ATWT’s..

    Ellen Wheller killed GL with her new formate and horrible writing, Cosgrove’s Bill Lewis was one of the few bright spots on that show and the actor got himself two emmy nominations during his time there. ATWT was already in the bucket when he signed on with them, he was brought on to give the senior Hughe’s members a storyline and allow the character of Katie to have her happy ending.

    If AMC dies it won’t be because of him, frankly if any of the ABC soaps die soon you need look directly toward one man and him alone Brian Frons. Ratings are down because he keeps allowing all of his shows to shove the same characters in our face over and over and over again. He fails to see that perhaps Greenlee, Ryan, Zach & Kendell just aren’t all of that.
    As he does on OLTL with the characters of John McBain, Todd, REx , Gigi and Jessica. As for GH, all mob all the time with Jason & Sonny hogging up all the storyline and airtime.

    An interesting thing about CBS shows, they actually write for and challenge their actors and actress. I think an actor with the talent Daniel Cosgrove has is only going shine when he stands beside some of the not so talent actors and actresses on AMC. I’m taking this as a good sign, that the show is actually looking outside it’s usual box and reaching out to actors and actresses who come for a different network.

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    I love Daniel Cosgrove and IMO he excels at playing darker characters such as Bill Lewis 2007-2008 which is what garnered him the emmy noms but Scott is such a boring and dull character that I don’t think even Al Pacino could make Scott interesting.

    I still think the quad is over and done with and DC won’t be paired with Annie. IMO, Scott as played by Daniel Cosgrove will move into the orbit of Greenlee and others I’m sure and there is absolutely no need to recast Marissa.

    I do look forward to Jacob Young and Daniel Cosgrove sharing scenes…that should be good.

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    They are recasting Marisa, soap opera digest reported that DC is the new Scott and the show was this close to announcing the Marissa re-cast as they went to press.

    Seems to me that they know who is playing Marissa and some contract issues were still being worked out.

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    I am loving this move on AMC part. I love him as an actor, no actor kills soaps as some comments have their stupidity showing about an actor killing a show it is the Executives in charge of the soap, and network |( I am in favor of AMC recasting Marissa, with AH or TC. AMC’s Chandler’s are struggling right now with the absent of David C. so they should then take the pen to that fact because everyone doesn’t know the structure b\c Adam was the structure. Bring home Skye, and recast Haley w\Lorenzo, if AH is coming back if rumors are correct, then TC or KMH. Fighting over who’s who and allies forming, such a Chandler mess at its best!

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    [quote=chris345]I’d say based on the blind items that were recently put out there. This isn’t the returning favorite son, I think that’s going to be the Joey B re-cast. OLTL is a strange place recently, they really haven’t made any moves in the casting area at all. It makes you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.


    Hey Chris– Why would Jamey give us a BLIND ITEM about a Joey recast- when thecasting call went out weeks ago & it was reported on so many soap sites. Joey’s return to OLTL is not blind item worthy. Usually the blind items are backstage stuff no one is really in “the know” about. Example being the firing of AM as Scott last week & the hring of DC this week. Joey is slated to air on OLTL by Nov.- it was part of the casting detail that went out.
    The real BLIND ITEM would be if Kevin is slated to come back to OLTL

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    Hmmm I liked Cosgrove as a Joey recast on OLTL, esp after seeing how his acting perked up considerably on GL as Bill Lewis.
    I liked Adam Mayfield fine as Scott Chandler. His physical resemblance to David Canary made it feel like the elder Chandlers still had a presence in Pine Valley (yes, I know Scott is not biologically a Chandler).
    And the salty innuendo made by some Soap media about Mayfield was entertaining on a somewhat base level…but it made watching entertaining for reason beyond the script.

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    He’s so good looking and I may start watching again with him coming back. Also Lindsay Hartly and Jordi Vilasuso are coming in and I enjoy both of them. I am still upset that they killed David and never got over the death of Dixie either but I still love the show and I hope it bounces back.

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    [quote=Grimm]Hmmm And the salty innuendo made by some Soap media about Mayfield was entertaining on a somewhat base level…but it made watching entertaining for reason beyond the script.[/quote]

    What innuendos were made?????

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    For me this casting is good, but it won’t really have any buzz or legs to it unless ABC & AMC really show some chops and say they have cast Terri Colombino in the role of Marisa.

    Sure, soap repairing doesn’t work 99% of the time, but I’m not so certain that TC & DC’s pairing on ATWT really cemented itself in such a short period of time. If anything it was greatly effected by rushed storyline. So if she were to come on and eventually be paired with him, there honestly is lots they could write and do that would surpass what was done on ATWT for them.

    They have chemistry and both are talented, it could be one of those pleasant surprises in which a pairing can work on another show. If I’m not mistaken DK was writing for them when the character of Chris returned, prior to anything romantic, you know the back and forth flirting. He left before the end and didnt’ get to complete the storyline. I’d think he would want the chance todo so this time around. Clearly he was one of the people interested in bringing DC on to play Chris Hughes and pair him with TC, so he must have seen something.

    It’s very possible he is looking todo the same now.

    DC with a no-name or an ok actress is no big story, no real buzz, but DC with TC or somebody with similar recognition in daytime does work

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    The reference Ted McGinley use to be a joke when a long running show is near it’s end, ted came on Happy Days and The Love Boat, he even joked about it. For god sakes people lighten up. People have to much time on their hands. It’s just a joke.

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    Aaaaaaaand , I just sent this thread into the dirt didn’t I?
    It’s been suggested that Mayfield is extremely gifted anatomically, so much so that castmates and others who know this like to watch him to observe said gift unavoidably on display.
    It was something to look for whenever he came on screen.

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    I think it’s more important for AMC to attempt to bring some of the lost ATWT viewers over to their show while the fire is still there. In the last few weeks of ATWT the show jumped to #4 in the ratings, passing both AMC & OLTL. So people were watching and there are loyal ATWT viewers outthere that just might be interested in following a fan favorite who was with there show for 12years to another show and another network.

    I don’t think bringing somebody back, who was once there works as well as bringing somebody new over, somebody who comes with an existing fanbase from another show.

    What’s maura west going todo for Y&R ratings, nothing. Because Y&R’s ratings are double what her show was getting and it’s all part of the same network, viewers tend to be loyal to networks.

    But going and getting somebody from a show that was getting a bit of buzz on their way out just might do something.
    Bringing Babe back won’t do anymore than getting Kendall back or Greenlee or TK.

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    It’s not that Cosgrove will kill All My Children, it’s that whenever he is brought onto a show, the show is usually on it’s last legs or way out. I don’t think any one actor or character can actually kill a whole show.

    He is like that hospital cat that walks around to the rooms to predict who is going to die. Or like when you see the Silver Surfer flying around, and you know Galactus will be coming to destroy your planet…a harbinger of doom, lol!

    Ugh, I am so disappointed, I thought they would hire someone with a little more juice, someone exciting. Daniel Cosgrove is a fairly young guy, but he plays like he is about 50 – 60 years old. Maybe they should try a Scott and Erica or Opal pairing now?

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    If he messes w/ my JR and Annie supercouple, I’ll just hate him plain and simple, I hated him getting between Dylan/Kelly this won’t be any different.

    If he gets in between Ryan and Greenlee or Zach and Kendall, then I will love him w/ butterfly stickers.

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    I’m with you on “no actor kills soaps,” harlee. It’s beyond ridiculous for anyone to believe that. Y&R has had some terrible actors for the past couple of years (Yvonne Zima, anyone?), and yet its ratings aren’t suffering because of them. Bad story-telling and bad production are what kill soaps.

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    TV Gord

    He was incredibly bland as Scott last time around. I haven’t seen him since he left AMC, but if he hasn’t learned to act in all of these intervening years, that should mean he’ll be more evenly matched with Jacob Young than Adam Mayfield (who CAN act) was.

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    Ugh, put me in the camp of not being to excited about this news. DC has never shown me any sort of energy as a performer and I remember his stint as Scott 14 years back. I preferred his predecessor Shane McDermott. Heck, Forbes March is no master Thespian either, but I have always got the impression from him that he wants to be there in the various roles he finds himself. He would have been a welcome return. Here’s hoping they get someone good for Marrisa. It seems that AMC is really getting comfortable with there LA studio, all this casting is crazy!

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    Blackjaxs, the crazy casting is because, as Jamey said…AMC is still in the red. These casting choices are because the show hopes to gain viewers who were fans of the actors on other soaps.

    It makes sense from a business standpoint. I hope it pays off in the end. The show really should clear out all the dead weight characters such as Randi, Natalia, Brot, Madison, etc. This could free up money to bring back some bigger vets.

    Daniel Cosgrove lacks energy in his performances, which is why I can’t see him as Scott. Not like the character was so energetic, but it’s like they SORASED the character 20 years with Cosgrove in the role.

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    [quote=appleridge]UGHH Why DC Is So Overrated And I did Not Like Him On ATWT Or BH90210 and He didnt seem to happy on AMC back in the day. I remember reading that he didnt wanna take his shirt off a lot back then. Scott was not shirtless when DC played him that much[/quote]

    I don’t think DC is bad but he is overrated. I liked his Bill Lewis for his first few months on GL in 2002 and early 2003 but got really boring(and was probably really bored)by the fall of 2003. He seemed re-energized and ready to play a darker, more interesting Bill when he returned in 2007 but that wore off pretty fast and it was Marcy Rylan and Gina Tognoni who carried the Bill/Lizzie and Bill/Dinah stories most of the way after that, much like how Crystal Chappell carried Bill/Olivia.

    [quote=angrierblackerman]Noooooooooooooo! Horrible news! If you thought Scott was boring with Adam Mayfield in the role, then toss out that Ambien and get ready, because Daniel Cosgrove’s sleep inducing acting and lazy face will put you to sleep in no time! [/quote]

    Yeah, I don’t understand this move if the point is to make Scott LESS boring. Mayfield wasn’t great but I what I did like about him was that he had a certain “Stuart-ness” about him even though he wasn’t Stuart’s biological son. He seemed like a guy who could’ve been raised by Stuart. DC’s will almost certainly be more generic and could’ve been raised by anyone.

    The real potential between a JR and Scott rivalry is that they were raised by such different men and it showed in everything they did. The way Stuart raised him should by all rights make Scott ill-equipped to handle going against Adam’s son but that shouldn’t stop him from trying. Another source of conflict should be the fact that despite their differences Adam and Stuart adored each other, JR and Scott do not and never will and that would hurt Stuart deeply. Of course that whole dynamic was poured down the drain when they killed Stuart for nothing.

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    I can’t see Alexa coming back. Didn’t she just give birth recently? I can’t see her rushing back to AMC. If she does you know Marissa’s personality will have a 360 degree turn and she will definitely probably be more like her Daddy Dr. Dave.

    I am still praying Dr. Dave faked his death and this is just a little extended vacation for VI while he films his NCIS role. Isn’t he just a guest star on NCIS for an episode or 2? I doubt he was added to the show permanently.

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    Hey I like DC, I think he is a fine actor, I like AM, too, but they writing didn’t do him any favors.

    As for Marissa, I am with Jamey, I say ditch the character altogether, and go with the Scott/Annie/JR triangle.

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    [quote=keanna]As for Marissa, I am with Jamey, I say ditch the character altogether, and go with the Scott/Annie/JR

    Oh you want us to LOATHE Scotty even more?

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    Okay, I am confused. How can Rebecca Budig and Daniel Cosgrove have chemistry…wasn’t Scott played by Forbes March by the time RB went to AMC as Greenlee?

    Did DC and RB have scenes together on Guiding Light?

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    Mac Attack

    I don’t have a problem with Daniel Cosgrove as an actor. I didn’t have a problem with Forbes March either. But is the character really necessary without Stuart Chandler on canvas? The recent actor they had in the part was fine. What was the point of letting him go?

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=TV Gord]Blackjaxs, thank you for reminding me of Shane McDermott. He was hands down the best Scott. I wonder where he is these days…[/quote]

    Shane McDermott has given up acting and currently sells real estate in Texas.

    [quote=angrierblackerman]Okay, I am confused. How can Rebecca Budig and Daniel Cosgrove have chemistry…wasn’t Scott played by Forbes March by the time RB went to AMC as Greenlee? Did DC and RB have scenes together on Guiding Light?[/quote]

    Forbes March was Scott when he and Greenlee hooked up (it was when Scott was involved with that bland hillbilly Becca Tyree). Cosgrove played the part in 1996-1998. He had the part during the tedious Kelsey/Scott/Gillian/Ryan quadrangle.
    And RB was long gone by the time DC showed up on GL.

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    David Kreisman came to ATWT in July 2009 as co-headwriter with Jean P. He left ATWT in late Jan to co-headwrite AMC, which he is still doing.

    David Kreisman was on board and wrote the death of Brad S, which earned Michael Park & Julie Pinson their emmy’s. It also should be noted Terri Colombino was ropped of her emmy nomination as well. He had something todo with bring Daniel Cosgrove on board at ATWT, which was announced in Jan as well, but he left to take the job on AMC before the actor started on that show.

    I don’t doubt that if DK at least attempted to make a case for getting maura west, michael park, terri colombino or daniel cosgrove on AMC. If we are to believe the blind item that ABC was planning to make a play for West/Park based on a writers plea, then I’m in the corner to think that Frons thinks it’s a good business choice to bringing some fan favorites from another network on board. GH is to budget full, so I think the focus would be on AMC prior to OLTL and that’s what is going on.
    Also OLTL just brought on Zimmer, there has to be a reason for that as well.

    Unlike GL which was still at the bottom of the pile near it’s end, ATWT did actually show some life and interest in it’s closing weeks ranking better than AMC and OLTL, perhaps even GH.

    Maybe Marissa isn’t Marissa and she will end up being Babe.
    But maybe this time around the show doesn’t want to make the same mistake they made when the brought Ricky as Jake and Beth E as a new character, his character worked because he had ties and hers bombed. Perhaps they want the female part of this equation to have ties.

    From a money standpoint it does make sense to bring on some actors from the other network, especially since P&G fans no longer have a place to go.

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    I wonder who will be cast as MARISSA????????
    Isnt Marissa in her late 20’s early 30’s??

    Here’s my ideas:
    ~ Alexa Havins——– age 30
    ~ Marie Wilson——– age 36 — is she too old to pull off this role
    ~ Teri Colombino —– age 35
    ~ Erin Hershey——– age 34
    ~ Mandy Bruno———-age 29
    ~ Marnie Schulenberg – age 28

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    The only actress in the above list that makes sense from a business standpoint is Terri Colombino.

    Alexa Havins would get some notice and buzz, but do little with the ratings. If AM as Kendell & the return of Greenlee did nothing for the show than bring Babe won’t work either.

    Marie Wilson doens’t really have a soap following.
    Erin Hersehey has been out of soaps for ages.
    Mandy Bruno doesn’t have a following, she wasn’t liked on GL.
    Does anyone even know who Schulenberg is?

    It has to be somebody recognized from another network,either NBC or CBS. Since AMC has just opted to bring on a female actress who was on two NBC shows, it seems that’s the path they are looking into.

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    I love Terri Colombino but she is too darn old to play Marissa who is supposed to early 20s to mid 20s at the most.
    What is this fascination to bring Terri on anyway? It’s not like her and DC were in some popular blockbuster romance on ATWT that they absolutely has to be paired together on another show.

    I personally don’t see the point of Marissa staying on unless it’s as a Bianca love interest.

    I just hope the marissa recast has some charisma and can act….and stays the hell away from my JR.

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    Love him, but I thought AM was working out real well. And IA this isn’t going to give the character any more edge, it’ll just really upset the dynamic of the four characters being relatively the same age. IDK . . .

    Now, I’m staunch in my belief that the only recasts that should be considered for Marissa are Alexa Havins or Amanda Baker, as one of them should’ve been cast in the role in the first place . . . it’s the only point of long lost twins, lol.

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    what’s the point in bringing cosgrove on, he is aging the character of Scott by 10 yrs versus the current actor.
    The point is that TPTB are attempting to tap into a fanbase outside AMC’s, to take some loyal fans who have watched another soap and no longer can and perhaps get them to check AMC out.

    Who is to say that if she is Marissa that she will even be paired with Scott or DC. Yet at the same time TPTB do have that fallback option.

    It’s looking at thing from a bussiness standpoint. You have two canned P&G soaps which aired on CBS and one of the canned soaps ATWT was getting better ratings than AMC in it’s final weeks.
    It’s about taking a shot, thinking that loyal fans of Terri Colombino will want to check her out in her new gig.
    It has nothing todo with character age or character history, it’s all about getting a certain actor or actress with whom you think can increase you audience.

    TPTB were very clear that they were firing the current actress and actor so that they could move both in diffent directions.
    They have gone out and hired an actor who has 15yrs on the current actor playing Scott, so why would it be beyond belief that they are going to go out and get an actress who is also older. This is AMC and they have a current Liza who is younger and nothing like the original Marcy Walker Liza on the show, why wouldn’t they. It’s about getting somebody who might have a fanbase from another soap & is talented and bringing them on board.

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    I think Terri Columbino, Vail Bloom, or Natalia Livingston would be great as Marissa…there’s also Alexa Havins, I would LOVE if she came back!! She might be to young, but somehow I can see Rachel Melvin (ex-Chelsea, DAYS) rocking this role, to. Anyway, can’t wait to see who the show casts….Alexa Havins would be my top choice but I highly doubt it. Natalia, Vail, or Terri would be great.

    Not excited about Daniel Cosgrove at all…..sigh, they should have gone with someone else. Maybe he’ll be good, somehow I can’t picture him with MCE (Annie), though…

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    While I am in the camp of both Adam and Brittany doing good work, esp. the latter finally coming into her own due to the improved writing, in the story, this is pretty good news getting the original actors back in their “original” and new roles respectively.

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    And speaking of DC’s inescapable daytime presence . . . he must be doing something right . . . either he’s a fav. to work with or he’s incredibly flexible contract-wise because there’re so many ex-GL and ATWT actors still out of work, not to mention a handful of soap stars and well regarded actors from other shows who’ve been out of work for a long, long time . . .

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    Courtney fan4life

    Adam was horrible not only as Scott but in general. he wouldn’t act, his facial expressions were weird, and he wasn’t hot. If you are gonna have a Scott then they have to compete with the amazing and hot Jacob young!

    but I heard Daniel is awful? As long as he’s away from Jr and Annie Im cool. Marissa can go

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    [quote=Courtney fan4life] If you are gonna have a Scott then they have to compete with the amazing and hot Jacob young!
    but I heard Daniel is awful? as long as he’s away from Jr and Annie Im cool. Marissa can go[/quote]

    You know these writers are stupid enough to continue this crap w/ Scott/Annie.

    In order to get this

    [video: autoplay:0 width:350 height:200]

    I’m gonna forever remember we had to go through the 4 stages of tools.

    Tool #1 Brittany Allen
    Tool #2 Adam Mayfield
    Tool #3 Over the hill, I once was on 90210 Daniel Cosgrove
    Tool #4 Dumbass AMC writers

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    What people are failing to see is that he’s played Scott before. It’s not like they’re pulling this out of their asses. I think it’s great, and if Teri is recast as Marissa…there may be hope for my AMC.

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    TV Gord

    Who’s failing to see it? I think we’re all seeing it. Some of us just remember how badly he sucked at it way back when. I think rehiring an actor who failed the first time around, and then ushered two classic soaps to their ultimate demise is the very definition of “pulling this out of their asses”.

    Anyway, I hear Adam is making a movie in Texas, so it sounds to me as though he dumped the awful AMC rather than the other way around. That makes me happy, because I thought he was a talented actor. It’s too bad he joined the show right around the time that I was deciding to give it up after 30 years.

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    BTW Mayfield still sucked, that’s no joke he did, facial expressions, mouth gestures, tone of voice, on this show he sucked.

    But Cosgrove is gonna suck up screen time just look at what he did in 1998, YT Ryan and Gillian that’s next for JR and Annie.

    He’s gonna suck the life out of Melissa Claire Egan’s Annie

    Then we’re going to have the hottie Chandler in JR wondering when he’s gonna get laid, and why he’s not getting any. Another words instead using DC in an angle that could benefit his existance and have rootability or add a needed spark you know like Ryan/Greenlee? or Jake/Amanda? they’ll waste him and kill the one thing fans want in JR and Annie.

    How is Cosgrove not a show killer, everytime he enters a show his character kills angles, couples you name it. I wish I were lieing but that’s what I’ve noticed.

  49. Profile photo of chris345

    90210 was on the air for 10 seasons and DC’s role was simply supporting to Kelly’s character. I’d look to other factors as to why that show went of the air, including no Brenda and no Walsh’s living in the Walsh home and especially the fact that the characters were 10yrs out of highschool. But in truth 90210 is still airing, it’s been on the CW for the last two years.

    ATWT was canned in Dec 2009, DC didn’t sign on until Jan 2010 and air until march 2010. He was hired to wrap up storyline and had nothing todo with the series getting the ax, it was axed before he was hired.

    I won’t even touch on GL and how that has nothing to do with him either. But you just have to look at the production quality and Ellen Wheeler’s vision to see why that show is gone.
    Cosgrove was really good as Bill Lewis and he even earned an Emmy nomination for his role.

    Now the Big question is really this… When are we going to find out who the Marisa recast is???

  50. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Adam Mayfield was doing a PERFECTLY fine job as Scott. I actually saw a little David Canary in him—and potential leading man characteristics, but since he’s not a “sex symbol” and he doesn’t look like a plastic Ken doll, they threw him away. They did the EXACT same thing with Daniel Kennedy, who played Petey. I guess not being “classically good-looking” is now the kiss of death on daytime television, while hair models are given job security and OJT privileges, as they TRY to learn how to act onscreen, while being paid an exorbitant amount of money to do so.

    I like Daniel Cosgrove, but he really does seem like the Neil Patrick Harris of daytime television–he’s literally EVERYWHERE. You can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting him nowadays. I wish him luck, but I saw NO need to recast the role of Scott Chandler.

    Now….Colby and Randi??? Where are my recasts for THOSE roles?????

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