General Hospital’s Tony Geary Returns Oct.7

Needing a Luke Spencer fix? The wait is almost over! According to, the General Hospital star makes his way back to Port Charles next month. The site tweeted:
Tony returns to General Hospital on October 7th! What will be up with Luke Spencer this time?

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Welcome home, you silver-haired devil!!!!!!!! :) :)

    How I’ve missed ye………………………….

    P.S– Your daughter has become an ENORMOUS pain in the tush while you have been gone, and your son has developed some strange British accent!!! I’m thinking they may need some fatherly guidance!!! ;) ;)

  2. Profile photo of pumpkin

    For me, who cares. I am amazed he is even needed. His stories are lame, particularly his exits. He must be getting enough money to come and go like he does. Years since I care about the Luke character. Tracy even less.

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