OLTL’s Kassie DePaiva’s Facebook Status: “It’s Good to be Blair!!! Love Both my Todds!”

One Life to Live’s Kassie DePaiva just sent the interwebs into a frenzy with the following Facebook update:

It’s good to be Blair!!! Love both my Todds!

Now, a quick look at DePaiva’s earlier posts reveals she had been reminiscing via You Tube, posting old Todd and Blair clips from when Roger Howarth was in the part. Could it simply have been a cyber stroll down memory’s lane, or was Soap Opera Network  on to something when they reported setsiders had informed them that Howarth was "returning to the ABC soap in the near future" and would be seen onscreen as "early as December or January"?

Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey all but debunked the rumor, when she answered back with this on her Facebook page to readers asking about SON’s story last month: 

“Seriously, stop with the Howarth misinformation here please. He is not coming back to OLTL. Case closed.

And now, not to leave Hinsey out on a ledge by her lonesome. I too checked with my moles who said SON’s story was bunk, and that Howarth had turned the show down, however One Life to Live was desperately hoping he would change his mind. So, yeah, what IS the deal with Howarth?! All I gotta say is whatever goes down, Trevor St. John better STAY Todd! Also, if Howarth does make it back on set in time to wipe snowflakes off Blair’s nose, then I will lead a blog post with "SOAP OPERA NETWORK GOT IT RIGHT BITCHES!"  and have Luke put it at the top of the page for one full day.

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    Didn’t they just have a meeting about what they can and can’t say on their internet accounts? Either way, stuff that makes you go hmmm and Frank will not be pleased ’bout dis.

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    Is this Roger Howarth confirmation?? Sounds like an odd thing to say unless it’s really true…I like TSJ as Todd too, so as far as I’m concerned, this is double the pleasure.

    I’ll start watching OLTL again when RH returns. Surely this will mean more airtime and perhaps even a storyline for Susan Haskell/Marty!

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    Jon Hensley told me he’s coming back, but I didn’t quote him directly because of the topsy turvy info. Even though it was on the record. Come on, if Vanessa will return, Roger will! Heard they were close to deal earlier but Roger asked for too much money, so ABC said SCREW OFF! He’ll recant.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’ve been told all along it was bunk, but Kassie’s facebook page made me wonder if hell, my peeps didn’t know what they were talking about! LOL Roger is the new Vanessa Marcil.

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    She Could Have Just Been Talking About The Two actors and RH is Not Returning and Im sorry but in a medium where vets have to take 60% paycuts, RH has no Business askin for top dollar

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    No, Rodger’s gone, no coming back.
    I loved his serious but funny Todd side but Todd is now St John and his Todd had completed the Todd circle of life.
    We need to get Buddy to stay as COLE and WITH STARR.

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    Im sorry but if OLTL brings back RH as Todd and screws over TSJ in anyway I won’t watch anymore.. as far as I’m concerned he IS todd.. I’m not opposed to RH being on as a Todd twin though..I mean, twins run in families right lol

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    Trevor St. John has done a MAGNIFICENT job as Todd Manning, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s now HIS role. As I have said before, with VERY few exceptions (such as Rebecca Budig/ the “real Greenlee” on AMC), I don’t like it when people VOLUNTARILY leave shows and then try to slink back in a few years later after ANOTHER perfectly capable actor has come in and made the role his or her own. Finders keepers, losers weepers…

    I like Roger Howarth, but I don’t think he should get a free ride to just push Trevor out of the way and pick up where he left off……..

    I will be HIGHLY upset if Trevor is thrown overboard just to accommodate Roger.

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    TSJ is going nowhere. Even if RH comes back as Todd, it doesn’t mean TSJ’s out of a job. Plus there’s always the possibility TSJ will continue as Todd and RH will play a new character.

    Look at Days of Our Lives. Drake Hogestyn was the “real” Roman til the original Roman, Wayne Northrop, came back and reclaimed the role. However, Drake was even more popular as John Black than Wayne ever was as Roman. So RH coming back should not be seen as a bad thing for TSJ fans.

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    So in the end Drake didn’t last as Roman either. And neither, by the way, did Wayne, the original. Josh Taylor is playing Roman now, even though Josh had played Chris Kositchek on Days in the 80’s. Wayne Northrop later came back and played Dr. Alex North in 2003 or 2004. At one point all three actors who played Roman were in a storyline together.

    I just read what I wrote above and even I find it mind-boggling..LOL… God, only on soaps!!!!! :)

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    I’m just saying that the original Roman didn’t end up as popular as the guy who replaced him. So TSJ fans should take comfort in that.

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    I’d like to see them explain how TSJ’s Todd was able to have flashbacks of his original rape of Marty if he’s not the real Todd.

    Of course, in soapland anything is possible, but it would have to be some kind of lame explanation like they weren’t flashbacks, just his imagination of a younger version of himself doing something that awful. And that in itself would make him some kind of a sick individual when you think about it.

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    ^^ TSJ’s Todd could have had RH’s Todd’s memories implanted inside him through hypnosis or brainwashing. I’d also suggest a microchip in his head, but that might be too “Days”-ish for OLTL.

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    And didn’t Tea do a DNA test of TSJ’s Todd to prove that he is Dani’s father?

    I like RH but TSJ is Todd. RH left voluntarily. If he wants to return, then let it be as a twin and not the real Todd.

    Team St. John!

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    So if Roger Howarth comes back…let me ask some of you, isn’t it going to be more hindering than helpful for the fledging show? Into the beginning of this year, “the powers that be” nipped several budding storylines that actually brought out the diversity that the show has championed off and on during it’s 40 plus run. Yeah Roger Howarth comes back, in lieu of all the storyline shake ups from the last nine months, and I suspect the focus will dramatically reshift to him and be mostly about him, and Kassie and maybe Trevor? And I guess that’s fine, because it seems a majority observe Roger Howarth as such a tour de force (though I think Trevor’s work actually evolved the character). Is it possible given this popularity for Howarth that it will continue to prevent anymore frontburner storylines that involve Viki and Dorian, the veterans regulated to doing the things they are now? Roger Howarth’s Todd Manning is known for having raped Marty Sayebrook. I swear, sometimes it feels like the character of Todd Manning overall has raped ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

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    By the way Alistair…”Microchips in the head” are definately ONE LIFE’s forte. In the 80’s, they had a diabolical doctor named Ivan Kipling who surgically implanted microchips into the heads of Dr. Larry Wolek and Llanview’s police chief Ed Hall in order to disable them in his scheme to kidnap Larry’s wife Karen. So yeah, ONE LIFE has been there, done that :) And if they do it again…then just bring Jack Betts (Dr. Ivan Kipling) back on…it would be fun to see him…and we are in the advanced technology era so maybe he could really do things to Llanview that Mitch Laurence couldn’t with his electroshock.

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    Llanview76, as one longtime fan to another, I’d like to ask when you feel OLTL began its downward slide? I feel that the show hit its peak with that storyline in the late 90’s where much of Dorian’s pysche was finally explained. The storyline involved her and her sisters discovering their insane mother was still alive and being taken care of by her equally insane nanny who tried to kill Dorian. Mel had something to do with her finding out, I seem to remember.

    I think the storyline was criticized a lot at the time, but I LOVED it. It made me understand why Dorian related to Vicki’s issues with her own father and why Dorian was so protective of the other Cramer women.

    After that story played out,the show began sinking IMO.

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    Two Todds running around Llanview is going to be confusing for the OLTL fans. I Expect Fan Wars between each actor’s fans is already started. Personally, I do not like the Twins idea.

    Maybe one Todd is from Fringe’s alternate Universe. Technically he would be Todd but just with enough differences so the fans could tell them apart.

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    [quote=josstheguy]And didn’t Tea do a DNA test of TSJ’s Todd to prove that he is Dani’s father?


    I thought Tea did the DNA on Ross and since she wasn’t with anyone else, It had to be Todd’s.

    I do hope that RH is coming back (as Todd though) !!

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    To Baycity…wow…to be honest, from one long time fan to another and anyone else who is reading, ONE LIFE for me changed the moment Paul Rauch left and Linda Gottlieb was about to take over the reins. It seemed at that point, gone were the days we built up to a stunning Friday cliffhanger; gone were the summer romances/mysteries/adventures. Once Gottlieb/Malone entered the arena so much happened to deconstruct Llanview. Power couple Clint and Viki divorced over an unnecessary affair she had with Sloan; Clint, who always struck me as a compassionate cowboy became an instant homophobe; the memory of Victor Lord’s character evolved further from having been an iron hand patriarch turned lothario who preyed on Irene Manning to ultimately a sexually abusive father who preyed on Viki. I didn’t appreciate that a lot of already established history was being tweaked, (and having watched faithfully for the last two years, I don’t like it when the current head writing team does it.) HOWEVER, Malone himself, being a novelist, had a very rich way of pooling the show back to reality through scripted dialogue which I personally enjoyed given some stories later during the Rauch years had the potential for absurdity given characters were already taking trips to Heaven in their minds or going back to the past. What also kept me going during Gottlieb/Malone was my enjoyment of the return of Robin Strasser as Dorian; John Loprieno as Cord; and James DePaiva as Max. I enjoyed the characters of Cain Rogan, Luna Moody, David Vickers, and after all this time…for the first time since Mia Korf left, I am enjoying Kassie Wesley’s Blair. WARNING TO HOWARTH LOVERS: I am about to rant…To be honest I think it has to do with Kassie’s Blair being with Roger Howarth’s Todd that made me lose interest in the characters and over a majority of the last decade, the show. I’m not looking forward to him coming back.

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    I honestly don’t feel the character of Todd should have been kept around after the original rape storyline. This should have been Marty’s storyline, not Todd’s. My passion for OLTL became just a slight liking after that.

    Another storyline that I feel was as a dreadful mistake was Mitch bringing back Victor Lord. Victor’s death had been very well established back in the seventies. Also, Victor was already quite old when he married Dorian, so he’d have been about 110 years old when he came back.

    I detest the way OLTL re-writes its own history every time a new production regime comes in. I guess OLTL and Days really do have a lot in common.

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    Roger’s not trying to slink back in the role. It’s OLTL that is pursuing him in the first place. I believe they did so a few years ago when his contract was up with ATWT.

    Personally, I don’t see him going back because he’s been so against it for a while. I remember seeing a youtube video posted back in may of him thanking his fans, and the owner of that video account said he told her it’s not happening.

    I also believe Frons is the creative consultant for OLTL, which means he has a lot of input into OLTL’s storylines. Combine that with Re-Run Ron’s poor writing, and I think you have the makings of a disastrous return, so I could see why he would want to stay away.

    Some say TSJ has made the role his own. Imo, he’s made HIS character HIS own. Imo, I don’t believe he’s really playing Todd. Where’s the self loathing, self hatred, bitterness, anger, and the intimacy issues. These were all staple characteristics of the character which are no longer prevalent in the character on screen today. These issues were never addressed, so I don’t see why I should believe they all just disappeared. The character on sceen today is an arrogant, cocky, and narcissistic punk. I’ve seen the character onscreen today do things that Todd would never do (ie: rapemance, or putting some woman before his children). I, for the life of me, will never understand why tptb ever brought Todd back if they were going to change him so radically.

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    I stopped watching OLTL when Roger left-shortly thereafter. I gave Trevor time, but he was never and will never be Todd for me. I have nothing against the actor, just didn’t click with me. I really enjoyed Roger, and other things happened at that time, and it was easy to leave. If Roger came back, I would watch again.

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    I agree with your last paragraph. I literally stopped watching One Life after Trevor came in. I couldn’t do it, so wrong. You exactly nailed it. Those character traits of Roger’s Todd is what made him Todd. The whole inner turmoil of what he did, hating that he was a monster, but still continuing to be. Yup, Rodger is Todd. Now, if they took Todd’s character and had him have an accident in which he lost memory/mind and nuTodd came out of it…that would be different-since I don’t watch, did they do that?

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    OLTL and AMC Fan for Decades

    For me, there is, always has been, and always will be ONLY ONE TODD MANNING – -the ORIGINAL Roger Howarth. I kind of “grew up with him” on the show – – and the CHEMISTRY between Roger and Cassie – I have never seen that chemistry duplicated between any characters on this show.
    Although, the actress playing Kelly Kramer and the actor playing John McBain run a close second.

    Roger Howarth is the REAL Todd, and Revor is an imposter…in my book.

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