Rebecca Herbst Back from Maternity Leave at GH!

Look for Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) to be back on our screens in mid-October, according to Soap Opera Weekly. The popular General Hospital veteran returned from maternity leave on Sept. 16, after having given birth to son Emerson Truett Saucedo on Aug. 9. This is Herbst’s 3rd child with former GH costar Michael Saucedo (ex-Juan). Wishful Storytelling: Wouldn’t it be great if once Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) learns Jake is Jason’s son she starts pushing Liz and Super Jase (Steve Burton) back together? Now that would get the ratings up—not to mention Jason’s shirt off!

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    No Daisy

    Jamey, aren’t you brave sticking your Liason lovin’ neck out there to be lopped off by the haters. I love it! I’ve been calling for that story since before I even knew of Brendas return. She would be relentless if she knew what a stupid bonehead Jason was being about his family. And both Brenda and Elizabeth are frieds with Robin, so there’s a second connection there. Maybe someday Guza will make it right.
    Wait, who am I kidding? Well anyway, its a lovely thought.

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    I would love that story line Jamey. From your lips to the writers ears. :-) I know for a fact the ratings would go up. There are so many Liason fans out there, that refuse to watch this show until they are reunited.

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    I am happy to hear Rebecca Herbst is back! YAY! I can’t wait to see Elizabeth back on my TV! And I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be seeing Jason and Elizabeth interacting soon.

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    I love Rebecca Herbst and her character Elizabeth Webber and always have. Hate what they have done with Elizabeth ‘s character though this past year. Hoping she is coming back stronger and more independent like she was before this past year.

    And Brenda helping getting Jason and Elizabeth back together would be the best. The couple of Jason and Elizabeth would tie the mob and hospital together and isn’t that supposed to be what General Hospital is about? Not to mention their long and rich history on the show and with legacy characters. Really a logical choice since Brenda has known Jason so long and knows his views on people who harm children. Brenda needs to give Jason a wake up call about who he is currently with.

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    I would do cartwheels around my living room if that story line would play out. I think a Brenda, Robin and Elizabeth friendship would be a great replacement for the girls’ night out group. And the Brenda who believes that Jason would kill someone who hurt a child needs to be told about the things a certain PI did. I would flove to see Brenda go off on Sam!

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    Now, Jamey! You know for damn sure if Brenda found out that Jason was Jake’s son she’d tell Liz to get another paternity test just to make sure and if Jason still turned out to be the father she’d tell her that setting bear traps around that boy’s crib would be less dangerous than having Jason as his father. lol

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    I agree. I have not watched GH since 2008. Rebecca and Steve was the reason I watched. They brought love and romance in the afternoon. I wish the writers would see that we want romance not sleeze. How in the world could Jason forget what Sam did. Can not stomach GH now.

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    I’m so glad Becky is back! Looking forward to seeing Elizabeth on screen again. I really hope GH gets a clue and gives us Jason and Elizabeth. Their love story needs to be told!

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    Yay, Becky is back!!! Jamey, I like the way you think!!!! It would be great, if the story played out that way. I have been sitting on the sidelines, just waiting for a LIASON REUNION…..Becky & Steve have such great chemistry, it’s a waste to not capitalize on it. If Brenda’s the catalyst that makes LIASON happen, then I say
    “BRING IT ON” the fans have waited long enough!!!!!

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    so glad there are enough nutters like me out there to keep this couple alive, if even just in our hearts & fic for the moment.

    When the writers start typing out scrips with lines like:
    “This is a man who would KILL someone if they hurt a child”
    and put those words in a mouth like Brenda’s…. one can’t help but hope!

    So glad Rh is back. I wouldn’t love this character so much if Guza didn’t get it right some of the time. Praying he has redemption dreamed up for both Jason and Elizabeth in the future.

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    Look forward to seeing Elizabeth as a long time fan I just hope they do something different than sticking her back in triangle hell with the same outcome.

    One triangle after another each culminating with a baby …Guza writing for a woman with three children?

    UMmmm I don’t know there is a lot of story there but I doubt if the Powers tell it. So much destruction to one of the last original actors to originate her role of nearly 15 years.

    How many are left now? Kimberly and Vanessa left and came back but Nancy, Jane, Becky are the only ones left standing (Monica who was a re-cast is on recurring) besides they won’t write for them unless they are attached to a man …GH doesn’t write stories for and about women…she propped Lucky for a year and got thrown under the bus with one of the worst story lines I’ve seen in years.

    As for Jake being acknowledged publicly as Jason’s son there is enough story to tell for a year. I’m still reading different scenarios on how this can play. IMO this is a powerful story yet they refuse to tell it. Jason rarely has “his own storyline.”

    I just don’t get the deliberate way they keep them separated. And to re-tell it to negate the Jake and Jason storyline by playing the same beats with Lucky and Nik.. its mind-boggling…

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    Sorry not a fan of Jason/Liz – I thought they had zero chemistry. I started watching GH again when those two were together and almost stopped watching because of them. Instead they were on my FF mode. I just see Liz getting back with Lucky after they find out the real paternity of the newer baby. It would be nice to see her get together with someone totally new.

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    Luckily, Jason doesnt remember who Liz is and hasnt been bothered to think of her since he paid her off.

    Im sure Liz’s latest baby daddy’s are available to keep her smirking and busy with her drama.

    On second thought, they seem busy as well.

    Damn. Who’s Liz’s next victim?

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    GHfan4life411 – Very well said!!! :beer: :beer: :love:

    alstonboy – No, the headline, article & previous comments made me sick to my stomach! ;) LOL It just seemed easier to express my disgust through pictures. LOL

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    Yay! Glad Becky is back! Can’t wait to see her on screen.

    Hopefully, The writers will stop pretending that Jason and Elizabeth never had a relationship and a child together and stop pretending that Jason would really fall in love with a person who was evil enough to try to get rid of his baby son.

    It is time for the writers to bring this alternate universe from hell to an end and for the real Jason and Elizabeth to be returned to the fans that have never stopped loving them.

    Hate on, Haters, hate on.


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    Thank you Jamey! So glad that the beautiful and talented Rebecca Herbst will be gracing our screens again. I too am one of those delusional Jason & Elizabeth fans that would love to see them reunited. Still don’t understand why GH continues to sit on a gold mine of ratings by keeping Jason & Elizabeth apart. I’m hoping Brenda finds out about Jake and out’s his paternity to the rest of Port Charles and then we’ll see how the not so mighty enforcer can handle the outage of his son and the mob. That’s the s/l folks are waiting for.. Jason handling the mob and protecting his family; i.e Elizabeth and the boys…

    We want a Jason & Jake storyline.

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    LOVE Rebecca Herbst….but the only thing that would bring me back to GH is a REAL love story finally, between Liz and Jason…they are fabulous together…make the whole show for me…..

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    Looking forward to having Becky back. The writers have done a lot to destroy that character. Let’s hope that she gets a better storyline. Don’t want to see her pining after Nik as he falls for Brooke Lynn.
    From your mouth to Guza & Frons’ ears Jamey! That would be the second best storyline ever on GH (after Liason falling in love). Brenda should tell Edward about Jake’s paternity, knowing that he needs to get to know his great-grandson in his twilight years.
    And let’s write Jason true to character and have him claim his son. He does so much for kids who are not his…namely Michael and Morgan and the overgrown child known as Carly.
    As for Sam, I don’t really care, but how about putting her with the one person she’s had chemistry with? Micheal Easton can come to GH. She might be good in a JoLivia triangle as well.

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    When Jason knew that Monica needed to know her grandchild, The Wicked Witch of Port Charles said NO (just before she revealed all to Laura) so why would she green light Brenda telling Edward?? The reason the Qs dont know Jake is all on her.

    But thats okay, between the spoilers that get their own stand alone columns and the fan fic that poses for coverage, I think DC should change its name to Liason Confidential. Jiz saying.

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    EET :beer: :beer: :beer: :love: :love:

    Wonder if the rumor on DD that RH’s contract isn’t being renewed is really true? I hear she’s going on recurring and then slowly being written out! YIPEE!!! :party:

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    Wonder if the rumor on DD that RH’s contract isn’t being renewed is really true? I hear she’s going on recurring and then slowly being written out! YIPEE!!!

    You know darn well you’re secretly a Liason and Liz lover. ;)

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    [quote=liason4real]You know darn well you’re secretly a Liason and Liz lover. ;)[/quote]

    LOL You know I do have a couple of bridges I’d really like to sell! Interested? ;) :bigsmile:

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    Who do I need to pray to for this to happen? I would love a reason to start watching GH again. So glad to hear that Becky is back. Here’s to Liason finding their way back to each other!!

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    Welcome back RH, you’ve been missed

    I will believe that RH is leaving when Jamey posts it and since DC is being accused of being biased then I am sure it will get a stand alone banner. :p

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    Right, they asked RH to come back early from her maternity (per her husband’s twitter) because they want to put her on recurring and write her out. Yeah, that makes tons of sense. If they really wanted to get rid of her they could easily have written that she decided to stay with Sarah and not return to PC. Instead they ask her to come back early because they needed her for a story (per her husband’s twitter). Dream on Jasammers, Liz has a huge fanbase and she is not going anywhere unless RH decides she wants to quit.

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    Haven’t posted in a long time, lurking forever, but a Becky Herbst article will bring me out every time! Looking forward to seeing Becky back on the screen too. Her character has been in forgetable storylines the last almost 2 years, hopefully Jamey, the soapgods are listening to your Liason suggestions. Viva LIASON

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    Last year Liason Confidential aka dc posted an article about how five cast members might be in jeapordy – GV (went to recurring then fired) RiH (gone) MW (went to recurring soon to be gone) LC (went to recurring) and Becky. I looked at MS’s twitter account and though I am not good with twitter, I see Becky back in September, trout fishing and lasagna from the Burtons but nothing about how she had to come back early for some big story. In the end this is a rumor from DD – sometimes they are accurate and sometimes not – but DD and certainly not DC are sites not exactly known as hot beds of JaSam activity. (DD really doesnt have ANY fan base wars in its insider lounge) I dont see how then this gets blamed on JaSammers – if anything it makes more sense that this would be a way for the Jiz folks to stir up the fan base so those calls and letters keep coming.

    As for Lizard and Michael why on earth would Michael open up to her when they have basically almost no relationship whatsoever. We all saw how he reacted to her when he woke up from his coma. If it isnt someone in his family like his parents, Jason or lante, it would make far more sense for him to open up to someone like Alexis or Sam or even Diane or Olivia

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    I have missed Becky/Elizabeth so much. I need her back on screen and filling the airtime with grace and beauty.

    My dream storyline would not just be Brenda pushing Liason together but for her to see the way Jason looks at Elizabeth. For her to get suspicious and quiz him about her and why they aren’t together for Jason to admit he loves Liz but he’s scared she’ll get hurt because of him. For Brenda to take one look at Jake..smack Jason and say “you told me you loved her you didn’t tell me you wer that precious little boys’ daddy”. Then push and nag him in to waking UP and claiming his family.

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