Y&R’s Amelia Heinle on Hubby Thad Luckinbill’s Exit: “It’s a Blessing in Disguise”

In the latest issue of CBS Soaps in Depth, on newstands today, The Young and the Restless actress Amelia Heinle (Victoria) reveals it was her real-life hubby Thad Luckinbill’s (JT) decision to quit the sudser, stating Luckinbill decided not to renew his contract. Here’s what else the vastly improved of late actress had to say:

It’s a blessing in disguise," Heinle declares. "He’s never been in this position before. [He] is going to grow as a person and as an actor. I hope he gets a cop show! He’s done guest roles on primetime because he was working on Y&R. Now that he has nothing holding him back, you just wait — he’s going to [succeed even more]. I know it. He’s going to be so happy that this has happened."

Hmm, he decided to quit, but it’s a blessing in disguise?? (Scratches head). Okie dokey! For more from Heinle, check out this week’s CBS Soaps in Depth.

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    Good Luck to you Thad but can you do me a favor and take your wife with you?!?!

    The writing for the character of JT has been so bad that I don’t blame Thad for leaving/quitting or whatever he wants to call it.

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    I have to agree with both of you. Amelia just needs to go. Watching some old clips of Heather Tom reminded me of when I loved the character. Now I’d be happy if they killed off Vicky.

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    I bet this was not Thad’s choice and that was him trying to save face. I am surprised he was not let go after JT got out of high school. I think TL is a much more talented actor than his wife. I wonder how this might impact AH’s relationship at Y&R? I miss Heather Tom.

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    Bless her heart for trying to support her husband. It’s too bad that Maria Bell and Rauch can’t find a decent storyline for the character of JT.

    If I were him, I would try to get on Fox or the CW. He has that ‘look’ that I think a lot of teen girls would go for. He could try to get on Vampire Diaries or something.

  5. Profile photo of josser

    I wish the best of luck to Thad. He was the only one the teen storyline kids to have a long, successful run on Y&R.

    He’s done a number of small guest stints over the years, like Nip/Tuck. I hope that he finds greater success.

    And, why be so mean on A.H.? She’s in an odd position and trying to make the most of it.

    Y&R hasn’t provided her or Thad with a decent storyline in ages. It took her pairing with Billy Miller to light her career on the show.

    Heather Tom is not coming back to Y&R. She was treated badly and the end of her last time on the show. She is now on B&B where she seems to be much happier.

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I think Thad is EXTREMELY talented, but I DESPISE JT with a freaking passion, and won’t miss him at all. I anxiously await the day that he and his STEPFORD ROBOT, Mac, depart for greener pastures. There’s soooo much humanitarian work to be done around the world, and if they can do it OFFSCREEN, I’ll be a happy camper!!!

    And as far as Amelia goes, I have grown to accept her lackluster acting, and I do NOT believe she has really grown or developed as an actress since being paired with Billy Miller. This chick has been working in daytime television for almost 20 YEARS, yet you’d never know it from watching her “performances” onscreen. I’d LOVE to see her go back to AMC as Mia. She’d fit in with the other glorified hair models on that show, Natalie Hall and Denise Vasi, PERFECTLY.

    Unfortunately, if Y&R hasn’t seen fit to show her the door in the past 5 years, they are HIGHLY unlikely to do so now.

    I shall continue to just tune out her presence in my “Villy” scenes and concentrate solely on Billy Miller’s magnetic smile and personality!!!! (HEAVY SIGH!) :tired: :tired:

  7. Profile photo of timepass

    What is lucky is the fact that she still has a job; regardless of her lack of talent.

    As for him frankly he is not that great an actor, but I wish him all the best.

  8. Profile photo of mari03

    Jeesh just when I was warming up to JT and Mac.. Lately I found Mac and JT more watchable than Villy. They have real conversations and were very sweet lately. Villy is on the verge of being tacky or maybe they already are and getting worse! I get nausea watching them have sex every episode… it’s all they ever do! We’ll get at least a little reprieve with them having a miscarriage and hopefully they find something to do and talk about and not chew the scenery like they always do.

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    Some of us will never accept Amelia’s piss-poor acting. She and Eden Reigel are two of Y&R’s worst recasts of all time.

    Heather Tom will return one day. The producers are not the same ones she dealt with in the past. Until then, Victoria shouldn’t be on the canvas. Put her in a coma, kill her off, or send her out of town. Til then, I don’t want to deal with her.

  10. Profile photo of six_soaps_left

    I love JT, but you can tell that the writers do not feel inspired to write for the character and haven’t for a long time. Thad has looks and talent, he’ll find work.

    As far as AH, I’ll say what has been said before: She’s basically playing Victoria the way she did her character of Steffy on Loving. The problem is that was the early 90s and she was 21; now she’s in her late 30s. She has not evolved as an actress and seems unable to portray a woman who has been married four or five times, is a dynamo at business, and has Victor Newman’s DNA.

  11. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    For some reason I’ve always liked JT and remember when he first came on.. sorry to see him go but I’m glad he’s not leaving in a body bag.

    I hope he finds what he’s looking for good luck in his future endeavors.

  12. Profile photo of BillyMillerFan

    The character of JT has been boring and useless for years so I’m thrilled to see him go. It sounds like he was fired though and Amelia is just trying to support her husband. As long as she and Billy Miller are on the show then I’m good. They are just magic together!

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    Amelia and Heather Tom should swap roles. Let Amelia torture B&B fans as Katie. Bring Heather back where she belongs.

    JT getting involved with Victoria was the kiss of death for that character. I loved JT with all three Colleens, which is rare with recasts.

  14. Profile photo of Duchess

    Thad is eye candy but that’s about it. So I’m not sad to see him go. JT is a total bore by himself or with Mac where it’s about as exciting watching them as watching paint dry or grass grow. It will be nice to not have to watch him being such a hypocrite anymore to Victoria.

    Amelia’s support of Thad is so sweet. Love her! If he really did leave on his own accord then this was the time to do it since her position is so secure being in such a hugely popular pairing, on the cover of magazines every week, getting such great fan support etc.

  15. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Oh, yeah, Thad is so “deep” when it comes to acting skills. GMAB. The last time his character was interesting was when he was fooling around with Brit’s mom. Now THAT was a great story line….that, once again, never went anywhere.

  16. Profile photo of Analiza

    I haven’t really been keeping up with things lately so please forgive me for asking if this info is already out there but, if Thad is leaving, are they recasting JT or is he going to die in the coming storm?

    And, if they are killing off JT, does that mean that Clementine Ford (who is a much worse actress than Amelia Heinle, in my opinion) is out the door too?

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    JT used to have a little edge about him but somehow he went from anti hero to nice guy. Thad is an understated actor which can definately be seen as boring on a soap when all of our senses are supposed to be heightened. He isn’t a bad actor so much as just in the wrong medium. I think he could do quite well on a cable usa or wb tv show.
    I actually have a character for him….. a grown up Jonny Test (live action instead of cartoon ofcourse.) He can play a young adult who has an upbeat out look a talking dog/best friend, two braniacs as sisters and fights crime for the FBI. I think it could work well. Maybe a college student in a college soap opera on WB or a new superhero on Smallville….. Anyway good luck to him and hope he has great success…..

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    God Bless You Thad and Amelia. I hope that you accomplish all that is in your heart and more I know that you are able. I am sorry you were stuck in that dead end story line.

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