Y&R’s Daniel Goddard: “I Spent Two Days Soaking Wet”

The Young and the Restless hunk Daniel Goddard must have thought he was back on the jungle set of BeastMaster, thanks to an upcoming plot twist for Lily (Christel Khalil) and has character Cane, which left him a bit drenched. Check out what Goddard had to say to Soaps.com about the story development that left him all wet.

 He is excited about the upcoming story where a tornado hits, saying, "Cane and Lily end up at the cottage with the kids, and the storm hits, and we had rain machines and wind machines – I spent two days soaking wet. [There were] a lot of fight scenes, a lot of violence; I end up covered in blood."

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Daniel Goddard’s being “soaking wet” is the PERFECT metaphor for his storyline on Y&R……..a TOTAL WASHOUT!!!!! :tired: :tired:

    It’s a shame that he’s 1/2 of one of the most boring couples in Y&R history because Daniel actually seems like a pretty good actor, who unfortunately isn’t going to get a chance to demonstrate his TRUE talents anytime soon.

    Oh well….back to my nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of josser

    Cane and Lily started out pretty exciting but then they became kind of blah. I think they did better when they were part of a quad with Billy and Chloe.

    The Lily cancer story sapped their strength.

    I think it would be good to break Lily and Cane up for a little bit with a sexy guy to give Cane competition for Lily.

  3. Profile photo of

    Please fire Cane and Lily. They add nothing to the show. In fact, they take away from it. I was hoping the revelation that Cane wasn’t a Chancellor would get rid of him once and for all, but alas I was wrong.

  4. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I never enjoyed Cane and Lily. Even in the beginning I found them to be way too sappy, sweet, and forced. Now they are just boring with cheesy grins. I never understood MAB’s obsession with this couple. He was more interesting with Amber.

  5. Profile photo of timepass

    Boring is what they are.

    They don’t make a good couple, because there are no contrast between them at all, and it makes them beige!

    I’m sorry to say, since I like DG, but I always FF them both!

  6. Profile photo of bishbay

    Cane’s lack of a backside (seriously–he has no butt. If you don’t believe me, look again) bothers me, but his BORING, BORING story with that dishrag Lily is just so bad. Bright side: I get so much cleaning done when Lily and Cane are on.

  7. Profile photo of mari03

    I agree that they should split them up to make them more interesting. The actors must be bored out of their minds, they are like quarantined with each other. But boy do I feel sorry for whoever breaks them up! The Lane fans hasn’t forgiven Chloe yet for breaking up their couple 2 years down the road! They want them to get SL but basically you need angst sometimes for that and not all sap. I hate Cane’s face when he is being a sap, he’s grinning like an idiot, it’s so over the top!

  8. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    With the exception of Crystal Springs (or Clear Springs…whatever LML called that soap slop) Y&R has never had to resort to these whole town in peril due to some kind of disaster storylines.

    Had to happen sometime I guess. Sigh…

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    oh, bishbay, I totally agree! Regardless of their feelings for each other, Cane still lied to Jill and pretended to be her dead son. I’m not saying Jill should have cut off all contact with Cane when Phillip came back, but she should have taken a serious step back from their relationship.

    I find it insulting that Cane and Jill continue to have this mother/son relationship when her REAL son Phillip remains off-screen. Jill and Phillip should have been shown reconnecting on-screen. Instead it was all swept under the rug or dealt with off-screen.

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    I’m kind of excited for the tornado. It’s a total sweeps stunt, but the show is so stupid these days that I’ll take a campy disaster storyline.

  11. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I don’t mind the idea of a natural disaster storyline. Sometimes they play out well. I liked the tornado on Desperate Housewives. Now Clear Springs did suck. That was just bad writing. I still remember Sharon making that stupid gasp after the explosion. They showed it over and over.

    I hate for anyone to be involved in Cane and Lily’s drama. Their fans can be rather mean, lol. Plus, they are uber boring. I thought Cane and Phyllis shared a good scene a few years back. In my opinion, Lily needs to be recasted. DS was a good Lily.

  12. Profile photo of partyvibe

    Hell yay,i too am excited for this s/l I hope to see two hot Aussie fight in the rain.I love me some lily and Cane and I am glad for their upcoimng s/l,you go and fight to protect you wife and kids Cane my man.

  13. Profile photo of fewfew50

    I am excited about this s/l!! Finally something that I can cheer about on y&R I might just put them back on my recorder. I am going to wait and see though this s/l might be another MAB disaster like all the other stuff she has on y&R. I love Cane and Lily. I hope i get to see him soaking wet in that blue fitting shirt he had on the other day.

  14. Profile photo of needab11

    Love Cane, hate him with Lily. Only because I’ve always hated the character of Lily, nothing against the actress, it’s the writers vision of the character that I could never understand. If they didn’t constantly have her in scenes with Neil & Malcolm you would never know she is the daughter of Drucilla! The best thing they do after her cancer remission and motherhood would be to “take the character in a new direction” and make her more like Drucilla Barber Winters. Keep the actress if she’s up to the challenge or recast her….Tika Sumpter (Layla OLTL)now available, would be perfect little spitfire in the role.

  15. Profile photo of Goldgirl

    Looking forward to this tornado s/l. I’m sure Lane aren’t the only 2 involved in it. I actually like Lily and Cane together, even if CK can’t cry real tears for the life of her in sad s/l’s. Maybe some drama around them will liven things up for their critics.
    Everyone can’t be having angst all the time, somebody has to be normal and kind of on the back burner to let other s/l’s come out and play. JMHO

    For those of you in the U.S. pay close attention to what Uncle Jack has to say to Abbie about what Daddy has been doing about the trust fund issue, on Monday. My wish come true! Maybe we’ll finally have the Newman kids take Victor down. And maybe Nikki will be cheering them on. That would be must see TV. The creep deserves it!

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    Goldgirl … Genoa City does have the strangest weather events that cause much havoc to all around, doesn’t it?
    It would be interesting to see Victor taken down a peg (or even 40 pegs), especially by his own two daughters. I’m just not really quite sure just what that trust fund is in this case. Some of it must be from Brad but then a lot of it must be from Victor and I think that it would be discretionary, so I’m not sure if Victor is really doing anything legally wrong if he is indeed messing with it.
    Victor does deserve anything he gets but then so does Jack for his parts in matters during the past couple of years.

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