Y&R’s Eric Braeden: “People Still Want Good Storytelling”

Daytime’s most outspoken player, Eric Braeden, spoke to CBS Soaps in Depth about the state of daytime. In the piece, The Young and the Restless frontman had some choice words for network execs hoping to replace long-running soap operas with talk and game shows.

"I understand that ratings are important from the network and advertisers’ perspective. But the attempt to substitute this genre with talking heads or reality shows or game shows…good luck. All I know is that storytelling will never go away. People still want good storytelling."

Braeden went on to praise his current storyline where daughters Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Abby (Marcy Rylan) team up to trim TGVN’s moustache. He also praised Y&R’s showrunner Maria Arena Bell, saying he’s still "very excited" about her work. Well, at least that means Victor won’t be disappearing until the 1st and the 15th like Neil (Kristoff St. John)! You know Ri-Ri don’t like that talkin’ back!

For more from Braeden, pick up the latest copy of CBS Soaps in Depth, on newstands today.

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    So true. At least the writers are finally portraying Victor as a bad guy with regard to Victoria and Abby. I don’t like “Villy”, but if it gets their fans angry with Victor, I’ll support that!

    Remember, Victor kept a man prisoner in a dungeon back in the 80s. He also brought Patty Williams back because he just couldn’t stand to see Jack Abbott one-up him.

    Victor is a controlling egomaniac and somewhat emotionally abusive in his relationships with his children and wives. Colleen’s heart was wasted on this guy.

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    I hope MAB pulls a Kristoff St. John on EB and I would completely support her on this one. Victor’s antics are getting old. I always got the impression that EB has too much pull on Y&R and on storylines. A good storyline does not involve Victor getting Colleen’s heart or jumping out of airplanes and beating up men in their 20s.

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    Sometime I just hate Victor, and sometimes he makes me laugh.
    I can’t imagine Y&R without him. Besides I heard Tucker was the one who was going to be the one to take his place…..I can’t even imagine a complaining, moody, sissy being the big cheese in GC. We are all very lucky. However, I did like the original guy they had playing Tucker, he would have been an interesting challenge for Victor. He had a sense of humor about him too.

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    Is it salary negotiation time again.
    hmmmm, he was front and center last October with salary issues. He gave interviews to anyone who will listen.
    So it might be salary negotiation again.

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    I loved the well-deserved break from Victor we got last year when Eric Braeden was in contract negotiations. A little Victor goes a long way. I think Braeden should take summer vacations like Tony Geary at GH so the character can “rest” for a bit and return refreshed.

    Bringing on Tucker as a Victor clone was a mistake. If EB really left, they should have attempted to replace him with Victor’s brother Matt Miller.

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    Do we remember how Y&R fell into a black hole when Victor was away after the transplant?

    Victor has his hand quite heavy in Genoa City. Without him, the show did and would suffer.

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    Victor is far superior to the newest guy playing Tucker. The orgiginal guy was much better in the part. Too bad the PTB were not smart enough to realize this fact. The show would really go downhill with out the antics of VIC.

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    Ryan-Scott, Y&R was at its best in 2009 from November-January when Victor was out of town. Victor was dominating the show and was EXTREMELY unlikable because of the Patty/Colleen stuff. He basically killed Colleen and took his heart for himself.

    When Victor was gone, there was breathing room and other characters got to shine for once. We need a 2-3 month Victor break every year.

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    Does he realize who his BOSS is??? Maria Bell………

    Good storytelling??? Yeah, we all WANT good storytelling, but the question is—-will we GET it???? The jury is still out on that one!!

    To be continued…………

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]Do we remember how Y&R fell into a black hole when Victor was away after the transplant?

    Victor has his hand quite heavy in Genoa City. Without him, the show did and would suffer.[/quote]
    Ratings wise Y&R improved when he left. For one week they lost they lost over 100,000 viewers and they all came back and saw the ratings rise to somewhere around a 3.8 as Billy had his its a wonderful life moment. So ratings wise the show didn’t tank without EB. Soaps are an ensemble cast. One actor does not make a show. Only SM and VR have done any ratings damage. And to throw in another one both times MTS was off the show the ratings never tanked either, showing that Y&R could survive without her as well.

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    You know what I am not sure how much is the head writers and how much is the Executive Producter, but I feel Paul R. is leading the direction of show and the writers then are writing these horrible storylines. The reason I say that is regardless of Victor’s control issues and yes he can be bastard, i.e. holding Julia’s lover captured at the ranch but Victor would never do some of terrible things to his children, meaning Vicki, Nick, & Abby regardless how he felt about any situation. They are making Victor cold and inhuman, just like Paul R. did to Alan Spalding …he made him EXACTLY the same way. Victor like Alan was ruthless in business, meddled in their children’s lives but before Paul R. Victor & Alan always had the human side to them when it came to their children. I am sorry but I watched Y&R since the beginning and Bill Bell’s vision of Victor was completely different. Bastard, controlling, no hold bars against enemies, but always showed compassionate side for family, that was their weakness. After a while fans just get completely turn off with the characters. Victor should be in prison!!! FIRE THEM ALL PAUL, MARIA, SCOTT, AND HOGAN!!

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    I have this therory that the most popular characters on a show are also very unpopular characters. For every person who loves Jack Abbot there is someone who won’t even watch Y&R because he’s on there. Same way with Erica Cane, Sonny Corinthos, Sammi Brady, Victor Newman, Dorian Lord etc. On a show such as Y&R losing a character like Victor would bring in alot of potential viewers but would drive away alot as well ( back in novemeber I doubt many people believed Vic was gone for good plus Y&R has a ton of beloved characters. Not every show can say the same). If AMC lost Erica, the ratings might even improve. Because at this point there have to be more people who do not want to watch her than people currently watching AMC.
    This therory held up on Days after Marlena and John were fired, the ratings actually improved. Atleast until the writers fell asleep.

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    WEll, honestly I think Y&R has improved in most regards. I think it’s the best thing on daytime RIGHT NOW…tho B&B is much more watchable…I know that doesn’t make sense. Okay, I’ll go so far as to say B&B is my fav. right now.

    BUTTTTTTTTT, it’s nothing a little firing of Paul Rauch can’t handle. I hate to say it, but when Maria and Hogan wrote this show for the first couple of months (Pre Paul Roach), it was incredible to me. Yeah, the doppleganger has since been played OUTTTTT on Y&R, but there were some moments of brilliance on the show back then. Katherine/Marge, the Jabot Takeover, Sudden Impact (tho nothing really happened)…but the show as just more entertaining and less SILLY. Enter Paul Rauch and just…things have gone downhill totally!!!

    Anyway, I still want Ed Scott back as Executive Producer, fire Scott Hamner and Hogan Sheffer….hire Kay Alden and Jack Smith as headwriters, MAB as co-headwriter, along with Sally Morina Sussman, and I’d feel we have our show back. Or maybe Frank Valentini???? IDK…but I think any of those combinations would be great.

    Actually, HIRE ME as Y&R headwriter, and I’d turn everything around..lol. Starting with a little less Victor, Victor no longer winning EVERY single battle, I’d bring the blacks out of the basement down at CBS studios, FIRE Darius IGNORANT McCrary, hire a hunk to play Malcolm, get rid of some of the dead weight (Mac, JT, Jeffrey, etc), put those old Jabot and Newman Enterprises sets back up. Give Paul and Michael an office…and make the show business centered, with personal issues intertwined. It’s what’s made Y&R successful all THESE years…

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