AMC's Madison Implicates Greenlee!

Madison (Stephanie Gatschet) isn’t going to let Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) get between her and her man! This week on All My Children, Madison tries to undermine Greenlee’s innocence to the authorities. I wonder how long it will be before Madison goes totally psycho on Greenlee's ass? Watch the promo after the jump!


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Greenlee is an idiot for trying to protect Ryan. I knew Madison would get thrown under the disgusting Rylee bus sooner or later while Greenlee pretend to be the noble griefing victim.. Nothing but CRAP! I would love to see Greenlee go to prison for life.. At least that would put an end to contrived can't stand on their own Rylee!!!

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This story has been shoddily constructed from day one, and there are more holes in it than swiss cheese!!

First of all, Ryan and Madison might be "kinda cute," and I stress the word KINDA, because they seem more like uncle and niece than a real couple. And I missed the part where they have this SWEEPING romance that would actually compel Madison to wanna get another woman imprisoned just to hold onto him???? Perhaps if they had spent more time BUILDING this "relationship" realistically, I'd buy it. I see VERYYYYY little spark between Ryan and Madison. Hell, I see more spark between Madison and RANDI than I see between Madison and Ryan......or how about putting her with Frankie and sparing me from having to CONTINUE watching Denise Vasi try to act onscreen??

Secondly, I don't buy for a second that GreenMe killed David, or that David is really DEAD!! How long before that obligatory Friday afternoon cliffhanger showing David on a beach sipping some brightly colored drink with a FUGLY beard????

Dead my foot!!!!!!!

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Way too easy plot "twist"(& in this case, I use the term loosely).

IF Madison must go back to devious Maddie, I would rather had seen Madison & Frankie have a one night stand - there are a few choices that could be done to prompt this - , with Madison getting pregnant. Then have Madison consumed with passing the baby off as Ryan's(I know Ryan's had the snip snip, but wilder things have happened) & at some point have Greenlee put the pieces together. Adding Frankie in the mix more could really make a bit more well rounded imo - he already has some feelings for Madison & he wants a baby(albeit he's thinking with his wife preferably). Best of all CS Jr. will get more screen time like he should've been anyhow.

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I knew i liked this chick. GreenMe should be thrown in jail, don't even care if she did it or not jail.

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I think they'll make Madison the killer and I really wish they wouldn't, I like Stephanie Gachet. I would've liked to see Ryan go to jail and come back out with an axe to grind.