DC #580: TV Guide’s Michael Logan Returns to DC

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast TV Guide’s Michael Logan returns to dish all the latest industry news and hottest storylines with Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Regan.

During the super-sized episode, the gang discusses the end of As the World Turns, if P&G plans to create their own soap hub and where its stars will end up.

Logan weighs in on Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo’s return to General Hospital as Brenda. Has it been a success or a bust? Find out which Brenda reunion Logan is looking forward to most. What will Sam McCall do when she comes face-to-face with Brenda? Logan also comments on Jonathan Jackson’s latest storyline as Lucky impersonating the Irish assassin Ronan.

On paper, Vivian being buried alive on Days of our Lives looks like it should be entertaining. Find out what Logan thinks of DAYS’ new twist on one of its classic storylines. Many fans have been disappointed with how DAYS has written Crystal Chappell’s Carly Manning since her return. Logan shares his thoughts on why fantastic actresses–like Chappell, Eden Riegel and Gina Tognoni–have been snatched up by various shows without much apparent thought on their character’s development or storyline.

All My Children has been making some major casting changes with the firing of Adam Mayfield, Brittany Allen and the casting of Daniel Cosgrove and Lindsay Hartley. Logan comments on the AMC casting shakeup and if the show’s move to L.A. has been a success.

One Life to Live is bringing back Kim Zimmer as Echo. Will her return to help provide Dorian and Viki with more storylines? Luke and Jillian are tired of the Ford brothers dominating air time so they get Logan’s opinion of the Ford Brothers and the Llanview teen set.

Brad Bell is tackling a pretty intense topic by giving Stephanie stage four cancer on The Bold and the Beautiful. Can he pull it off? Logan weighs in on the front burner storyline, Scott Clifton as Liam and the new Thomas Forrester.

The last time Logan visited the Daytime Confidential podcast, he wasn’t too happy about the state of The Young and the Restless, so the DC crew asks if he thinks things have improved at the No. 1 soap. Jillian and Logan bask in their common love for Nikki Newman.

As the podcast winds down, the DC gang wraps things up by asking about the soap genre’s future and they get Logan’s opinion on the web series The Bay and Venice.

All this and much more on today’s show!

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9 Responses

  1. Profile photo of dkp

    “One more year? That’s your goal? How about for fucking ever? LMAO! Love it Michael Logan.

    Yeah, I’m hard on Brad Bell too, cause B&B was horrible for a while, still no gays or minorities on B&B, but when he’s good, he’s good.

    So agree about the current generation of soap execs/writers vs the last generation. It is sort of the “Eisner Era” of soaps.

    Yup, OLTL has no vision. It was created to tell stories about class struggle & social storylines. Is there any of that going on? Where’s the blue-collar Wolek family? Or the half-jewish Siegals? Show started to have one when Kish was on and their was minorities, you had this sense of community & social storylines, now, it’s gone. I hate Guza & his vision of GH, but at least it’s a vision and consistent. Same for B&B, you know exactly what B&B is when your watching it.

    Yeah, Y&R doesn’t need 3 head writers. Especially when none of them are working out.

    Should have Logan on more often.

  2. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    dkp, agree. Y&R is in a mess right now and needs a new headwriter. Hell and Co are not doing it anymore. The soaps need fresh writers to survive, the regurgitate writers is what is destroying daytime soaps.

  3. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I actually think CC had a hand in Carly becoming more “Olivia-esq” I remember reading that she didnt really like characters like the original Carly and that Carly needed faults and to make mistakes BUT I don’t think she intended for the writers to take it as far as they have. Carly has now become “Olivia Light” I either want her written correctly or for them to go full on “Olivia” and let Carly A. Have a storyline, B. call out other characters for blaming her for everything from Bope’s breakup to world hunger C. Let her go crazy, develop a split personality I don’t care just something or my personal favorite D. Just let her go I actually feel sorry watching her because you know the actress deserves better its like watching Strasser/Slezak just hang out pour tea or talk to Langston about her latest Ford whatever.

  4. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    I find most of the characters on B&B to be unlikable, self-absorbed, shallow people. I suppose that’s realistic since they do live in LA which has that reputation (I hope nobody from LA is offended by this!). If you don’t mind that, the show is fun to watch. You get a well-written, campy drama in 22 minutes.

    The rest of the soaps, except for GH which I find tolerable in small doses(I watch it twice a week), are pretty much the same.

  5. Profile photo of dqh257

    Marcy Rylan has been the only GL transplant to successfully translate into her new role on Y&R. I think she has a good story, with trying to wrestle her trust fund from Victor, bonding with Victoria, building a potential relationship with Daniel, etc.

    CC has been so indelibly linked as GL’s Olivia, that DAYS tried to recapture that character, rather than write for the Carly. Of course, people change over 15 or 16 years that she’s been gone, but her story has been insipid and non-existent.

  6. Profile photo of dqh257

    Also, JILLIAN, if you want to see some real emotional scenes with Laura Wright, youtube LW as Cassie on GL versus Wendy Moniz’s Dinah over Hart from about 12 or 13 years ago. LW can hands down hold her own against any actress in daytime.

  7. Profile photo of timepass

    I never understood why you loved Hogan Sheffer Jamey; after the podcast I got it, you start watching when He was in charge of ATWT.

    I watched since Lisa and Barbara had a library together; so I hated the way Sheffer destroyed all the woman character. The same way he made them weak on Y&R, it is easy to recognize his bigotry towards woman.

    Guza destroyed GH, he cut half its viewers, no way around that fact.

    Good podcast anyway as always!

  8. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    DQH257: When did you hear me question LW’s emotions on this podcast? I simply said between she and Vanessa Marcil G (hand cramps up typing the rest of her last name) I think Vanessa will win that battle, that’s MY take on it.

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