General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Call me crazy, but this was a great episode. I counted 23 characters and several different stories, which means this column will be rather long today.

Robin finds herself at the bottom of the well, digs deep to find her Scorpio genes and tries to climb out, all the while telling absent Emma that she’s doing it for her. Unfortunately, she falls with several attempts.

Lucky decides to stick around long enough for the police to catch a glimpse of him and know that Ronan was responsible for killing the two goons. Dante agrees to meet him later. Lulu and Siobhan discuss Ronan and Lulu asks if Siobhan has ever heard of the Balkan, but Siobhan says she hasn’t. Lulu gets the call to meet Dante and leaves with Siobhan.

Later on, Lucky and Lante return to the apartment and Lucky explains how he got away from the police. They all discuss the fact that he isn’t really Ronan, but an undercover cop helping Interpol catch the Balkan. Siobhan, hiding in the closet, hears every word.

Jason tells Brenda that they should go back to Port Charles, so that he can protect her better there. She wants nothing to do with that idea. Jason says he has a life to get back to and he can’t protect her as well where they are. She says she doesn’t trust herself there. She doesn’t want to be around people who have the power to hurt her and doesn’t want her decisions to hurt someone else.

Sonny asks Claire to go away for the weekend. She wonders what his agenda is, but he says he just wants time away. Molly shows up with something from Kristina, so Claire leaves. Molly is angry with Sonny for dating the woman who sent Michael to prison. Sonny defends Claire’s actions. Molly asks if he’s in love and he assures her that he isn’t, but that he wants female companionship. Later on, Claire returns with her suitcase, ready for their weekend together. In a funny moment, Max rolls his eyes when Sonny claims that Claire is one of a kind.

Patrick and Steven continue to bait Lisa with talk about Robin taking off and Patrick not caring, but she’s looking at them rather suspiciously.

Johnny and Olivia are toasting their reunion and both agree to avoid topics that will upset the other. Maxie shows up, asking for a new hairdresser. No wait, that’s what I wanted her to do! No, she tells Johnny that Robin’s missing and asks for his help with his mob resources, since her go to guys, Jason, Lucky and Dante are all out of town. Olivia gets snotty with Maxie, wondering if she’s exaggerating, since Miss Thang Bensonhurst figures she knows Lisa better and doesn’t believe her to be crazy. I say, shut it Miss Thang and butt out. Johnny promises Maxie that he’ll do what he can.

Nik and Brook are on their way to France. He’s grilling her about their host and she’s getting all the answers right, but eventually she starts to have an anxiety attack and freaks out. Nikolas eventually calms her down.

Mac tells Ronnie that he’s waiting to arrest Lisa, that he’s letting Patrick play his game first, but asks that Lisa’s car be impounded and her apartment checked for any evidence. Ronnie questions the legal aspect, but Mac doesn’t care, he wants to find Robin at all costs. Ronnie tells Mac not to wait for Patrick to get results, because that wait could mean life or death for Robin.

Mac shows up at the hospital, arrests Lisa and brings her down to the PCPD to interrogate her. She denies everything and tries to play Mac, who’s having none of it.

Line of the day:
Mac to Lisa: “You’re not the first whack job I’ve ever dealt with – Ryan Chamberlain, Faith Roscoe, Jerry Jacks. You’re an amateur compared to them. So your little innocent act doesn’t fly with me.

Patrick goes to Spinelli, tells him the whole story and asks for help in finding Robin. Spin hacks into Lisa’s email and bank accounts to find evidence.

Robin has given up hope at the bottom of the well. When she looks up, Stone is there, asking her why she’s in the well.

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    can’t wait to watch today’s episode. They damn well better do right by Stone and Robin. I remember back in the day he wanted to buy her something special so her bought her a cameo ring he found in a jewelry store. I got a cameo ring for christmas that year. I wish Robin would wear the ring. (Not that the costume dept still has the ring but surely they can find one similar for her to wear…)

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    Kimberly McCullough & Michael Sutton‎

    Seriously, what kind of water are THEY drinking, and can I get some? On a discount? ;) I hadn’t realized how young Robin looked until I saw her with Stone. Aww.

    Loved that line from Mac to Lisa! I was actually cheering at that stupid simplistic look on her face when he told her off. Bucket full of dummy, she is. Bucket full of dummy.

    Funny that Ronnie of all people has the audacity to question anything when he’s corrupt his damn self, but, whatever. Speaking of people who grated on my nerves today: Olivia–AKA Miss ‘Pants are my Sworn Enemy’, as evidence by today’s show–and every other she’s on, but I digress. Um, ‘scuse me, but I don’t recall Maxie coming over to Johnny’s to talk to YOU about anything, mmkay, doll? Her ‘I’ve never witnessed Lisa acting crazy’ talk was out of place, since, well, she doesn’t really know her. Just because you’ve never ‘seen’ crazy on a person you hardly know, doesn’t mean they don’t wear it on a daily basis like a damn fur coat in the wintertime! Or like Harry Potter’s invisible cloak. Ugh! BTW, how is it that Molly seems to be smarter than the grownups? And why is Sonny telling her about the time he likes to spend with women? Um, yeah, kay, no.

    And Claire’s not one of a kind. If anything, she’s more of the same. She’s a foolish fool, and last I checked, there were plenty of them running around town.

    Other than those few little gripes, GH was actually good today, just as you said. I was shocked to have watched all of it, on TV no less.

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    First, Angry Mac is super hot. Second, I agree that today, aside from the Sonny mess, was really good today.

    I was not watching when Robin and Stone were popular but I am intrigued by their story. But if Stone is a ghost why doesnt he know why she is in the well? Don’t the dead know everything? :)

    Lisa looked mighty stupid today, which made me lose almost all the respect that she just earned yesterday.

    I have nothing to say about: Sonny, One of thirty thousand Claire, and Jolivia. I am just done with them. Maybe I will have something tomorrow.

    Maxie, I know ” The Legend of Billie Jean” was awesome, but you really need to update the ‘do. It is not acceptable that your hair is stuck in 1985, not at all.

    I actually enjoyed Bik’s scenes today. There was something very charming about their interaction today. While I still feel their story is contrived and illogical, I enjoyed it for the filler scenes that they are.

    Ireland was ok but not really memorable enough to comment on.

    There are no words for how grossed out and completely underwhelmed I am with Ms. Barrett’s return. Why is she being written as so hung up on Sonny? Her mini freak out today made no sense whatsoever. What about Robin and the Qs? Did you forget them? What did they do to you that hurt you so badly? If she is supposed to be a HBIC then why is she even considering Sonny’s feelings at all. If she cared about Robin or the Q’s at all she would have had her behind on the first plane to PC.

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    The brunette drama queen is on her way to PC! Sigh…

    Loved seeing Stone again!!

    AiobhanBelen24, from what I understand Stone is not supposed to be a ghost. He’s supposed to be a figment of Robin’s imagination. I’m just happy to see him. He’s as handsome as ever! Their love story was both beautiful and heartbreaking!

    Mac was HOT and totally awesome!! Hope we get more Mac!

    I’m interested in watching Spinelli help Patrick find Robin. This is the second nonmob kidnapping that he’s helped to solve and the first one was successful so I suspect this one will be as well. Police departments hire psychics sometimes. Maybe they need to hire Spinelli on as a consultant. He’s certainly more efficient than anyone at the PCPD!

    And where are Diane, Alexis and Tracy? We need these strong women to balance out for the drama queens that are going to be on our screens every day (Brenda & Carly)!!

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    OMG Stone, Stone, STONE !!!
    The best part of today’s show was those last 2 minutes where we heard Stone’s voice, got to see Robin’s face light up and then here he was … Freaking awesome !

    As for the rest,

    The good :
    – Mac was rocking !
    – Johnny was back on our screen (too bad he had Mommy with him)
    – I have always loved Johnny and Maxie friendship (don’t like them as a couple, too self destructive).
    Glad that Johnny ignored “Mrs Knows It All” (no wonder her son is so obnoxious) and told Maxie he would help her (BTW I was VERY suprised that the writers remembered that Johnny saved Emma 18 months ago)
    – Patrick having the idea to go to Spin to get help. It’s about time

    The Bad :
    – Nik and Brook : don’t see anything there, Brook’s panic attack looked stupid (and I like feisty Brook)
    – Jason/Brenda : and of course it all comes back to Sonny, Sonny, Sonny … OMG I am afraid that once Brenda will be in PC it’s gonna become a real nightmare
    – Lucky having to say (to justify Guza’s pet being in Ireland) that Dante helped him to take care of the guys. And Lucky keeping his stupid accent even when he was talking to Dante

    The Ugly :
    – Sonny/Claire : sorry I cannot watch this. So I have no idea what they have been talking about
    – Dante giving orders to Lucky as if he was the head of this mission : Let’s meet at the hotel in 1 hour, let’s meet at the pub in half an hour… Once again WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS ? And as far as I am concerned, Dante almost got Lucky killed yesterday by showing up suddenly and just got Lucky’s cover busted as without any Lante in Ireland, Lucky would have had nobody to talk to so Siobhan would not have learned about Lucky being an undercover cop. Dante is really a douche …
    – Maxie’s hair : WTH was that today ???
    Is KS having a contest of how many hair disasters she can have on the show without having her fellow actors laughing like crazy when they are sharing scenes with her ?

    Can’t wait for tomorrow because of Robin and Stone. Thank you thank you for that. The Scrubs storyline is really fantastic if it gives us Stone and Robin reunited once again … So refreshing from the Brenda show or the Dante show or the Sonny show. I love you Stone !

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Love seeing Stone again.. Robin’s eyes just light up..
    Can’t wait for tomorrow…

    Love seeing Mac in this mode Hotttt.. please GH we need more of him..

    Ronnie hypocrite i say????

    Scooby gang in Ireland.. Blah..

    Brenda her whines made my headache worse

    Love seeing Johnny and maxie together, But shouldn’t she call Sonny?? Sonny is more big in the town and most important have a real connection to Robin that she knows off.. seems stupid to me..

    other than that it was really good episode..

  7. Profile photo of rebecca

    I loved the show but my favorite part was Lucky thanking Dante for being his back up in the shoot out.I also really loved seeing the “REAL Mac Scorpio” for the first time in years.I hope they keep him this way.

  8. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    See I will be the point of disagreement regarding Olivia, I was more upset with Johnny. I did not take Olivia as anything more than a third party who has seen Lisa in action and can’t believe that she would do this, but Johnny at first seemed too afraid to give Maxie the help she needed. That is not like my boy, for me Maxie should be one of those people that he should help no matter what.

    See listening to Brenda today reminded me why I HATE this show sometimes with a passion. 7 years ago she put Sonny behind her, and now I am suppose to believe that because Robin gave her Sonny’s email address. She is suddenly madly in love with him again to the point of being hysterical. Puh-lease. I can understand still loving Sonny as he was her first love but I can’t believe this sudden over the top anxiety. I was hoping for even a tiny amount of growth from this woman I love so much

    one final word on yesterday’s GH – STONE!!!!

  9. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I don’t believe that after all this time Brenda is still hung up on Sonny. I feel like she put that behind her. Wasn’t that what the kiss Jax witnessed was all about? I will give Kudos to VM because she rocked the emotion. I just think the writers are stupid. The actors are awesome. I like the relationship between Jason and Brenda. I want to see Brenda with Robin. I do not want to see Brenda with Sonny. I didn’t like his conversation with Molly. I miss seeing Molly but I would rather see her with Alexis and Kristina.

  10. Profile photo of aramis270

    GHvetfan, it must be freezing in hell as it must be the first time that I am agreeing with 100% of one of your posts (#14). LOL :)

    Caogra … Laura who ? Guza hates her so much that he cannot even have her name mentioned more than once every quarter …

  11. Profile photo of curacaoman

    [quote=caogra]So Nik is on his way to Paris. Do you think he might to see his mother while he is there???? Hello!!![/quote]

    Lauras story made more sense when she was cathatonic. At least her children not mentioning her could be understood. Why wake her up just to ignore her?

  12. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    [quote=caogra]I hate Guza! I want him gone![/quote]

    I don’t think there’s one GH viewer who doesn’t want Guza gone. The Brenda return proves it’s way past time for Guza to be fired.

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