Michael Sabatino Returns to DAYS

According to Soap Opera Digest, Michael Sabatino (ex-Lawrence) is heading back to Days of Our Lives. No word on his airdate, look for the actor to share scenes with Louise Sorel (Vivian).


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    I love him and I don’t even care he’s not “daytime hot” anymore I’d take Lawrence alive and back on my screen over most of whats on Days now especially if they found a way (since the Days stars are good writing challenged cough Higley) to put him in a storyline with Carly.

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    Something tells me this won’t improve the quality of Crystal Chappell’s current storyline……..and I use the term “storyline” VERY loosely………but it’ll be good to see him back in Salem again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    this is what ive been waiting for aside from Diedri Hall returning…ive wanted Lawrence to be alive and evil real evil. and play into the storyline of Carly/Bo/Hope/Vivian/Victor/Kayla/Jennifer cause it will be fantastic! I hope he is the one who saves Vivian and together they plot to destroy Carly and others….MAKE CARLY GO CRAZY!!!!

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    I am kinda hoping that the tornado that hits Genoa City will swoop by Salem and take most of Carly’s “story” with it. Needs to go Melanie, Philip, Cloe, Daniel.
    Although Philip is a core character and pivital in the merging of so many families, there is no distiguishable difference between a Philip and a Brady Black character/story. Both are basically sharing the same personality/look/house/family etc. I personally think Eric Martloff is a better actor and I tend to root for him more frequently than Philip. Now that Brady’s dark side is out and about, and Philip is boring again, I say keep Brady and throw out his twinalike uncle.
    Then you can put Carly back into the Allamain/Kiriakis mix and forget about that soggy (mostly wishful thinking on CC fans part) relationship she has with the much married Bo.
    Carly get some self respect for god’s sake!
    What if Carly discovered what Brady was doing….. Would she help Vivian get out and keep her integrity or would she let the bitch rot? See this is a story!
    I am sure that Lawrence will just be flashbacks for Viv but it would be delicious if he weren’t really dead. Hey the only really dead people in Salem are Dr H and Mrs H and Mickey (rip). Why does Lawrence really have to be dead?
    Maybe there was a mix up or maybe Lexie Carver was his doctor!!!!!!! (she thinks everyone is either dead or dying).

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    Another tired Days story, and poor Carly she has no story at all, it must be tiring just twiddling her thumbs until Kristian Alfonso comes back from whatever vacation she is on to take tired old Bo back. This show really stinks thank goodness I stopped watching months ago.

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    Michael Sabatino was a hoot on Passions as JT Cornell…he still “has” it as far as I’m concerned. And frankly, I rooted for Lawrence and Carly in the early 90s so I’m unhappy how Dena Higley retroactively ruined them as a couple.

    P.S. Please read my theory on why and how Lawrence is Stefano’s son!

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    So they hire this guy back but they Let Stephen Nichols Go Something wrong in Salem but it has been under Dena Higley &Co. could not happen to a better group of people

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