Carolyn Hinsey Pens Soap Opera Tell-All!

Now this is my type of party! TV Guide’s Michael Logan is exclusively reporting veteran soap journalist Carolyn Hinsey is about to drop a soap opera tell-all. Hinsey’s Afternoon Delight: Why Soaps Still Matter will delve into the world of daytime drama, to reveal information from both a fan and industry insider’s points of view. Said Hinsey:

"I think fans would be more understanding of certain changes if they knew an actor was let go, for example, because he was too drunk to remember his lines," she says. "By the same token, when All My Children mangles its negotiations with big stars like Eden Riegel [Bianca] and Thorsten Kaye [Zach], they deserve to know that, too."

For more of Hinsey’s chat with Logan where she proclaims Guiding Light didn’t die, it was murdered, click here.

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    No head writer, executive producer, or network executive has a bigger agenda than Carolyn Hinsey. It’ll be a fun read, but every truth and every lie will have completely ulterior motives. Nelson Branco might as well write a tell-all.

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    I’ll check it out as it will sure to be entertaining. But yes, she has an agenda like everyone else. So I’ll take it all with a grain of salt

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    DAYS ratings went up when they hired Lindsay Hartley. DAYS ratings feel when word got out that she was fired…..You don’t need a tell-all to chronicle that disasterous move.

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    P.S– I love you, Carolyn. Will you marry me????? ;) ;)

    And as far as Carolyn’s “agenda,” I don’t care what it is as long as the book is a page turner and informative, which knowing Carolyn, I am sure it will be, what’s the problem??

    Her main agenda is probably to have a lotta fun, expose a lot of interesting stuff and make some money in the process!!

    Isn’t that why 99.99999% of people write/publish books??

    I don’t get what the big deal is………

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    What right does this SOW have any right to comment or gossip about anyone? Soap Opera actors and Soap actresses can not stand her! The make fun of her behind her back.. she is nothing more then nasty and mean! Freedom of Opions freedom of press,… She is a mean spirited lonely unhappy women and the only reason why she hopes that six remaining soaps stay on the air is because is soap operas are the only thing she has to keep her happy in her small miserable life. And realistically gossip is all she knows how to do. When she is fat an old and sitting on her couch by her self maybe with a cat or walking a small dog wheeling her self in a jazzy… she might realize what hurt gossip has done to her life rather then to others.

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    …and do you think she will accept ANY responsibility for her part in the demise of the genre? I doubt it. The soap mags and their editors picked favorites, wrote positive things to meet or suck up to actors or producers who made them feel important and trashed shows they didn’t like consistently until they got little or no press. Is that the way to lift the genre? These are supposed to be FAN magazines, not vehicles for their personal agendas and vendettas. I am sure Ms. Hinsey will, once again, blame the networks execs and the writers and producers but take no critical aim at the soap press who are as complicit in the end of the genre as anyone else.

    And she is the Chief Executive of Fantasyland if she thinks the pendulum will swing back and these shows will rise again. Sure, serial drama will live on somewhere but it will never again enjoy the glory days it saw on the networks. No network in it’s right mind will spend the enormous capital it takes to launch a new soap opera and keeping the remaining 6 on the air is proving impossible. As they die off, they will be consigned to cheap internet versions or just live in our collective memories. Guiding Light was the first and Passions was the last and if Ms. Hinsey REALLY wants to write the truth, she will include a chapter on how the soap press devoured its own.

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    I’ll totally buy the book if she has a chapter dedicated to the infamous Jossip thread. that is truly the most interesting thing coming out of soaps these last 10 years….bitch is crazy….allegedly!

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    Another sign of the end times… with the genre in decline, its time to cash in on those “secrets” while there is still an audience who cares to read them. And you will not have to worry about staying in actors’ and producers’ good graces.
    A list of Blind Items with the names filled in would prob be just as good.

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