OLTL Casts Josh Kelly as Joey Buchanan

One Life to Live has found their new Joey Buchanan. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, the ABC soap has cast Josh Kelly as the Buchanan boy. Kelly, who had a role in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, makes his OLTL debut on November 24, just in time for Thanksgiving!


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    Hope he can act cause he has the wrong look for Joey to me, not that I had anyone in mind. At least he doesn’t look like a Ford I guess. They better de-soras Kevin now too.

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    Age shouldnt Matter

    So Josh is 28 playing 34-35

    SMG played Kendall On AMC in 93-95, Kendall was like 22 and SMG was 15

    Josh is a class act

    I sent him a FB msg welcoming him to Llanview and he replied saying he was really lookin forward to it and that he starts filming soon

    Lets Give Josh a chance

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    Nat Guy

    I’m going to give him a chance. The age thing kinda threw me off. But if he can act and has chemistry with the rest of the cast, age won’t matter.

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    No Offense To CJ Fans But He Hasnt Been Seen In Over 14 Years, I Dont Know what his character can do that Joey Cant Plus Sarah has Been On Twice since then and they fudge her up. They will do the same to CJ. Unless Either tina Or Cord Are In Llanview There seems no point to bring them on

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    Ya, I don’t think he has the Joey ‘look’ (DARK hair! lol), but I’ll give him a shot–Joey’s one of my absolute favorites and I hope he’ll have chemistry with Gina T.’s Kelly . . . plus, he can’t be worse than Bruce Michael Hall, man. Now that was some de-aging. Age-wise, I don’t think this guy looks too off to play Joey . . . I know I sound wary, but I’m really looking forward to seeing him on the show!

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    I would have figured they would have cast a ‘name’ actor for such an important role, but obviously that isn’t the case. He kind of gives me a bit of a Mark Lawson vibe.

    But still, hopefully he does a good job and gives the Lord/Buchanan crowd more to do. Plus, Kevin’s coming back. God willing for a bit longer than last time.

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    I think Joey is just going to be much younger than Nathan F.’s Joey. The clock has been reset, just like when OLTL made Todd & Tea stuck on the Island 16 years ago instead 8.

    It’s all about story.

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    What is up with ABC’s casting dept?? Jamie L is 38 playing a 48 year old character with deep roots to the show………….. now they cast a 28 year old to play the 37ish year old middle son of the leading lady on ONE LIFE???
    LETS NOT FORGET PEOPLE THAT JOEY & DORIAN HAD AN AFFAIR??? He would have been in an age group of single digits when that went down!! NASTY
    They should have cast someone in their late 30’s.

    I’m sure OLTL wouldnt cast someone with out any talent in the role of Joey– so I’m sure he has the acting chops for the role. BUT they should have went with someone a bit older in my opinion.

    There was all these rumors on line that ex Brian on AMC, Matt Borlenghi was up for the role. In fact an hour before word broke that Josh landed the role… Matt wrote as his FB status …. “im not moving to NY”
    So I guess thats when he got the call from his agent that they went with someone else :(

    Josh does look like he’d be a better recast of Brody

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    I think he has a “nice” look and he does look a little bit like Jessica and Natalie (minus the Natalie’s red hair) we’ll see how he goes. He might be a hit, although I thought they’d cast a name actor I bet they just didnt have the money to do so. I really thought they’d find someone from GL or ATWT to give the role to.

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    OLTL seems to have more tall, handsome, dark-haired 20-something men than all the other soaps COMBINED!! Gosh, what I wouldn’t give for a magic wand to turn them all gay and a few dozen maps directing them to my house…. ;) ;) ;) ;)

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    Actors Will Tell Ya that They Are usually sent On Castings For Roles That are 5 years Younger & older than what they are IRL

    Joey is supposed to Be mid 30’s

    Josh is 29 he can pass for 30;s especially if they keep his stuble

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    I thought the show would put a name in the role, but I guess they are trying to “go in a different direction”. Can’t be any worse than Bruce Michael Hall’s graham crackers and warm milk portrayal of Joey.

    What doesn’t make sense is, how come Joey is being brought back in a contract role, but Kevin(Dan Gautier) is only back for a few episodes? Since Kelly is in town, wouldn’t you think it’d be the other way around?

    Just too many boneheaded decisions at OLTL lately.

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    I Believe and Jamey Can correct Me

    While Frank & Ron Love Dan G, Frons Does Not

    Dan spoke Out about the Kelly Duke Story and he didnt like it

    So As Long As Frons runs ABC Daytime, Dan G will not return on Contract As Kevin

    Wonder if they would offer him recuring status and if he’d take it

    Matt Walton (Eli) has been recuring since aug 09 and Lenny Platt (Nate) since April 2010 and they get tons of airtime

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    Yeah, I doubt they’re going to de-age Joey on the show, even though they hired a slightly younger actor to play the role. He’ll still be in his mid-30s.

    Just look at what they did with Jessica Leccia. She’s 34 and playing what has to be someone in her early 40s at least. That was a real head-scratcher and still looks weird when played out on screen.

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    He’s good looking, but I was really hoping they would get a “name” actor. As long as they keep Joey’s history with Dorian intact somhow, I don’t care how old the actor is.

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