REWIND! ATWT’s Tom Degnan Tapped To Play OLTL’s Joey Buchanan

According to ABC Soaps In Depth, One Life to Live has decided to replace Josh Kelly in the role of Joey Buchanan with As The World Turns’ Tom Degnan (Adam/Riley). Kelly will instead play a contract role on the show. Executive Producer Frank Valentini released a statement to the magazine saying:
After auditioning a talented group of guys for the role of Joey, we are excited to announce that not one, but two of them will be joining the cast of OLTL in contract roles. We have now cast Tom Degnan in the role of Viki’s son, Joey Buchanan, and we have decided that Josh Kelly is a great fit for the other contract role that we have written. We look forward to both actors joining the show.

No word on when Kelly will debut on the show, but Degnan makes his way to Llanview on Nov. 24. Now tomorrow, Kim Zimmer will still be Echo and not Elizabeth Keifer right? I’m just sayin’.

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    Oh, wow! I’m really glad for Tom Degnan :-) He was wonderful as Adam/Riley on ATWT & I’ve found him to be a charming, well-behaved young man when I’ve spoken with him at the last 2 ATWT fan club luncheons in NYC. Wonderful New For Tom–Yay! :-)

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    Ha, reminds me of the Brett Claywell/Scott Clifton switcheroo.

    What a horrible choice for Joey. Tom’s hot, but he can’t act, or at least on ATWT he couldn’t. I hope he’s improved since then.

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    Pleaseeeee let it be CJ Roberts. I know they butchered Andrea Evans’s last return, but I’ll take the chance of seeing subpar Tina over no Tina any day of the week.

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    Appleridge, my comment wasn’t directed toward you. Actually, I shouldn’t have said anything. I respect the right of others to make inanely shallow comments. Forget I said anything. Happy posting.

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    I agree, he was fine on ATWT. His acting was actually pretty good. Degnan actually fits more with the way I always saw Joey Buchanan…a bit rugged, not come chiseled blonde underwear model pretty boy. Josh Kelly just looked too “pretty” and generic for Joey (IMHO).

    Actually, that picture above looks like Miles Lawrence, lol! Of course I would have loved it if they got Chris McKenna back, or one of those “Fred Savage-y” guys like Donovan Patton(Blue’s Clues)…rugged, handsome but not too pretty that they are unbelievable.

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    hmm…a repeat of Brett Claywell and Scott Clifton…their fans should beware and not get too invested lest they be cheated when their characters meet the same fate as Kish and Sky..such is OLTL’s reward to fans for their loyalty..

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Appleridge, my comment wasn’t directed toward you. Actually, I shouldn’t have said anything. I respect the right of others to make inanely shallow comments. Forget I said anything. Happy posting.[/quote]

    Oh I Know That. No worries.

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    I’m not trying to be a bitch here (though perhaps I’m doing it without effort) but…please tell me this guy is more attractive than he looks in this picture.

    Yes, I want my Joey Buchanan to be played by a guy that can actually act. But I also want him to be played by someone who is actually HOT. And I know, KNOW there are hot guys out there that can actually act as well. This picture is causing me some concern from the “want a hot actor” side of my brain.

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    Mac Attack

    He was actually fine on ATWT… acting -wise. The writers over there just rushed the story…. so a lot of really good actors just came off…. Let’s just hope Ron C will be writing for him and not that Jean chick. And on shallow note, he is quite handsome. They had the good sense to have him shirtless since the dialogue they were penning was so bad.

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