Tika Sumpter And Melissa Fumero Bring Layla and Bitchy Bangs Back to OLTL for a Visit

ABC Soaps In Depth
 is reporting former One Life To Live star Melissa Fumero and Tika Sumpter are slated to appear on the show the week of Nov. 8. Look for the ladies to appear when Cristian (David Fumero) heads to Paris to see Layla.

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    I take it Melissa is married to David now since they have the same last name. Why not just bring her back full time and hook them up?

    She is hot.

    I liked her and want her back on screen.

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    How are they first cousins?
    I know Adriana is adopted by Dorian right?
    Who was her real mother? Carlotta’s sister?
    Don’t remember that role.

    Well she can still come back to the show.
    The new Joey will need a love interest.

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    Adriana is Dorian’s biological daughter. The only Vega Adriana is only related to by blood is Antonio (through their father).

    So while Cristian and Adriana thought they were cousins, they aren’t, so there’s nothing inherently “wrong” with them hooking up.

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    I guess they’re cousins through Carlotta. Hey—if GL could get away with Jammy, then OLTL can do Cristiana!

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    That’s awesome, can’t wait to see these two girls back in town. It’s a shame that they had to be let go in the first place, but I’ll take them when I can get ‘em.

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