OLTL’s Matt Walton Stars As Sim City Mayor For College Humor

One Life To Live’s Matt Walton flexes his comedy muscle in a sketch comedy bit for the site College Humor. Walton stars as Ed Ward, a mayor for Sim City and gives a funny ad for re-election.  Thanks to Bronxgrrl for the tip. Watch more after the jump!


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    That is hilarious but it also ticks me off. MW is soooooo freaking talented and yet OLTL just had to throw him away by destroying Eli and Eli/Blair and for what? More TSJ staring blankly at the wall while Blair, Tea, and demon spawn Dani proclaim that Todd-is-love? Ugh. Way to drop the ball Frank and Ron!

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    There’s also one where he’s Don Draper from “Mad Men”. Funny stuff and yes what they did to him @ OLTL is disgusting. He’ll find something better.

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