Set Your DVR’s! Y&R’s Eden Riegel on Tonight’s Castle!

The Young and the Restless starlet Eden Riegel returns to ABC tonight in Castle, starring fellow Mouse House soaper Nathan Fillion. Riegel will be playing Rachel, the sister of tonight’s murder victim. Castle airs at 9 pm C/10 EST!

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    TV Gord

    She mustn’t have been on for long. I’m watching it now (it’s on earlier in Canada) and I guess I blinked, because I didn’t see her. I’ll have to watch again at 10.

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    Awwww…ER seems like such a great person, and I KNOW the gal can act. I LOVE Imaginary Bitches.

    But I gotta agree…she is soooo not working as Heather. Granted, I don’t think Heather has really ever worked as a character on Y&R and ER’s Heather was saddled with an impossible storyline pretty much as soon as she joined the show. But for whatever reason, I just think ER’s talents could be better used elsewhere than on Y&R.

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    Has she paid the soap media off not to criticize her failed casting as Heather? I’ve yet to read or hear any analysis of this terrible miscasting that would have been called out if anyone else were similarly doing such a poor job.

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    I agree with you soapstalker, the fact that most fans don’t like her as Heather, as it is obvious on most message board and nobody on any media ; site or magazine is talking about it, is mind boggling.

    I get that she is a great person it shows, but seriously?

    I read some blogs talking about it, better than nothing. I just feel let down!

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