Eva Longoria’s “Mum” Was Upset When She Traded Daytime For Desperate Housewives!

While Paul (Doug Davidson), Cricket (Lauralee Bell) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) might have been happy to see bat shit crazy Isabella leave Genoa City behind, Eva Longoria recently revealed to the U.K’s Tatler magazine her own mother wasn’t so thrilled when Longoria booked ABC’s primetime sudser Desperate Housewives, because that soap didn’t come on during the daytime!

‘I remember when I got Desperate Housewives, my mum was like, ‘But it’s not on during the day?’ She was really upset about it. But I said, ‘I think this is better Mum’.’

For more of Longoria’s revealing chat, pick up a copy of the November issue of Tatler, with the Latina sex kitten on the cover.

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    How was she disparaging soaps? It’s a fact that it’s better careerwise for an actor to be on a primetime show. And, she’s staring on a night time soap.

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    I think that Eva is DEFINITELY doing better on primetime than she ever would’ve done on daytime!!!! The money’s better, better exposure, less work………what more could a girl ask for????

    And what’s wrong with an actress striving for these things??? Most actors don’t want to spend their ENTIRE career(s) working on a soap opera. They want to play different parts and become as famous as possible. Eva’s no different!!!

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    Mac Attack

    $400,000 a week….. Don’t think anyone in his/her right mind would say that she hasn’t booked a better gig…. And she’s ethnic…. Ethnic people don’t seem to fare to well on Daytime Soaps anymore… YEAH. I SAID IT.

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    If you had to choose between making MILLIONS of dollars a year aside from only making six figures a year on daytime, which would YOU choose??? Eva probably knew that DH would be a success, and good for her for jumping on the train before another actress took her role.

    And as Josstheguy pointed out, “Desperate Housewives” is a SOAP OPERA!! So if she was trying to get away from the stigma of being on a soap, she clearly didn’t succeed. She probably just wanted to do more comedy, especially since her character on Y&R was such a drama queen and she didn’t get to show people her FUNNY side and her versatility as an actress.

    And to answer your question, YES I am a soap fan. Obviously……… If I weren’t, I wouldn’t waste my time coming on this site and offering such well-thought out and brilliant analyses…… :) :)

    P.S- You don’t have to agree with any of my comments, but please don’t question my devotion to the wonderful world of daytime drama!! Please and thank you………………..

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    And Mac Attack, you hit the nail RIGHT on the head!!! Actors who have a certain amount of ummmm…melanin in their skin seem to be finding themselves on the endangered species list!!! And you don’t have to apologize for telling the TRUTH!!!

    Those Clorox commercials seem to be appealing to SOMEBODY in a position of power…….

    Things that make you go HMMMMM…..

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    I think Alstonboy & I both love soaps. We just realize that it makes no sense to criticize Longoria for achieving the kind of success in primetime that she would never have in daytime. Why kid yourself that a brown skin woman would be a star in daytime like she is in prime time?

    Name an actress of color in daytime who is a lead actress who gets the kind of respect that Longoria does? In daytime, people of color are second class citizens.

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    Good for her and she is right leaving daytime did her career a world of good. I don’t understand the soap fan remark does a person have to give their last breath to daytime soaps in order to be a fan.

    As everyone who stated that her brown skin would have done her no favors on daytime soaps is correct she probably whould have been jobless by now.

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