Martha Stewart Proves Disastrous for Hallmark’s Daytime Block

Let this be a lesson to all the trigger happy execs, itching to cancel soap operas for talk shows. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s block of lifestyle programming has proven so disastrous for Hallmark’s ratings, the cabler has returned to showing Little House on The Prairie re-runs from 3-6 pm!

Just last month Martha Stewart moved her own self-titled talker to Hallmark, as well as several other programs inspired by Stewart’s home and hearth schtick, initially ceding the hours from 10-6 pm to Stewart. Is there a Hallmark card for "Sorry, Laura Ingalls just kicked your booty?"

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    Just think of all of the viewers Hallmark could have gotten had it picked up the P&G soaps. As a basic cable station, getting 2 million viewers during the day would have been a coup.

  2. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Amen Joan76!

    I have seen two commercials for this talk show. One they were talking about what they call their privates in front of their children and another they were talking about sex and Sharon was saying something about a headache.

    Already sounds like skippable slop.
    I think it will drop like a rock on its own and I look forward to it.

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    Well I absolutely abhor Martha Stewart, so it came as no surprise that HallMark would not be happy with this harpy.

    I have seen the previews of “The Talk” and even if there are a couple of celebs on there I like, from what I have seen so far, I doubt I will be tuning in.

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    If all the head honchos really put their head together they would have been smart enough & realized ..”hmm maybe we need a soap opera on this channel”…I love Little House but enough soap operas could have found a very comfortable niche!…Martha is entertaining but not all day!

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    I very much doubt the industry people will pay attention to this, but if they were smart they would. I used to watch Ellen every day, thwn ut became only when someone I really liked was on. Now I don’t watch Ellen or any other talk show regurlarly. They’re all the same. We need something original people, not just the same celeb interviews over and over!

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