DC EXCLUSIVE: General Hospital Alum Lilly Melgar Dishes The Bay, Vanessa, Maurice, Ricky, Clink-Boom and ACME Saturday Night!

"Clink, Boom." With those two barely audible noises Lilly Melgar and her character Lily Rivera Corinthos were forever immortalized in the pages of General Hospital history books and You Tube clips alike. Now some 14 years since Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) tragic, pregnant first wife blew up before his and fans eyes, just as other woman, Brenda (Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo) was sayng her vows to Jax (Ingo Rademacher), Melgar is back in the spotlight, thanks to a juicy, bitchy part in Gregori J. Martin’s independent soap opera The Bay.

I recently caught up with the striking actress, who this weekend will be hosting ACME Saturday Night, to dish about what it was like working with Benard and Marcil-Giovinazzo all those years ago on GH. Was Benard as blunt with Melgar as Marcil-Giovinazzo has said he was with her?

Melgar also reveals what it was like to be a part of what many consider to be one of the show’s best eras, under the tutelage of Wendy Riche. Has she tuned back in to the antics going on in Port Chuck since Marcil-Giovinazzo’s much-heralded return?

We also talk about pop singer Ricky Martin, who played Lily’s first love Miguel on GH. Melgar shares if she is still in touch with the Latin heartthrob. How did she react to his decision to come out as a gay man earlier this year? Has she met his children? Read on to find out.

Daytime Confidential: First off, let me say a hearty welcome back to soaps! Have you been hearing from a lot of General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful fans who are happy to see you on their laptop screens in The Bay?

Lilly Melgar: Thank you! Happy to be back. Yes my fans have been incredibly supportive and excited about my return. I am so grateful for their loyalty.

DC: You’re hosting Daytime Confidential’s favorite sketch comedy show, ACME Saturday Night, this weekend. What can you tell us about the sketches that have been prepared for you?

LM: The sketches that have been prepared are very funny and we have a good variety going. I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I’ll leave you with that.! [Laughs] I am honored to be hosting and working with them.

DC: Are you nervous about doing sketch comedy live?

LM: Of course I’m nervous! [Laughs]Yet, I’m just as excited.

DC: ACME has become the place to be seen for soapers on Saturday nights in SoCal. In addition to your The Bay family, do you anticipate seeing co-stars from other soaps you’ve appeared on show up to see the show?

LM: I would love to have some of my old co-stars show up to support. We’re all so busy that it’s hard to keep in touch as often as we’d like.

DC: In The Bay, your character, Janice Ramos, is the arch rival of lead character Sara Garrett, played by Mary Beth Evans. What’s it like working with Evans?

LM: I love working with Mary Beth. I love her positive attitude and sunny disposition. Not to mention that we have great chemistry. She’s a very special lady and actress and I feel very fortunate to work beside her.

DC: Janice is none-too-pleased when her daughter Lianna (played by Passions’ Jade Harlow) starts dating Sara’s son Peter (Kristos Andrews). Why doesn’t she want Lianna involved with the Garretts?

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    The years have done wonders for her wow is she pretty great interview. Jamey you asked the one question I would have asked “Clink/boom.”

    She seems like a positive upbeat person. I’m watching The Bay and enjoying it tremendously so glad to have an outlet where I can see some of my favs together from different shows.

    One complaint though not enough I want more too short!

  2. Profile photo of lillyfan31

    Lilly is a talent and gem! She is an amazing actress and continues to shine in whatever she does!! Hosting the ACME show is no exception. I am proud to be her Fan Club President and friend!

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