Julie Chen on The Talk: “The Heavens Opened Up”

During a recent roundtable discussion in New York City for The Talk, the chatfest replacing As The World Turns as of Oct. 18, Julie Chen revealed why she decided to reduce her appearances on The Early Show to do the talker, stating "the heavens opened up". Uh, more like your hubby Les Moonves caused the "World" had to stop turning, Jules!

What’s sad is several members of this panel are women I have admired in other mediums, Sharon Osborne, Sara GilbertHolly Robinson Peete, and I certainly don’t begrudge them enjoying their new television experience, however CBS Daytime has to realize all these giddy clips promoting a show that is taking the place of a pop culture institution is going to be a hard pill for the fans who followed As The Worrld Turns for over five decades to swallow.
It would have been smarter to do a docusoap in this hour, in my opinion, or a more service-oriented talk show, as opposed to a vehicle that would have all these women grinning like Cheshire Cats in promos, while fans are still grieving the P&G soaps.. After you check out the roundtable discussion, watch a promo for The Talk after the jump. Will you be giving the show a chance, or is it DOA in your household?

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    LOVE Julie Chen!! I am looking forward to this show. I love Julie and Sara Gilbert, so automatically I love these women more than those hags on the View. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

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    I think ppl should give it a chance. It’s not these ladies fault that ATWT left and I think that is why many ppl are writing this off right off the bat (justified or not).

    I’m thinking this will serve as something more than letting the wife of the network get significant face time on the network.

    I’m not a female or a parent, but I do see this as something thriving. From all the promos it looks like something that could be easily watched and a “G-rated” version of “The View” if you don’t want the real thing.

    I feel like I am going to have to say +1 for you Babs Bloom.

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    Sorry, but I sure as HELL won’t be watching this show!!!! I will be turning the channel every afternoon no matter what they put on in place of As the World Turns and Guiding Light..

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    Right along with most everyone, this show AND Wayne “Let’s Deal Some Coke” Brady’s game show, “Let’s Make Daytime Fans Gag” will NEVER see airtime on my TV!

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    It depends on what time it comes on whether i watch or not.If it does not come on opposite G.H then i will watch.I never like ATWT so i don’t care that it was canceled.The way i see it if it was a good show it would not have been canceled.I feel the same way about G.L. I did not like that show either and do not care that it was canceled.I will watch the shows that replace them IF (& only IF) they are good.BTW,The Talk looks stupid but i will give it 1 chance to prove me wrong and if i don’t like it the first time i watch it i will not watch again.

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    NO THANK YOU. I will be watching One Live to Live, their are four actors from GL and and Hillary B. Smith aka Margo ATWT. My new line up is Days, OLTL and GH. Soaps are meant for daytime. There will be a cold day in hell before I ever watch CBS again. They probably have written an ending for Y&R and B&B. A match made in hell.

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    There are no words….

    Good shows are cancelled all the time rebecca this is the sad truth sometimes they just don’t reach the “modern day audience” that the advertisers want other times its because they are to smart for their own good. Take a good look at GH because just a couple of years ago GL was getting those same number (and on certain days the same amount it gets now)

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    Les Moonves killed ATWT in order to give his wife, who already has WAAAAAYYYYY too many hosting gigs and usually demonstrates the personality of fermented yeast in practically EVERY gig she has, ANOTHER job??? So she gets richer and more exposure while there are no less than TEN dozen people who are now unemployed, you remember—-those who used to work on and for ATWT???

    I know that this show may be entertaining, Chenbot MAY actually have a personality (gasp!) and it may actually be a success, but I don’t want to support ANY project that is tied to Moonves in any way shape or form!! He’s the devil in a five figure suit, and I don’t want to sip ANY of the free tainted Kool-Aid that he’s peddling.

    P.S– I do admire and actually like many of the women on this new talk show, but I am still mourning the loss of ATWT!! Healing takes time…………. :( :(

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    I’m sorry but Les Moonves can’t be blamed for the demise of ATWT. He can’t be faulted for crappy storytelling and falling ratings. He had nothing to do with that. If you want to place blame on anyone blame P&G, Executive Producer Chris Goutman, and it’s headwriters. CBS is a business and I quit watching ATWT a long time ago and I felt it had overstayed it’s welcome. I’m sorry but it was time for it to go in my opinion. Tuning in the last couple weeks of the show I was reminded of how great it could have been but they all dropped the ball. So if you all want to blame anyone for the demise of ATWT blame the right people and I don’t feel Les Moonves is one of those that should be blamed.

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    I agree, Smitty. I don’t think this is a case where they had The Talk in the works for a long time and decided to cancel ATWT to replace it (like NBC did with Another World and Passions). The Talk is simply filling the void left by ATWT.

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    Honestly, I do not care for Sharon, Julie, and Leah. Holly I don’t have an opinion on and the other woman I don’t know.
    Sara Gilbert starred on one of the favorite sitcoms ever.

    I don’t know. I do know I am pissed ATWT is gone and that SOMETHING was going in its place.
    I also know the commercials I have seen (talking about what they call their privates to their kids and talking about date nights and Sharon saying sex with Ozzie is going to give her a headache) don’t inspire me to want to watch. It appears to be The Few (which I don’t watch) but a few steps lower.

    So probably not.

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    I might tune in, but the previews don’t look good. I think they would have been better off putting in another game show like Pyramid or Supermarket Sweep.

    Or even your docu-soap, idea Jamey, or even a Dr. OZ or the Doctors type of talk show that is fun, but you will also learn something.

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    I agree that it isn’t Les fault. If anything he is what Babs and the Frons should be in their jobs. ATWT could’ve been save, just like all of the soaps, if the concentrated efforts were to be made to make them work during this day and age across the board (business and creative).

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    I’ll give it a shot since I actually like Julie Chen and I could care less that she is married to Les Moonves. While there are some fans that are still bitter over the loss of their beloved soaps, they had a good life span and were very fortunate to have lasted as long as they did. I don’t understand all of the animosity towards Julie Chen; yes, she’s married to the boss man… so what? It’s not her fault these soaps were canceled. There is no prime time show that’s lasted anywhere near the time these two soaps were on the air. Heck prime time shows are lucky these days if they make it past their freshman year.

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    I will never watch this show. I have given up watching anything on CBS, and have boycotted using any P&G products. Les Moonves can go to hell as far as I’m concerned and take this stupid show with him!!!

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    The real devil here is P&G. They wanted out of the soap business. The fact that CBS still has the Bell soaps on proves to me that they would have kept those cancelled soaps if it had been economically feasible.

    Like gmatt908, I am conducting my own boycott of P&G products. I spent 25 years loyally watching their soaps from Search For Tomorrow to As The World Turns. Now that the last one was brutally murdered, I’ve decided to cut them off too. I went here


    found out what brands they sell, and quit buying every single one. Being only one consumer, I might not be hurting their bottomline, but I get a strong feeling of personal satisfaction.

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    I WILL NEVER,NEVER,NEVER WATCH!!! I have not watched anything that has replaced GL or ATWT. I want my soaps back and out of respect for my grandma who lived for those 2 soaps,I will not watch. I watched my soaps and thought of how I watched with my mom and grandma everyday when she was alive. GL and ATWT helped me deal with breast cancer,losing a son,losing my dear grandparents, and lots of other crisis that are too numerous to mention. They were like family to me and my heart is broken. No talk show can ever replace them. I now watch One Life To Live on ABC and Days of Our Lives on NBC to fill those time slots. I will be turning the channel every afternoon no matter what they put on in place of As the World Turns and Guiding Light.

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    I have nothing against anyone that will be on this show, the fact is I am sick to death of talk shows. I am sick to death of celebrities talking about themselves, their kids, their marriages, their children and their problems and getting paid more a year than I could ever dream of making for doing it.

    I am sick to death of celebrities sitting on panels in their expensive clothes, their designer shoes and handbags telling me how bad the economy is and how hard it is financially to raise a family, like they even had a clue what it is like in the real world.

    There really is nothing new for talk show hosts to talk about. I think this show will just be a rehash of every other show out there. So no, I doubt very seriously I will be tuning in, not because ATWT was canceled and this show took it’s place, but because this show will hold no interest for me what so ever.

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