The Philadelphia Tribune Interviews Buzzworthy Radio's NaVell J. Lee and Me on Victoria Rowell

Recently I was asked by Stephanie Guerilus, a staff writer for The Philadelphia Tribune, if she could interview me concerning Victoria Rowell's relationship with The Young and the Restless. One of DC's peers, NaVell J. Lee, host of Buzzworthy Radio was also interviewed, along with Rowell herself.

Here's what I had to say when asked about the opinion of fans online regarding Rowell:

“If you go online, Victoria definitely has a huge amount of supporters on our site, but she also has her detractors, but what I like to bring up is not focusing so much on whether you think she’s outrageous or whether or not she’s bitter or these things that people accuse her of being,”said Jamey Giddens, editorial director of Daytime “There’s truth in the fact that there are only two working African-American writers in daytime, when this is an industry, according to most studies, that is watched by a large percentage of African Americans.”

Here's a snippet of what Lee had to say:

“I love her to death, but there just comes a time when you know when you go over that mark, they’re probably not going to want you back there,” Lee said. “I really do think she’s tarnishing her reputation in the industry. She is one of those versatile actresses that can do absolutely anything given to her, and I think by just what is going on Twitter and as well as outside of Twitter, inserting herself in to the situation, I think it’s tarnishing her a bit because a lot of people are looking at her in a very different way.”

 For the rest of the article click here.


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I hope & pray that Miss Victoria Rowell earns the justice that she is strongly seeking!

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Victoria's situation has been "damned if you do, damned if you don't" for a loooonnngggg time!!! When dealing with the racial INJUSTICES in daytime TV, she only really had TWO options:

1.) Keep her mouth shut and let people CONTINUE to step over, marginalize, discriminate against and ignore her (like they do Tonya Lee Williams)....which would have kept her reputation in tact, but like they say "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."


2.) Speak out against the injustice and do everything humanly possible to try to incite change, even though she has been stamped with a big ol' SCARLET LETTER B (for BEEEYOOOTTCHHH!!!) and labeled "difficult."

Of course, I have never MET Victoria in real life, but it seems that people confuse her passion and straightforwardness for BITCHINESS, and as I have said a MILLION times, it's easier to just dismiss her as a black bitch who "isn't all there/playing with a full deck"---to paraphrase Mr. Peter Bergman Oups Oups , than it is to TRY to FIX this decades-long problem.

Why is it such a freaking struggle to find and employ people IN FRONT of and BEHIND the scenes of color???? That's the REAL question.

And nobody wants to tackle that question, so they simply attack the messenger. Vicki gets labeled the loudmouthed heifer and the problem never gets solved. Each day, daytime television becomes more and more WHITEWASHED!!! When will we answer this question??

And personally, I'd rather stand for the TRUTH than stand by idly in a desperate attempt to be liked and not "rock the boat." After all, where would WE as African Americans be if Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X or Rosa Parks hadn't 'TARNISHED' their reputations to incite change??? I don't even WANNA know!!!!!! Society needs DIFFICULT people to get things done. Passivity rarely gets you anywhere when you are trying to change an outdated and archaic system that has existed for over 70 years, basically since the inception of daytime television.

Victoria, I am STILL your #1 fan!! Keep doing what you are doing. Sometimes, people don't respond to honey, so you need to pull out the vinegar!!!!

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I love Victoria Rowell!

I think she's doing the right thing. I hesitate to say her methods are right but they're not wrong.

I don't think she's doing herself any favours though. I'd be surprised to see her in Daytime again, not that she needs it. I'd like to she her be a key part of what the genre transitions into.

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I want her back on Y&R.

That being said, Victoria made a big mistake quitting. As she was preparing to leave, she must have heard rumblings of the writer's strike. She should have just waited it out because there was a chance head writers would change, which is what happened.

If Y&R needs to fire Michelle Stafford to bring back Victoria Rowell, do it. Phyllis is a tired, lame caricature now.

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There were periods of time when each and every soap, except for B&B, was integrated and had vibrant diverse characters in gripping storylines. Days had the very visible Carver family, GH had black Quartermaines and Latinos during the 90s; OLTL had the Gannons and the Vegas; Y&R had fully-functioning Winters. All this gave me the impression that the battle had been won.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Apparently, people like Agnes Nixon, Douglas Marland, and Bill Bell who had a genuine commitment to diversity have no successors in this current generation. They've been replaced by spineless hacks who have no creativity, no talent, and no social conscience.

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All I know is I have been watching soaps since before Victoria played Drucilla so I know the lay of the land..I don't need Peter Bergman to decipher or interpret soap opera for me.

... I remember when he first got to soaps I was watching pre-Peter Bergman AMC and all that so I know what he is doing and why....

I know what I see on the screen and I don't need Victoria to point out soaps are all white for the most part all with speckles of color here and there basically all you have to do is look in SID, SOD
and count how many black people do you see? How many are on their covers?

and have been for decades..yes they have the allusion of diversity ...but how many of these soap actors are being "marketed and promoted" how many are in top tier story lines and not regulated to bit day players for the most part. But this is pretty much TV in general and that's one reason IMO NBC and all them are not doing well...

People of color for the most part have bailed.

So Peter Bergman can sit down and shut up. I know what I see. I know when they promoted Angie and Jesse return they highly pimped Greenlee did they get a cover on their rag mag? I saw one with Greenlee so maybe they did ...

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Continue To Do What You Do Victoria

If You Dont Fight For The Change, It Will Never Happen

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Great article and nice read...enjoyed it.

Jamey I'm happy people like you and Navel are talking about diversity in daytime. Makes me so happy! *fist pumps* Wink

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I am so tired of this...the people did the lady wrong. She has a right to state what happend to her. This is a free country....Why is it that everytime a woman has something to say against the status quo she is labeled a B? The woman never really goes off the deepend when she tells her story, she just tells it..The woman spit on a black person from the south, I will tell you she handled it better than I would have..The RED would have been seeing stars and dripping red...enough said.

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Can you imagine the flurry of white athletes doing what Victoria Rowell is doing. Complaining that the NFL & NBA have less white starters than black starters! Pulling the race card on Twitter and to anybody who would listen is just plain wrong!

It is fact that Victoria Rowell was dislikes by other actors and departments. She was high maintenance and had a mouth on her that wouldn't quit. KSJ publicly said the same thing.

When Y&R/Sony Daytime said they had enough with her crap and didn't renew her contract (Same as being fired!) Why did it take her so long (years) before pulling the race card?

The truth of the story: Victoria Rowell couldn't get hired for daytime. Word spread in the industry. Years later because of hurt pride and plain sour grapes she started this racial tirade. Right or wrong an intelligent person can see right through her. All this to sell her $9.95 book........ The only person she wants to help is herself!

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The phenomenon Dru has to be back!
I just met her today at the DC convention center for Martin Luther King, JR memorial dedication. She has never been so beautiful and so gracious! She is one of a kind and nothing has never been the same since she left the show. I have been watching this show for about 18 years and I started losing interest (I guarantee you; I am not the only one). I have never understood why you let her go in the first place. I bet you did not understand that she was one of your essential characters. I don't need to lecture you guys, just bring her back if you want us to fall in love again with Y&R.
Thank you in advance!