Darin Brooks’ Hilarious Blue Mountain State Returns Oct. 20

If you’ve listened to the Pop Confidential podcast you know that Regan and I often have similar tastes in TV shows, with a few exceptions such as my love for all things sci-fi and her appreciation for that MTV drivel Jersey Shore. But now we both have something to rejoice about, the return of our guiltiest of guilty pleasures, Spike’s raunchy Blue Mountain State starring Days of our Lives grad Darin Brooks.

If you haven’t watched Blue Mountain State and are ready for some big laughs and more and a few "ewww" moments then tune in for its second season premiere on October 20. Watch the Blue Mountain State promo after the jump!

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  1. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I was pleasantly surprised by this show last year, it is really funny.
    Mot too sure how I feel about season 2 since Sam Jone III isn’t on the show anymore as Craig. He and Darin Brook’s had really good chemistry as best buddies. I guess between his sex tape with the Playboy bunny and getting arrested for selling drugs his plate is full.

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