Ex-General Hospital Star Greg Vaughan to Guest on The Closer

ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting former General Hospital star Greg Vaughan has snagged a role on TNT’s The Closer. The actor will play Officer Wagner along side Kyra Sedgwick. Said Vaughan:
"[The episode is] based on a true story about two cops who had an experience with a young man who was financially successful as a realtor. Then things went bad for him because he had a drug addiction, and he found himself on Skid Row at the bottom of the barrel. So I’m actually playing a portrait of a real cop.

Vaughan’s episode is slated to air in Dec.

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    I am happy for him. I don’t like how he was summarily dismissed from GH, but I have confidence that he will continue to find work and probably beyond daytime. I liked him on GH, but he probably stayed too long because of the security. But as I have said, he was “Greg Vaughan” before GH and he will be Greg Vaughan after it.

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    Congrats to Greg! I like JJ, but I also liked Greg’s Lucky too, even if they were very different characters, and I hate how tptb treated him. I would love to see him snag a regular role on a prime time show like Seamus Dever and Annie Wercshing did.

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    I’m so happy for him. I watch ‘The Closer’ religiously because Kyra is like a rockstar to me when she’s on that show. Can’t wait to see Greg.

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    I was late in discovering The Closer but I have caught up on all of the episodes and I love it. If you are interested in a complicated, flawed, intelligent female character, why are you watching GH :) ?, TNT is replaying the earlier episodes in the afternoon during the week, set the DVR.

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    “So I’m actually playing a portrait of a real cop.”
    Haha, was that a dig at GH? B/c that would definitely be a first for him if he’s only ever played a cop on GH! ;D

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